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  1. Thanks, we are very excited for the cruise and will remember to purchase wine tastings from our sommelier or wine steward.
  2. Thank you! My favorite red is Pinot Noir and I’ve had both of the ones you listed. My husband prefers the Shiraz wines. As far as white wine I prefer sweeter, him not at all but he will be interested in the Tawny Port or even a Madeira. We cruise in October on the Eclipse on the 15 night Hawaii round trip from Los Angeles. So we will have plenty of time to try different wines.
  3. What an extensive list! I had no idea there was a list. If I were to ask for a list would I be presented with something like this do you think?
  4. We re looking at the Coconut Waikiki hotel for pre/post cruise for 1 night for a rate between $150-$180 a night. Has anybody stayed there? If so how was it?
  5. Great information! We are looking at the Coconut Waikiki and it has good reviews. Are you familiar with that one and it’s location?
  6. Thank you. We just want to hang out in town since we’ve been to Kaanapali a couple of times. Maui is the only island we opted to not do an excursion so the tendering drop off is perfect!
  7. Thank you! I had no idea it was right there!
  8. I know Maui is a tender port. So what’s the best way to get from the pier to Lahaina? Is it a reasonable walk or should we take taxi or Uber? It’s been 20 years since I’ve been there and then it was a land trip.
  9. Thank you so much! I was having trouble finding the information on Celebrity website.
  10. Does anyone have a list of what laundry, dry cleaning, ironing costs are per item? If so will you please post it here. TIA.
  11. Just found this review from a link in an article. Great review! Love your writing style and the photos.
  12. I had those same concerns a couple years ago but the cruise critic community convinced me that we would be fine. And we were fine. I am so thankful we took that cruise on the Equinox and now have 3 more Celebrity cruises booked. Loved the ship and booked on her again in 2021.
  13. I didn’t understand that’s what you meant in your first post above. That’s brilliant! Thank you for sharing!
  14. Yes you can. I just made final payment last week using the card.
  15. I had forgotten about the double points! I’ve made all our payments on our X cruise on the Eclipse 15 night RT to Hawaii from Los Angeles this October! I knew about the points usage on Royal & Azamara.
  16. 👍 We have two other cruises booked with Celebrity. We will keep the card, use it for big purchases, cruise payments, deposits, etc and then just pay those amounts off right away.
  17. I have a Celebrity Visa card that has enough points on it for some OBC on our cruise. Is that considered refundable or non refundable OBC?
  18. That’s the same thing I found on a different web site. The cabins displaced the Nail Salon and Acupuncture
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