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  1. If everyone on board is vaccinated, who gives a crap about social distancing?
  2. And I am not disputing your statement, pcardad. The fact remains Regent states very clearly in their terms and conditions that they assume no responsibility for any issues that arise with any 3rd party vendors, and since you do not dispute my statement of what the t&c say, my statement regarding who is ultimately responsible for getting to the port must be accurate.
  3. If you read the fine print in your cruise documents, you will find Regent is not legally responsible for any issues associated with 3rd parties, including airlines, including air arrangements made by them for you. Having said that, I have found that Regent does go above and beyond when problems arise.
  4. FACE COVERINGS Face coverings are currently required for guests while indoors except for in their own accommodations and while eating and drinking in restaurants, bars and lounges or outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. The key word above is "currently". Last time I checked there are no NCL ships sailing so this "rule" is currently moot.
  5. Pure BS from the CDC. They act like getting Covid19 or even coming into contact with someone who test positive is a 100 pct death sentence, and this is without even considering the impact of vaccinations and herd immunity. At this point, with all of the moving goalposts, I have zero confidence in anything these fools have to say.
  6. Hi Chickkypoo-- Would be happy to sponsor you. Send me an email and I will provide the info needed. thx, Steve Klein sbk@bellsouth.net
  7. The SSS Reception is much ado about nothing. As others have said previously, the problem arises when the reception is over, a couple hundred leave all at once and create a line at dining venues where no reservation is required. If you must go, then leave early for Compass Rose since the main dining room does generally have a special menu for the evening of the SSS Reception.
  8. Hi Arnold. I will be happy to sponsor you. Send me your contact info. My email address is sbk at bellsouth.net
  9. Or just tell your TA what you would like in your cabin, and let him/her handle it for you with Regent.
  10. Follow the science on vaccinations for children. It is basically not needed, especially is herd immunity is in place for adults and the most vulnerable.
  11. Never?? Really?? Perhaps you meant to say never prevent 100 pct of sickness associated with COVID or flu,. If not, your statement is absurd.
  12. I would submit that even though tipping isn’t required or encouraged, given the financial state of the cruise industry and its employees, a little generosity on our part makes a lot of sense to me.
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