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    Thanks soooooo much. I have bought the wi-fi now. I will keep on checking on the ship to make sure my wi-fi calling is on. I so appreciate your help.
  2. esper10


    So if I’m on a single phone I can receive a call thru wi-if calling. I will not be changing from phone to phone. So please confirm for me as I’m old and don’t know much about these things. I will turn my phone to wi-if calling when I’m home and this will allow me to call out and receive a call the regular way without any charges. Also will have the phone on an airplane mode connected to the ship internet. I appreciate it so much
  3. esper10


    I just tried it and it worked. Didn’t even know I have Wi-Fi calling and what the reason of it. Can I also receive a call same way ? Do I Wow, I tried it and it worked. Thank you, you all always help so much. So I can make calls and receive calls as if I’m at home. What about charges any???
  4. esper10


    Hi all, I plan to buy a Wi-Fi next time I cruise. I would like to know how can I make a phone call to another cell phone? Do I need to use what’s up app? I know of people who were on the ship and when they called it came up as regular call. Also will I be able to receive a call? If they place a regular cell phone to cell phone call? One more thing please. If I take off the airplane mode just long enough just to see who called will it be expensive? I have Verizon for my cell phone. thank you
  5. Yes, you are right. I had one website it was great. It even sent notifications on a price dropped but it doesn’t work anymore
  6. By any chance can you message me the agency because I don’t think we can post it. Thanks
  7. Hi any one knows of an app that will list available cabins on any ship? I had a web sight that showed it but it is. O longer Ava. thanks
  8. Thank you so much for all the information, very much appreciated it
  9. Do you know when is the 60 years anniversary and royal princess selling
  10. Hi does any one know if Princess will have any ship with round trip out of Los Angeles in the later part of 2025. I read that the Discovery is going to Australia. So I wonder if we will have any other ship ?
  11. I finally got to a point that the app worked but it got me to have to log on to my brokerage account so I stoped at that point. I’m not about to log to my personal information. How did you all got around that???
  12. I’m still not able to have the app work for me. I called Princess few time and no one have any idea what to do. I created an account by using my name and created password the next thing it said to confirm my account and I recived an Emil WITH MY UPCOMING BOOKING NUMBER. I didn’t see any cruise company to pick from. So bad. I bought my stock at $60 per share now all of this. While I have the app I admit I’m no computer smart and have no help. What do I do?? Give it up?? Is that what they hope some of us to do ???
  13. Can you please direct me to the thread?
  14. “Hi all i read somewhere that requesting OBC for share holders is changing. Yesterday I emailed my request and today when I called I was told it is through stackperks app. I downloaded the app registered my name and Emil address and the next thing I got is “verify my Emil address “ I can only press open Emil that took me to my booking. I was not able to choose anything else. Princess had no idea how to help me and I don’t know what to do. can any one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me thank you so much
  15. I did no one answer these extensions the thing is once it’s even paid how will I know they cleared the matter???? Will they write what if they don’t??? I was hoping I can get some answers here other people went through the same thing
  16. It is very frustrating the Emil explains what to do but still have questions with no one to answer
  17. Hi all i apologise in advanced if my question may sound silly to some but I’m old and lacking confidence so I turn to Cruise critics for verifications. I need to send money back to Carnival so collections send me the instructions. My first question is when they say “invoice number “ is it my booking number? It would be easy for me to get cashier check. Could you tell me what’s next? What do I include in the check? Once I mail it to Carnival what’s next? (I plan to mail it to the address that was included in the collection department Emil) how will I know they received it and credit my account and the issue is over? It is so hard to get a hold of them. Calling them is not working they don’t answer. please help me so I can get this done I appreciate it in advance
  18. I agree Discovery was fantastic. Just wanted to make sure still the same 🙂 🙂
  19. We will be on board the Discovery soon. We are wondering if the entertainment is good. Does it have different singers? And mariachi group especially at the piazza. We sailed a couple of months ago and it was great. Lots of entertainment and dancing. We just returned from the Emerald and we think it was very lacking. We are wondering if it was that one ship and the discovery still have plenty of entertainment we hope. thanks
  20. I was never told anything. I don’t even know if this is the problem. I never owed a penny in my life. I’m only guessing. No one yet told me how to solve this since carnival are not talking to me and explaining after the many calls to them I placrd
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