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  1. I'm looking for a hotel in a safe area that is convenient for touring Barcelona for 4 days in September before we cruise on the Celebrity Reflection. I'd like to stay between 750 to 1000 Euro's for 4 nights. It would be nice if the hotel served nice breakfast. It's our 40th anniversary so it is a special trip for us. Basically looking for the best hotel I can within our budget. I always like getting luxury at a reasonable price. So far I have holds on these 4 hotels but I'd like to make a decision soon to release the rooms for other travelers. Please let me know which one you're prefer and why. Also, if you know of another hotel that is even better than these within same price range I'd appreciate your feedback. HOTEL ARC LA RAMBLA 680 Euro Hotel Continental 794 Euro H10 Raco del Pi 725 Euro Casa Camper 1023 Euro (Is this hotel worth the extra money over the other 3)
  2. We are in Barcelona Sept 26 - 30. We'll be on Reflection Sept 30. I just confirmed a reservation at Casa Camper. It was little pricier than I wanted but they have very good reviews. Can you provide any other tips for feedback from your friends on this hotel? Thanks
  3. I booked the Edge for Dec 2019 with a TA and overall I think I got a deal. We got go best perks(included 300 OBC) + 300 OBC from TA + 100 OBC from Celebrity for MLK + 150 future cruise credit + 50 loyalty OBC from TA. The E3 cabin was total of 3400 with 900 OBC. It's the most I've gotten in OBC so I was happy. Then a week later the TA sweetened their deal to offer an additional 500 cash card. I know when you take advantage of new deals you book everything at prevailing rates. Most of my cruises have been directly with cruise line so rebooking before final payment is always very easy. It was more difficult with my TA. When I looked at it all the prices were same and only thing I would lose is the extra 100 OBC from Celebrity for MLK but this would be worth it since I'd get the extra 500 TA cash card. But in the end with TA it was not worth it because they charge 50 pp penalty to cancel and rebook. And they said I'd lose my 150 future on board credit which didn't make sense. And there was something else I lost which I can't remember but in end it was not worth it. I just felt like once the TA gets my business they are not interested in giving me a better deal if it becomes available. But by going with TA I got group rate for the cabin and an extra 350 OBC. I will have to see if I can find a better TA that still offers great perks and group rates but is also easier to deal with when better deals come along before final payment.
  4. Can anyone help me choose the best E3 on deck 7? Thanks
  5. Has anyone stayed in any of these E3 cabins on deck 7 of the Edge? Trying to find one where there is no obstruction with window cleaning equipment or the safety raft hoists. I know for most there are safety rafts below on deck 5. But I'd like the view forward and both sides to not have any obstructions. I'd appreciate your input while there are still cabins available. Port Side 7127-7135 7145 7281-7289 7293 7297-7299 7299 Starboard 7120-7126 7134-7136 7144-7146 7154 7174 7252-7254 7260-7262 7268 7272-7278 7282-7288 7292 7296
  6. We have 2 hotels on hold for 4 nights pre-cruise. Which is the better choice and why? Do you have other recommendations? I appreciate your feedback as this is the our first time in Barcelona. 1) Hotel Arc La Rambla small room w/ window for 750 EU including breakfast or room with terrace for 890 EU including breakfast. 2) H10 Raco del Pi room with terrace for 725.80 EU including breakfast
  7. What is your sail date & ship?
  8. Hi, We will be in port on Tues, Oct 1 from 7-5. There will be 4 ships in port that day. I'd like to find a reputable tour operation for a 5-6 hour tour for a group of 8-10 people. I'd like to get others from our roll call to join us on the tour. This is our first time visiting Palma de Mallorca . I'd like to see the the highlights of Valldemossa and Palma de Mallorca. Do you have any tour companies you'd recommend?
  9. I’ve only cruised on Celebrity twice on Eclipse and the Reflection. Enjoyed both cruises very much. I recently booked E3 on Edge sailing in Dec for 7 night Eastern. I don’t think the price was too bad. We booked with TA for total 3400. We got go best so all 4 perks. We got total of 900 obc (300 go best + 100 mlk bonus + 150 booking onboard bonus + 300 from TA + 50 from TA for loyalty). I hope we like it as much as the other 2 cruises. I hope I haven’t already posted this info in earlier thread.
  10. Hi - I'm going to purchase either a 3 or 4 day specialty package for our 7 night Eastern Cruise on Edge Dec 15. I usually like going to specialty restaurants on sea days since we will be more rested. But I think this means sometimes I miss the special menu's they have in the complimentary restaurants. I have few questions: Does anyone know if there are any days in the complimentary restaurants that are special and should not be missed? Also, what were your favorite specialty restaurants on the Edge? What were your favorite complimentary restaurants on the Edge? Thanks
  11. I also could move forward to 7120 or 7127. Based on the pics it looks like no life boats below these cabins. What do you think about these cabins. Thank you for all your help.
  12. Hi - I got a good deal on the Edge Dec 15 2019 sailing for E4 or E3 cabin. Right now I have E3 cabin 7145 reserved. I'm concerned about the lifeboats below. I'm usually in a higher deck and not concerned with the lifeboats. I have other cabin choices on deck 6 or 7 for E3 or E4. I wonder if I go all the way back to 7292 would that be a better view than 7145. I think there might not be lifeboats below 7292. It would not be as convenient to stairs and elevator as 7145 but we could live with that. I'd appreciate your feedback.
  13. Can you tell me where the bed is for cabin 7145 on Edge? Thanks.
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