While this has never happened to me personally, I did meet someone on our first Vantage cruise who had been cancelled due to over-selling and rebooked on our cruise. Unfortunately they could not get their original cabin category and had to settle for a cheaper cabin. I am surprised that Vantage hasn't offered you an alternative date. As for airfare, that's a good question...I would imagine that if Vantage booked air they will rebook at no charge but if you booked on your own you could be in trouble depending on the airline. Closest I ever came to being victim of over-booking was Vantage Costa Rica when they called and told me ship was over-booked and would I change dates. Since I was traveling with 4 other people from west coast, they left us alone and apparently changed someone else. I would imagine they all do it...so they can avoid last minute empty cabins., but it stinks.
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Greek Islands and Turkey, Louis Perla, October, 2006
Castles on Rhine, Vantage, Aug/Sept. 2008
Egypt and Jordan, Vantage, Jan/Feb. 2009
Holland and Belgium, Vantage, April/May 2010
Alaska, HAL Statendam, June, 2011
Costa Rica, Star Flyer,Vantage, Feb. 2011
Russia and Ukraine, Vantage, Aug/Sept. 2012
Panama Canal, Celebrity Infinity, April/May 2013
Columbia & Snake Rivers, ACL , June, 2013
Gateway to the Black Sea, Vantage, June/July 2014
Trans Canada Rail Odyssey ,Vantage, June 2015
Switzerland Rhine & Mozelle, Vantage, August 2015
Southern Caribbean, Celebrity Eclipse, March 2016
Canada-New England, Celebrity Summit, Oct 2016
Caribbean, RCI Grandeur of the Seas, Jan, 2017
Scandinavia-Russia, Celebrity Eclipse, Aug, 2017
Norway Fjords, Celebrity Eclipse, Aug, 2017
Southern Caribbean, March, 2018, Celebrity Eclipse


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British Isles, August, 2018, Celebrity Eclipse
Southern Caribbean, March, 2019, Celebrity Silhouette
Bermuda and Caribbean, July, 2020, Anthem of the Seas