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  1. You will be charged in the infirmary. Bring your own. Although, on 2nd thoughts, medical care in the infirmary may be included on World Cruise.
  2. Over the course of 35 years, I suspect you came out on the plus side (by a wide margin) of not purchasing insurance. Having said that, as we age with an increase of possible health issues, insurance is more of a requirement.
  3. And you may or may not be charged for the guest’s meal (if applicable), depending on the moon and stars alignment😀
  4. As I recall, you can get up to 400 per segment charged to your account with no fee. Anything over 400 is treated as a cash advance on your card and typically has a 3 pct charge.
  5. Not necessarily. I took the 2500 credit last year and booked my own flights for 2250. But it does vary, and you need to monitor flights to beat Regent
  6. Non-refundable OBC cannot be used in the Casino. If you have refundable OBC, it can be used in the Casino, or at least you can withdraw the cash, and use it in the Casino. I always check with reception when embarking as to whether any of the OBC on my account is refundable or not.
  7. Apparently, there is nothing from America that Hamburger likes, except Regent.
  8. jmalux ... I had the same situation earlier this year, and was able to make 2 reservations to each of the specialty restaurants on the Explorer.
  9. Actually, multiple reservations are also permitted on B2B cruises regardless of whether they are part of Grand Voyages.
  10. You will get the obc for current cruise if you book during the 30 days preceeding
  11. Cant imagine why anyone would want a refundable credit put back on card. Doing this reverses points or miles. I'll take the cash, thank-you very much...
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