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  1. I work on Sundays because the husband yells at the TV when he’s watching football. Which irritates me to no end. I’m looking up his team’s schedule right now and will book a salon treatment for that time. 😂😂
  2. I love dressing up. I wear a boring, ugly uniform to work. I wear a long evening dress on gala nights and I wear dresses with heals every other night. He wears suits on gala nights, and dress pants with long sleeve shirts on other nights. I’m going on a 10 day cruise in January. I will have 8 knee length/above the knee dresses and two full length gowns. And probably 8 different pairs of shoes. But again, I wear the same two ugly uniforms every single work day of my life.
  3. I was able to reserve a late seating when I booked for our Jan sailing on Rotterdam a few weeks ago.
  4. Thanks for all the replies! We will have 72 at the end of this 10 day cruise. We booked a Vista Suite so we’ll have 10 for the cruise plus 10 for the suite and from what I can gather, an additional 10 for purchasing the Have It All. Our other cruises were the same but only 7 nights each giving us 21 credit for each cruise. Too bad once of them wasn’t 8 nights because then we would have 75 at the end of this one. Maybe it would be worth it to book a single night cruise out of Seattle to Vancouver one weekend and earn the three credits needed before our next “real” cruise. Ha!
  5. I'm just curious how old you were when you hit your 2 star 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star milestones? At 37, I'm usually one of the youngest on the HAL cruises, my husband is 51. My two star Mariner status slightly embarrasses me when I present my card. I absolutely love HAL and cruising (this will be our 4th cruise, 3rd on Holland America since 2018) but my husband jokingly says I'll probably be 5 starts by the time I turn 50. We've decided that cruising is a much more enjoyable way to travel and we are planning an Alaskan cruise as well as researching an Australia and New Zealand cruise for 2023 and 2024. We both work for the airlines and I fly to various European cities 5X a month so I get my "city" vacations and sight-seeing done while at work, but we are still interested in doing a Mediterranean cruise at some point as well. He's cruised Royal Carribean and we have both taken a Carnival cruise before (we took an AmaWaterways cruise in 2019) and after reading many reviews and watching hours of YouTube ship tour videos, we can confidently say we have zero desire to try any other cruise line (other than Ama for a Danube cruise).
  6. I have a 10 day cruise in January. Will there be 2 or 3? My husband wore a dark colored suit last time we sailed HAL and I wore two cocktail dresses I previously wore to weddings. We were shocked at how many gentlemen wore tuxes. Should he rent one for the cruise? We love dressing up and want to come prepared. I have no problem wearing a full length dress that I have collected from various NYE parties we've attended. (Plus we wear a uniform to work so being able to get fancy is super fun and enjoyable for both of us).
  7. I’m on that cruise as well but only doing the first 10 days. We are excited to sail her for the first time.
  8. Thanks. They don’t seem to have the Rotterdam layout. Would the Kongingsdam have the exact same layout since it’s also a Pinnacle class ship? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have an image of the Main Dining Room table layout with numbers? Is there a way to request a specific table? We lucked out last time with a lovely table for two on the upper level of the Veendam and I would love to request a similar location. Thank you!
  10. Does the increase of fare when purchasing this earn you “spending” cruise credits?
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