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  1. In the past people have been successful in using a generic guest services email. This summer John Heald posted a new, unique, and officially approved email- shareholders@carnival.com. I am not sure what email you have used, I was successful with that email in August, although I doubt I will get to use the OBC!😞
  2. Some people get promotions with the Drinks of Us without qualifying during the cruise. They get it day 1. Sometimes that Drinks on Us is for everywhere in the ship, essentially CHEERS! for that player. I have read of people talking to the Casino helpdesk about how to get this applied. If you call generic Carnival, they probably won't know anything since it is a Casino promotion and offered through a different entity. I think your best option is to talk to them when you board and get your husband's cheers, because I suspect the online order will not see your offer and force you to prepay for it. Harder to get a refund than to get them to only charge you for your husband. Unfortunately you won't get the prepay discount then.
  3. some of those other companies are better to buy and hold for a while. you can day trade them as well. I personally think Tesla is over valued.
  4. I have done just that, although I would call myself a lucky trader, not a good trader.
  5. a lower deposit in this environment might be worth the increased cost because you might be more willing to walk away from the cost. if you wait to book the cruise, then the cruise fare might go up, or disappear. In a normal environment, I would agree that the lower deposit doesn't move the needle for me.
  6. The OBC being offered for cancelled cruises is $600 for 6+ nights and $300 for less than 6 nights. I didn't see the length of the cruise you are looking at.
  7. I can't remember the details, but they were moving the Jewel over to cover several weeks while Liberty was in an extended dry dock. They announced a few weeks ago they were shortening the dry dock to maintenance only (no surprised), and so just now got comfortable swapping the ships back I guess. I could not see where the Jewel was going right away, maybe someone else knows or maybe it hasn't been announced yet. SO, I think some of those weeks in January/February the Liberty will be in dry dock.
  8. I have not gotten a letter/email yet, but I think we are cancelled too (march 14th sailing). I saw an article. We got flipped from LIberty to Jewel a few months ago when they scheduled the dry dock of the LIberty, and now it looks like we will get flipped back? Can you share your letter?
  9. IT is not a stock dividend. The dividends are a cash outlay, OBC is not an outlay.
  10. it might have been because you were using unsettled funds to buy stock and then selling before those funds settled. you need to only wait 30 days on losses so you avoid a wash sale. the company you are buying does not matter if you are buying stocks (and not options, which i dont know much about).
  11. break the rules like they currently do probably. smoke on balconies. I dont care, I would vote them not getting on the ship. but so far Carnival has allowed it.
  12. but you forget that most non-smokers (majority) dont want more smoking areas. so why upset the majority during a time in which their customer base might be shrinking.
  13. Sorry I was assuming greater than 6 day cruise. yes $300 OBC. but you have not paid in full, so your whole amount is FCC because you have not paid any taxes/fees/gratuities yet. so yes, the email aligns with what I said. it is the 2nd "path"
  14. All the stories are consistent even though they sound contradictory. If you were paid in full, the PVP/TA/Call center person took your taxes and fees (and maybe prepaid gratuities) and applied that as your deposit. This would have been a refund to you, not an FCC, so Carnival allows it to count against a deposit. Technically the FCC is not impacting your deposit. Your PVP didnt do some magic voodoo. If you had not paid in full, and only have paid towards your cruise fare, then you don't have a refundable amount to use for your deposit. Everything you are being paid is being issued as an FCC since you elected that option. It sounds like you had paid only $300 towards your cruise, so that is your FCC, and you will need to make a new deposit. The cool thing for you is you are right now risking $300 for a $600 OBC!
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