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  1. Can this discount be used for the week pass for thermal suites?
  2. Hi, We have 9198 booked for our Dec 15 sailing. Have you sailed yet and is this a good cabin choice for S3? Thanks Sue
  3. I'm thinking about buying a suite guarantee on the Edge. Are there some really bad locations for some of the suites that I should be concerned? Thanks
  4. I've only been on NCL once on the Escape in Aft Haven. We also bought the passes for the Thermal Suite. I loved the ship, the Haven, the restaurants, the entertainment and the Thermal Suite. As you can tell we really enjoyed ourselves. I'm thinking about book the Epic for a TA in a Haven SPA suite. What will be the main differences between the Escape & the Epic. Which ship did you prefer and why? Thank you for all your feedback!
  5. It's on Rambla de Catalunya and it does have pink rooms. It's in Eixample district about 5 min walk to Plaza Cataluna. It does have a sister hotel called Hotel Continental on La Rambla right next to Plaza Cataluña.
  6. We're leaving in 10 days to Barcelona for 4 days pre-cruise. I want to finalize my hotel today and I'm leaning towards HOTEL CONTINENTAL PALACETE. Please don't recommend any other hotels because the prices are outrageous right now. If you've stayed at Hotel Continental Palacete, can you tell me the pro's and con's. Thank you so much for your feedback.
  7. We will be in Barcelona 3.5 days pre-cruise the end of the month. Which of these hotels would you pick and why? It's too late to pick any other hotel because the prices have went up so much. If I price out H10 Raco del Pi today the prices are about 500 per night and I got 4 nights for 725.80 plus tax. The prices below are for 4 nights and breakfast. I was leaning towards H10 Raco but now I'm thinking about Continental Palacete because it's closer to HOHO bus. HOTEL ARC LA RAMBLA 680 H10 Raco del Pi 725.8 Hotel Continental 794 Hotel Continental Palacete 932 Casa Camper 1023 Thank you
  8. We will be returning to Barcelona on the Celebrity Reflection on Oct 12 and our flight leaves at 11:10 am. Do you think the roads & airport will be much busier because of the holiday? Thanks Sue
  9. Hi, I'm looking at 2 food lover tours in Barcelona. Does anyone have any feedback to help me choose one over the other. We are in Barcelona 3.5 days pre-cruise and thought about doing the food tour the night before the cruise. Online they are recommending doing it one of your first nights because they give great insight into the city for your other days. Option 1: https://foodlovertour.com/barcelona/tapas-lover-tour/ 4 hours 94 Euros Option 2: https://foodloverscompany.com/barcelona-food-tour/ 4 hours 140 Euro Recommended by Rick Steve's
  10. The cruise in 2021 is on the Escape. I think they do have a roof that closes over the Haven pool. But there will not be much time to enjoy the Haven amenities since it's such port intensive itinerary.
  11. I'm looking at this cruise for June 2021. I have so many questions. Is it worth taking the reduced airfare for 599 pp from Detroit to Copenhagen? I would request 2 day deviation to arrive 2 days early. But who know how good or bad the times would be. Since this is such a port intensive is it worth paying extra for Haven. They have the deal to get 20% off for past Latitude guests plus I can get an additional 20% discount from CAS. I can't wait to hear about your trip.
  12. Hi - I booked 2 cruises thru NCL CAS and was able to get both the Caesars diamond discount of 20% + the 20% for past guest promotion. You might want to check again.
  13. We are visiting Barcelona end of September pre-cruise. I would like to pre-purchase the tickets for Sagrada Familia. I would like to purchase the guided tour with access to the tower. I'm looking at this website - https://sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets-individuals. I don't see an option for guided tour + access to the tower. Can I purchase the elevator to the tower when I get there? Also, this might be a silly question but I have seen reference to skip the line. If i purchase online do I skip the line? Thanks
  14. I'm looking at tickets on https://sagradafamilia.org/. I would like to skip the line with guided tour with audio to hear the guide plus access to take the elevators. On the website it seems if you get a guided tour you don't have an option to take the elevators too. Is it better to take the tour at 9 am? Thank you in advance for your guidance.
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