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  1. Expensive to order and have waiting in your cabin!
  2. What about the other members of your party? You indicated parents in wheelchairs and you, but 6 in total? I would ask for help pushing the wheelchairs. RC provides help pushing wheelchairs on board. I don’t think it’s possible for one person to push two wheelchairs; usually fairly steep ramps etc. If you get help with the wheelchairs you can handle the carryon luggage. Try to keep the carryon luggage to a minimum. I would pack the wine and water in a carry on bag.
  3. I know RC is not known for complying with their own rules, but Pullman beds are supposed to be for children over 6. OP has a toddler and I wouldn’t want in a Pullman.
  4. I wouldn’t pick a cabin based on that criteria; toddler won’t know the difference! For most people the price of the cabin is more important. Cabins and their bathrooms are very similar in configuration. Look on the RC website for examples. Balcony is nice - you have a place to sit while the child sleeps. You didn’t mention a suite - if you are able to book a suite you will have more room and perks. A junior suite does not have full suite privileges, but is larger than a standard cabin. Also a junior suite has a bathtub, not just a shower as in inside, ocean view and balcony rooms. Also, think about sleeping accommodations; will child sleep on sofa bed, or portacrib. RC does not furnish full-size cribs; only portacrib/pack and play type crib. You might want to check on family board for more information.
  5. Never had a problem getting low fat milk. Last two cruises were on the Navigator and Serenade and upon request was easily able to get low fat milk. I usually like a glass of milk with lunch. By then the Windjammer no longer has cereal out so milk is not out in cartons. Have asked a staff member and received whole and /or low fat. I think you have to be careful who you ask. Some staff are not well versed in the difference from a language point of view - they just know what a carton of milk is. Frequently ask a supervisor/junior officer and have found they understand the difference and bring what you need. For example some people say whole milk and some may say 2%, fat free, skim, 1%, and that can be difficult for someone whose first language is not English, or perhaps speaks English but is not American and isn’t used to so many choices.
  6. I agree that posting on RC board would garner more information. If a child is not potty trained they are not allowed in pools/hot tubs, even in swim diapers. Depending on the ship, there might be a splash zone for non-toilet trained kids. All cruise ships pretty much have the same rules. You didn’t ask, but in case you were planning to use, kids have to be 3 years old on the day of sailing and fully toilet trained (no pull-ups) in order to use the Adventure Ocean program for children.
  7. You might want to give an idea of price you would be willing to pay. “Everything seems very expensive” is very subjective depending on where you are from. Good luck!
  8. It would help if you said where you are going - warm/cold weather means a big difference in packing. Also cruise line and type of cabin so people know what you have available. Large suite or all the way to interior!!!!
  9. Sorry that your mother became ill. I think if the meal were to blame you would have all had problems. Many others have commented on land-based restaurant procedures so I will not comment on that aspect of your complaint. Not sure why she was given antibiotics for Noro. Her dehydration seems to have been the main problem. I do feel that your comments about your mother not touching door knobs, railings, etc. is ridiculous - that’s where you lost my sympathy. We all touch railings, door knobs, tables, etc. It’s part of life and human nature. How does she open a bathroom door, flush the toilet, etc. It’s very difficult to walk a corridor, go up and down stairs, sit in a chair, without touching something. Perhaps she doesn’t wash her hands as well and often as she should - that’s also a possibility. To say she never touches anything is unreasonable.
  10. Even young, healthy people need travel insurance; not just the elderly. Anyone can have an accident or an emergency illness - not a smart idea to travel without medical insurance, especially evacuation insurance.
  11. Can of soda is $4.13 including automatic 18% gratuity. Water is $3.00 to $3.50 plus 18%. Not sure about OJ and coffee.
  12. RC requires wine be in your carryon; otherwise your luggage will be delayed. You will be called to the “naughty room” where bags that have been scanned for items not allowed are identified and confiscated. Wine won’t be confiscated, but if it’s liquor it would be. Best not to take a chance and make work for yourself.
  13. You also might want to find a card that has no foreign transaction fee - plenty of them available.
  14. Honestly don’t remember which ships, but they are definitely not on every ship. Remember planning to use and it wasn’t there - might have been Oasis class or Voyager class (my last cruises).
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