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  1. This is not correct. To get soda, specialty coffee, bottled water, etc. you do have to have a drink package anywhere on the ship. Otherwise, you will sign a bar tab and be billed. Drinks that are included in the price of your cruise are tap water, hot and iced tea, basic coffee, hot chocolate, white and chocolate milk, juice with breakfast, flavored water, punch, lemonade. The included items are available at food locations and any bar will give you a glass of iced water.
  2. Disembarked from the Serenade March 13. Crew were doing a great job - they were working extra hard and ship was unbelievably clean. Remember Hannah from daily trivia. Glad to know that crew is okay. Have a picture from parade of nations - she was really into waving the Union Jack!
  3. Just a point on closed loop cruises. Recent cruise people were denied boarding without a passport because they thought I was “a closed loop.” The Cruise WAS a closed loop. Sailed from and returned to Fort Lauderdale. Itinerary, however, included Aruba, Curacao, Panama, Costa Rica and Columbia. Closed loop cruises to the Caribbean are okay, but if Central American ports are on the itinerary you need a passport.
  4. Everyone in the room does not have to get the same package. That rule applies to alcohol packages only, and even then if one person orders an alcohol package they will allow other adults to purchase refreshment package (not the soda package). You have to call to do this.
  5. It’s one 12 pack per cabin. A can of soda is around $4. The refreshment package includes bottled water, fresh squeezed juice, specialty coffee, virgin cocktails, soda, etc. There is also a soda package, which just includes fountain soda from the bar or from the freestyle machines. Included with your cruise fare is tap water, coffee, hot and iced tea, hot chocolate, white and chocolate milk, lemonade, fruit punch, flavored water and juice with breakfast. If you purchase the refreshment package you can take bottled water off the ship with you. ,
  6. Sorry you had to stay home, but understand. Wisconsin had me monitor myself and not to go out unless necessary, but I am retired. I think individual businesses have their own rules. Actually everything is closed anyway; schools, restaurants, bars, beauty shops, etc. Went grocery shopping yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Store suggested elderly shop early when store just opened as they were super cleaning overnight. Plenty of everything and people not hoarding (although store had limits) and trying to help one another. Cruise seems a long time ago - don’t like cooking for myself and no one making my bed, cleaning bathroom, etc.
  7. I was in a balcony cabin on deck 10 - not a suite. I just think some room stewards are better/more artistic than others.
  8. Not a GS but on deck 10 - balcony cabin - next door to suites. I think i had the same cabin steward, Gabriel, as the suites. Other posters showed some of his animals - I had those too. He was one of the best stewards I remember ever having - not just the towel animals - he was very thorough and so pleasant.
  9. So good to hear from you! Tell Jackie to send me an email or FB (don’t have your email). Would love to stay in touch. Enjoyed our dinners and trivia. Hope work is okay and that you still have your beard! lol! Green Bay had their first case of the virus yesterday. Best regards.
  10. He used the blue runner that goes across the bottom of the bed to make “legs” and then covered with towels. Shoes were kind of leaning and stuffed with washcloths. Actually pretty easy but very different!
  11. Just returned from the Serenade. Wonderful cruise with a hardworking staff trying to keep everyone safe. Over the years have seen many towel animals - this was a new one! Traveling solo and returning to my dimly lit cabin around midnight this was scared the heck out of me for a moment - then such a good laugh! Gabriel on deck 10, awesome steward.
  12. Just got off the Serenade Friday. It was a great cruise - staff were cleaning everywhere continually. Feel sorry for them - really busting their butts trying to keep passengers safe and happy. Surprised they sailed again, but at the time (only a few days ago), ports were accepting ships - no one is really to blame - this whole pandemic is setting new rules for everyone almost hourly. Met a lot of B2B cruisers and several from Europe, Australia and Canada. Many were here on extended vacations and had planned trips to Disney, Vegas, etc. Personally feel fine, but choosing to stay home, and monitoring myself. I am retired, which helps, but not many places open any way. Prayers for all those affected in any way.
  13. I would say a light sweater. The closer you sit to the ice too is colder. It’s definitely colder than the rest of the ship, but not freezing.
  14. She will have a lot to keep her busy! Incidentally, a 3-1/2 year old isn’t a toddler - just mentioning because unless people catch the age in your original comment they are going to give you information for younger kids. She is old enough for Adventure Ocean, if you want to send her. Lots to do for the whole family.
  15. Someone just posted this photo on another cruise website showing a TSA line outside the building at FLL with an approximate 1 to 2 hour wait to check bags and clear TSA. I guess it doesn’t always work so easily!
  16. Would suggest working with the TA who booked the cruise, or RC directly if you didn’t use a TA. Some things might depend on muster stations and also said you “think” your cabin sleeps 4 - no one can advise you without knowing for sure how many the cabin holds. If it doesn’t hold 3 or 4 you cannot add a person. I think you need to start with that and go from there regarding drink package. You are also looking at different pricing for the cabin, and also penalties for canceling.
  17. Be aware that an 18-year-old is an adult. May not have access to teen club. RC’s teen center does not allow18-year-olds.
  18. Used out of Miami last year in April - Navigator of the Seas.
  19. Excellent program. It’s called luggage valet and is available through certain airlines. Highly recommend.
  20. You move to the next level after you complete your cruise.
  21. Unfortunately the sharing of packages by many cruisers, especially the alcoholic drinks, made the rules necessary. At least if you call you have the option of one alcoholic package and one refreshment package.
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