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  1. Pearl Harbor can be booked outside the tour companies if you are on the ball. they sell a certain number of tickets to certain tour time slots directly from the National Parks. an uber is easy to get to there if you dont have a large party. Hiking is the best on Kauai, which is what we did, so I dont have anything else to recommend. Not sure what islands you are visiting but we did a luau at Smith Family Luau on Kauai (lihue area). we didnt get the food part, just the show, but they have both options. we loved it. We were there when the volcanoes were erupting, so we could not go to the volcano national park. but I wish we could have.
  2. the Family Harbor Suites sleep 5. that's why we booked it on the vista.
  3. Family Harbor suites get priority boarding but not early access as previously said. in addition to the games int he lounge, there are snacks, ice cream machine, coffee maker and a smaller continental breakfast family harbor also comes with a free night of Night-owl babysitting and free "kid's meals" in the specialty dining. only you can determine if those two things are of value to you. the family harbor suites are cove balconies, which have a loyal following as well.
  4. This was going to be our first RCCL cruise actually. We have 3 young boys and the JOS just didn't seem to offer the same amenities/entertainment options. I am not even sure if we could get a comparable room. We are leaning towards going later in the summer on the same itinerary. Would love to keep a spring break trip though.
  5. I called about the JOS yesterday and they said it as not available for a few more days. I suspect the 3/14 JOS will be quite popular with the 3/14 LOS passengers. although from my review of the ship, I am not sure the JOS is as good.
  6. That is probably the galley (Kitchen). I don't think the connecting stateroom is a concern.
  7. I did not like Carnival leaving on a Tuesday, I would LOVE to do one of the longer cruises, but I can't swing that much time off. I have 3 children (under 10) I want to take, and so far we have not needed passports. Maybe going one direction makes for much better stops, and is worth the additional cost. I am sure there will be bias here, I just read a lot of anti-carnival bias on the rest of the CC boards (Alaska seems to be the most). So maybe this will balance it out... Thanks everyone so far!
  8. I have seen a lot of posts that say to not take Carnival to Alaska. That Princess, RCCL, or HAL does it better. I feel like most of those people would make the same statement about Caribbean, that Carnival is just not their preference overall. So instead of asking on the Alaska board, I want to ask here so that a wider variety of Carnival cruisers, many who have been to Alaska I think, can help me understand the true difference between the options. Would you choose Carnival, or why not? Certainly the stops and excursions are the most important part, these are generally a very port intensive cruise.
  9. I doubt tips are audited precise enough for Financial Auditors to concern themselves with 100% flowing to the employees. They will check for proper immateriality of the net flow-through, and as you mentioned the indirect benefits could be the difference. maybe an audit by a government agency, but I am not sure of the agencies that would look at this due to the ships not being a US flagged vessel. I am not doubting that a very high majority of the tips are given directly to the employees. It is too cynical to believe the opposite- and probably a view many take to justify removing tips.
  10. On the Splendor (I think), we didn't have to get back on night 1, but if for some reason they couldn't come back that next morning, you were stuck. lots of people got a hotel room so they could do the cabo night life. but the ship definitely left port.
  11. this is a hilarious "problem". I would not deal with this well if it was my wife.
  12. holidaytech2019 2019holidaytech 3000 pts total
  13. I believe that if you have a birthday on the cruise you can select which one you want the child to be a part of. that happened to us in the younger kids with our son. that might have just been a one off exception though.
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