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  1. Yes, I get it. I am not missing any truthful points. A typical BS spin. The President and Melania did receive vaccines that they supported and pushed (unprecidently quick) through development. As with others here, don’t understand your problem with President and Mrs Trump getting their vaccines. I got mine today, hooray!! I will be ready if vaccines are mandated for travel, and also feel the vaccine will protect myself and some critically ill friends I want to spend time around, without feeling I am compromising their health. These are personal preferences, I would not c
  2. Fake news, of course they would vaccinate. Propaganda.
  3. I saw pictures of the outside of the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market within the last few weeks. The windows were smashed in, the place was vandalized. I believe it is in walking distance of the port, a close proximity to the port, correct?
  4. We had an Alaska cruise booked for last September out of Seattle that was cancelled. We've cruised out of Seattle several times. This was to be our first time staying down at the port, vs. at an airport hotel that we frequent. We had the Edgewater booked and looked SO forward to staying there. The terminal is immediately next door. Looked like a cook, quirky, rustic hotel. Now, the point of this post. I am unsure where you are from, since it doesn't list it next to your OP info. As bluenose stated, be careful.....the City of Seattle does not have a code of law & or
  5. On the Jewel class of ships, I believe the only access to the DOS (15th floor) is by stairs. The elevator only goes up to the Garden Villas on 14 and you will need to hike it up some steps to get to the DOS. We stay in the Owner Suites, tenth floor if possible because they are larger. They have a front AND side balcony making most any weather condition "balcony weather", even if the ship is underway.
  6. I have a saved “Cruise Packing List” in my computer’s documents. I make a daily clothing list according to temperature. Then, I make a daily spread sheet by date with location, temperature, breakfast-lunch-dinner rezzies for the day, booked shows and excursions. By the time we leave we can just enjoy. Sometimes the planning process really adds to the fun for me. BUT I may be a bit OCD......
  7. I am missing cruising big time. We are NCL loyalists, platinum +. We usually cruise twice a year, 9-15 day cruises since we live in the middle of the country, always a couple of days wasted just getting to-from coast. We had to cancel Alaska 9/20 and Bermuda 4/21; $1500 deposits on each. Had no issue getting our credit card refund upon cancellation, both at the same time. Hubby is retired. I retire December 21 at age 65. My ideal retirement celebration included a two week long (prox) cruise. We were leaning towards Antarctic RT Buenos Aires February of 22. Even with our v
  8. Thank you Scott. Looks like a great place to be (especially today, since I'm in Missouri).
  9. Thank you Bruce. I believe that confirms the hotels I mentioned, as well as the Wyndham, would all be within walking distance to the Norwegian Jewel on embarkation morning. Looks like a wonderful port to sail from.
  10. I looked at NCL's Website. They show their port for San Diego cruises as "Unified Port of San Diego". Is that pier also called "World Pier", the one very near USS Midway Museum? Across the street from SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, and Marriott? When I look up San Diego Cruise Ports, it says there are two.
  11. Thank you zen, hoping to have the option of checking out Miami pre-cruise hotels soon. Have only stayed at Embassy Suites, prolly approx 20 minutes away.
  12. Where did you stay in Miami that put you 5 minutes from the terminal?
  13. SAPMAN - The Courtyard in the Haven is open air, you can usually find a sunny spot around the small pool area, but it is loud due to the fans/ventilation in the area. Just two floors up is POSH, which is free (at least it was in April/May 2019) to Haven guests. They have portable sun umbrellas and lots of comfy lounge chairs. The days we went up, a bar attendant brought a sun umbrella over and skewers of cold fresh fruit, he came around frequently for drink orders. I hope your cruise sails.
  14. We sailed a TA on the Epic April/May 2019 ending in Barcelona in the Haven DOS. We disembarked shortly after 5:00 am, which was the scheduled time for the cruise to end. Barcelona's disembark times are the earliest we've experienced, and we are experienced NCL cruisers. Embarkation times should be comparatively early IMO, other than COVID protocols that we did not experience.
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