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  1. ahhhh perhaps it is time for a few to take a "chill pill" 😃 many of us take a cruise to relax or (a little R & R as many say)...... so being a cruise related thread on CC that so many enjoy, do not make the seas turbulent take a deep breath (of course with no mask) and another deep breath and continue the CC voyage upon calm seas....😀 Cheers to All......🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🥂🥃🥤 Scott
  2. figured nearing retirement years and the cruise must go on, we usually cruised 4-5 times a year and had planned to up that to monthly sailings so if RCL and other lines are not sailing we will be inked a deal on a 72' Viking SF "hole in the water" has it all from an OS to GS to 2 JS's and lower inside cabins, sky lounge to alfresco mezzanine cockpit seating all with no wait to be seated due to chair hogs. Ashtrays aplenty, only lacks Club Royale but casinos galore at many of the ports we will be hailing. Thirsty diesels will pass any RCL ship afloat, a future Panama Canal cruise with a fi
  3. please do not read my posts if you dislike the script or few capitals in the messages i post, i now understand why so many do not comment or many have left CC due to the few that are ready to criticize the color or subject matter. i graciously accept suggestions when it pertains to a matter of importance, not my color choice or script Worry about more important things in life HAGD
  4. well i do like RED, white and blue.....guess it's American and being Patriotic, so guess no need for your response to my post.
  5. my 3/31/18 - 3/31/19 PRIME awarded UNREDEEMED cruise expires march 31/2020 did b2b in Nov 2019 and achieved my 3/31/19 - 3/31/20 PRIME status with UNREDEEMED awarded cruise expiring 3/31/21 had planned on 1 more cruise before the 3/31/20 cycle ended to achieve Signature as i only needed 2200 points, since i average 7000 points per week sailing wonder what Crown Royale will offer to keep me gambling when ships finally do sail....🤔 Figure more important and pressing issues........only time will tell as Royal and all cruise lines have so many headaches that will result in bo
  6. In the past have received them on Grandeur, both non-alcohol & alcohol frozen drinks, at the VCL bar and other bars with blenders, think $$$ tips may have been a factor 👍
  7. we have sailed in numerous suites aboard Grandeur including GS 8508 with no disturbances overall our experiences we find the starboard forward suites much quieter than port forward suites. this past Thanksgiving on our B2B we had port forward suites GS 8012 & OS 8004 and both were noisier than what we had experienced in the past. enjoy your sailing aboard aboard GOS 👍
  8. just off Grandeur on a b2b two weeks ago, smoking areas: Deck 9 pool deck PORTSIDE Deck 5 PORTSIDE Casino (smoking areas marked with signage) Enjoy your cruise aboard the Grandeur 👍
  9. great thanks for the replies....👍 Bob since my questions are answered you can close this thread if you want.
  10. bump to the top...... Anyone currently on GOS Who is current Hotel Director ? Who is Casino Mgr. and Casino Host ?
  11. trying to find out if John Denton is still HD (Hotel Director) on Grandeur or has he rotated to another ship ? am hoping he will be aboard for our upcoming B2B embarking 11/16/2019. Also anyone know who Casino Host and Casino Mgr. are on our upcoming B2B sailings ? thanks in advance for any replies.... Cheers, Scott
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