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  1. Thank you for pointing out another accessible excursion experience.
  2. I agree. We were recently in Italy and had an excursion booked through the cruise line. The only part that I would consider accessible was the coach. It had a lift. Beyond that, the sidewalks and cobblestones were unmanageable.
  3. We walk from the motor coach to the Piazza di Santa Croce with our escort. We would like to continue on to the Uffizi. About how long is the walk and is it over rough cobblestones? thanks
  4. I posted in the Europe thread as well. Which is more wheelchair friendly? Also, would like the convenience of a cafeteria. thank you
  5. I want to purchase tickets for one of these museums. They both have fascinating collections but lack of time is a problem. Is one of them more wheelchair friendly? A cafeteria would also be convenient. thanks
  6. You might find additional helpful responses on the disabled travelers board. One item that may work is a walker/transport chair. By flipping a few parts a walker can be used as a transport chair.
  7. Royal Caribbean has a Crown Loft Accessible Suite that has full suite amenities and is considered very high end.
  8. I also have MS and use a rollator for short distances and a folding manual wheelchair for longer walks. We did this cruise on Royal Caribbean Anthem of the seas. We had a tender port in Bar Harbor. We used a ferry type of boat that I rolled onto. Once on shore, there was a series of ramps to traverse, some steep. But we made it! Since I was able to climb a few steps we were able do excursions that included a coach ride. Paula
  9. A transport chair is not self propelled. A pusher is necessary. They are often lighter weight than a wheelchair and may fold a bit tighter/smaller. I agree that a wheelchair or transport chair would give you more excursion options.
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