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  1. Nope, not for me. I don’t eat McD, KFC etc. Nor do I want to have to pay extra. I am sure they will work something out.
  2. After reading the issues with refunds there is no way I am giving them a very large final payment on a cruise I think is unlikely to sail. I would rather walk away from the deposit if we cannot move it to next year. ( late in the year)
  3. Also on Jewel. When we questioned the short fall we were told it was government taxes etc not port taxes.
  4. We are currently on the Jewel in Dubai. Boarded last Monday. We have not been anywhere as all ports closed. We were told we would be given a full refund of the cruise fare. Within an hour our onboard account was credited and at the end of the cruise the balance will go back onto my bank card. But, we have not had the full cost refunded. We are about $200 short. When we questioned this we were told it was government fees and taxes. As we have stayed on the ship we have had a nice “hotel” room and been well fed so we are not too worried about the shortfall but Royal should be clear about what you get back.
  5. We were screened a couple of weeks ago in Abu Dhabi. It just involved walking past a heat screening camera. Didn’t have to slow down or stop so didn’t take any longer. I guess if your temperature registers high then you would be taken out and then would be delayed.
  6. Two weeks ago we boarded in Dubai. We completed the usual health form and were asked if we had been to China. Then every page on our passport was scrutinised, as was every ones. We had to check in with immigration in Abu Dhabi and they had heat screening cameras to check everyone. We go back on the same itinerary in 2 weeks and have just read that Coronavirus is now in Dubai so wondering what might happen this time.
  7. You should always deal with issues at the time. Also the more people who complain the better. We had a bad excursion and as soon as we got back on board we went to guest services. Quite a few others did as well. We were very polite and everyone on the excursion was refunded in full.
  8. We did a Christmas and New Year cruise ( also my birthday) a few years ago. The ship was decorated beautifully, Santa brought gifts for all the children, carols were sung on Christmas Eve and there were Christmas crackers on the table in the dining room. I don’t remember what we had to eat but I do remember the Americans on the next table didn’t know what to do with the crackers. Whilst we had a great time I did feel that Christmas was a bit ‘flat’ and we decided we wouldn’t do another. now the New Year party was something else! We thought that given the diversity of passengers on the ships not all celebrate Christmas but nearly everyone celebrates new year.
  9. When we sailed in October we were on board at 11.30 after arriving at the port at 11.00. We went straight to our cabin and some of the signs on doors said that cabins were still being prepared but you could drop off carry on and pick up key cards. Our cabin had a card saying it was ready for us. I don’t know if that is because we are Elite. But whatever, I was very impressed with the whole boarding experience.
  10. We do it with our 3 match plays and have never been stopped. End up $15 profit.
  11. Once had a problem with a door constantly slamming. We had to speak to housekeeping it was so bad. Now if I can avoid I will.
  12. Bring your own. They have been in other people’s mouths. Yuk
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