I've been on a puffin excursion from Honningsvag, but not with NCL, I was with Princess but I assume the excursions are very similar.. We got very close to the puffins, there were literally thousands of them on the sea and the sky was black with them. It was amazing. We also saw guillemots, razorbills and lots of eagles. I can't help with the photography as I had only taken my tablet and didn't bother after a few minutes, I decided to just enjoy the birds. I wouldn't describe the boat as stable for photography though, it was a bit choppy, but I am no photographer so with the right equipment it might be fine. There were certainly plenty of folks taking photos. We also got near some seals on the rocks. We didn't stop anywhere on the way to the village where we took the boat from. It was quite a long drive through fairly barren landscape but we saw lots of reindeer on the way. I'd certainly recommend it.