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  1. International pier is not directly downtown in San Miguel. We took a cab to San Miguel (6 of us), it was 8.00 US one way. It may have taken 10-15 minutes to get there by cab. There were restaurants and shopping across the street from International Pier and lots of shopping directly in the enclosed pier area.
  2. We took this cruise last year, and doing it again in Febraury. We docked at International Pier last year, I would presume they are still using that pier.
  3. We had this last year. It is great. It took two seconds, walked right up to customs booths set up in the theatre (I believe there are varios set ups around the ship) they looked and stamped your passport and off you went. Since they do it on the ship there is no customs in Miami when you return so it was also extremely smooth.
  4. Yes, we went to the casino to watch games. They also sometimes play sports on the large outdoor screen. No official sports bar on this ship, or many ships in the Celebrity fleet.
  5. I was wondering if an NCL gift card is accepted by big cruise travel agents to apply towards the cost of your cruise? When I make a payment through this large cruise outlet it shows up as the cruiseline. I am assuming I can but thought maybe someone here could provide insght. I thought I would try here first before calling them. I know sometimes they get backlogged after Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. TIA
  6. Thanks for the clarification everyone! I don't mind paying the tax, I just want to inform everyone in our group properly to expect taxes to be charged until we are in internatinal waters when sailing out of NYC. My FIL watches his account closely, this way I can let him know to expect a small charge for each drink until we are in open waters. :)
  7. Were you charged VAT on the drinks form your UBP on this sailing? We are doing a very similar itinerary. Just looking for confirmation, so i know what yo expcet. TIA
  8. Ok, I have researtched this, I know it is a controversial topic, but I am still not clear on the varying answers I have read in past posts. It sems NCL has changed some pratcies over th years so I am trying to get it clarified. I have two sailings currently booked with NCL both on the Getaway. Can someone that has recently cruise simiar itineraries please let me know if they were charged taxes or VAT while in these ports or for the full cruise: I understand NCL has to remit taxes based on tax laws Celebrity in my epxerience absorbs it and pays it on our behlaf, and that is the cruiseline we typically sail with. It does not bother me that NCL is doing this, I just want to know what to expect, and to pass it along to my fellow travellers so they know as well. I know it averages around 9% depending on the port. I just would like to know if it is just in port, and which ports, or if it will be the full cruise. Thank you! 1. NYC - 11 Night - Puerta Plata, ABC islands, and Great Stirrup Cay, ends in Miami - Which ports will we be charges taxes on our drinks while doecked? 2. Rome - Kotor, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Livorno, Naples, Rome NOTE: WE HAVE THE UBP :)
  9. They do still have Cellar Masters. We just sailed on her earlier this month. It is very closed off, so we did not enjoy the space on this past cruise. Enjoy!
  10. Our somolier in the dinning room infromed us when it was, we often prepurchased with the somolier. It is often also listed in the dailies. We have done it twice. Set up as indicated above, and you can go back to the ones you liked after you have tried them all.
  11. That will be a non issue. She does not have a fight booked, and she doesn't know details of the cruise. She knew it was booked, knows the dates, but that is it. He booked it all, and this happened prior to booking flights. But I apprciate the insight.
  12. I am not overly concnered about it, but will the port fees, taxes for her be refunded or absobed by him due to her being a "no show". At this point we aren't really concnered about it but curious if he would receive that portion refunded. I assume not.
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