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  1. You might get more of a response if you posted on the RC website rather than on the general ask a question.
  2. I was responding to original poster’s request about the Navigator. However, I think it’s the same fleet wide on ships where the DL is now a Suite Lounge on Deck 14. Diamond plus do not have access to the suite lounge unless they are staying in a full suite.
  3. I don’t believe so. They know how many suites there are and number of passengers. They used to do that when it was the diamond lounge. DL is now on deck 5. It’s quite small (old cigar lounge). They opened up the Star lounge close by and used it for the overflow lounge.
  4. No Sorrentos. Cafe Promenade has pizza. Other food location included with your fare is Mexican taco bar on pool deck - El Loco? Can’t remember the name. Food and snacks are excellent. No sit down - self service bar and you take to your chair.
  5. Suite lounge is the old diamond lounge on the Navigator. It’s on the same deck as Cosmopolitan Club and Viking lounge but off to one side and accessible by room key. Cosmopolitan Club and Viking lounge are accessible to all cruisers. Cosmopolitan Club is 18 and over late at night; perhaps after 10:00 pm.
  6. Depends where you are cruising. Assuming Caribbean, maxi dress, sandals, shorts, Capri pants, long pants. Also depends on where you are going to be and temperatures. Air conditioning can be cool for example indoors if you are just sitting watching a show. If you are outside, but not by the pool, it’s going to be hot.
  7. You need to contact TA or whomever you booked the cruise with. It’s better to check now in case the cruise fills up and you cannot add another person. Even if there is room in the cabin, there also needs to be room at the muster station for that cabin.
  8. Be aware of the much longer walk from the elevators to the aft cabins; not sure how mobile your mom is as far as walking, or if you plan to use the wheelchair. You would also need to store the wheelchair in the cabin; cannot be left in the hallway.
  9. You also need to select the date. The “starting at” price is usually a specific date. For example - a ship may sail every Saturday in a specific month but not every date is the same price - one or more is usually the lowest “starting at” price. Call and talk to a representative for more information.
  10. I don’t think Adventure of the Seas has a Royal Tots program - you might want to confirm.
  11. New rules - have to be in carryon. Otherwise you will delay your luggage delivery by having to go to the “naughty room.”
  12. No. Royal Caribbean only has kettles available on cruises originating in England, and perhaps Australia. Also, has coffee makers available in junior suites and up - not standard cabins. You cannot take your own on board.
  13. Not sure what cruise line you use, but Royal Caribbean has a fully stocked medical center with doctors/nurses; not just one RN for thousands of people. RC does not allow heating pads. Many of the problems or things you commented on are perhaps cruise line specific.
  14. Avoid anything with common areas over the cabin. Cabins on decks with other cabins above and below are usually the quietest. Wouldn’t book a Boardwalk or Cental Park cabin either - ocean view would be quieter. Further away from elevators - not that you can hear elevators, but less foot traffic walking past your cabin.
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