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  1. Ha- that’s because when you tried and failed it was locked! So in that case you weren’t “in” it! jk- I think is usually unlocked for a majority of the day. They lock it when it usually just drunks awake.
  2. Can you rent a car and drive home? less than 10 days in a single bedroom in Texas?
  3. minority here- we usually fly in the day of the cruise. we prefer the early morning flights, I feel there is less that goes wrong with them. Your plane is usually already at your airport rather than waiting for it to come from who knows where, and you wake up and you are on your way. I would do the 9:30 flight. if something did happen when you were awake and ready to go to the airport, you have lots of time to make a fix.
  4. Those seem to be all western itinerary stops. Leaving from Florida probably would not go that far to the East. Maybe add grand Turk, Amber Cove, more Bahamas. Leaving from Texas or New Orleans and those are all good options for 7 days. Shorter cruises probably wouldn’t go down to Belize and Roatan. As more ships set sail, their flexibility will shrink. We might even see more cruises with less stops, but at least one (scheduled)!
  5. I don’t need a vaccine passport- because I don’t care if an unvaccinated person contracts it. I care about those that can’t be vaccinated due to health reasons. So I was vaccinated to help that. But I refuse to stay home in fear because some people choose no vaccine and mask or anything else. That’s their risk. I meant at land- at sea I agree I care if people are vaccinated because I don’t want those restrictions I am ok with that rule. 95% ships seem to work. They should continue. It is only a pandemic if we treat it like one. If we treat covid like other viruses, then it will run it’s course. We shut completely down last March/April. It was worthless, our county’s counts then were lower than now. But there is no acceptance or willingness to do a shutdown now. We have no mask mandate or quarantine rules for vaccinated folks- so I disagree they are hear forever. some breakthrough cases and deaths have happened. And it stinks- but that risk is not enough to keep me at home or changing my activities due to fear. the surplus of US vaccines should be sent to the rest of the world. We no longer have a need here- there is no demand for them.
  6. He was thinking: I am vaccinated and have no symptoms, so the exposure is not significant. Either we trust the vaccine or we don’t. “We” is the country collectively, a government body, a company etc. I personally think if I am vaccinated and not symptomatic then any exposures I might have had are not a concern. I also don’t need to mask up.
  7. That's how it was, with a 3% fee for table games. Many times I would go to the slots to charge my account to avoid the 3% fee. go to slots, get $100 on player's card, cash it out and set up at the craps table with it.
  8. plenty of time, I would wait to call back unless you rebooked a cruise that sails soon.
  9. I bet they are basically doing that daily too.
  10. this is a rare price arbitrage. they sold shares of CCL (priced higher right now) and are buying back CUK. if they used the full 500 million in this way, the rough 10% difference in, would boost their EPS and such when they return to profitability. with the price drop since issuing the shares, that % difference might be even higher. not sure what price they got on the share offering.
  11. or take a week to disengage with a netflix show! part of the reason I love cruising and a reason I dont love all the QR code stuff.
  12. well aren't the pools salt water, so doesn't that mean no chlorine is in the pools?
  13. why would a child be tested during the cruise? a huge vast majority of kids who are positive don't show symptoms. let alone in days 1-3. Super spreader events in camp ocean is highly unlikely. schools have been in person in many areas without these so called super spreader events. and that is with the kids being exposed to unvaccinated adults all the time at home and other events. kids are just most likely to asymptomatic when they are positive. so most positive cases are largely undiagnosed. Also, breakthough cases are rare. I know we don't have all that much data on it, but they also seem to be asymptomatic. Unless there were required tests of those not exhibiting symptoms, I can't see many tests being conducted during the cruise.
  14. They already renewed it for another year. I also got my OBC rolled over earlier this year when I re-booked. it surprised me.
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