Please help, Dog Sled tour in Alaska.

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Joined Aug 2011
My partner and i are going on a 7 night cruise to Alaska,
I am wondering if the money is worth it, for the Helicopter landing on a Glacier and the Dog Sledding tour.
Sorry to tell you all, that i have posted this same question some time ago, and i still am undecidied what to do.
I have included in this post, what i have already done.
I have been on a light plane years ago with my late husband, and we landed on Fox Glacier in NZ.
But i have never been on a helicopter before, or a Dog Sled ride.
I know its a once only life time experience, and if i want to do it, i should.
But there are so many tours for the Dog Sled tour, and this is what is confusing me, as to choose, which one.
Best wishes to everyone from Joy.
Santa Clarita, CA
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We went on the Alaska cruise 2 years ago my brother and sister-in-law went on the helicopter/sled dog tour and loved it. I can tell you the sled dogs tours that are in town and not on the glacier are not really worth it kind of "cheesy". We wanted to do that also but the cost was just too much to justify with kids. I would say if you don't mind the cost then go for it. I will say the weather was not that great the day of their excursion and it almost was cancelled...We went in July 2010.
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bundaberg qld australia
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hello libbylou,

we are from australia,and we have been on an alaskan 7 day oneway (vancouver to seaward) cruise on the carnival was our first cruise ever,and not only the ship but alaska blew us away.
to tell you the story, my wifes mother had asked me before she had passed away, that if i could ever afford it could i take my wife to alaska and let her do a dog sled ride,something she had always wanted to do since she was a little girl (i did not know this).so as time went on we saved normally and when we had the money i asked her if she would like to go on a cruise to alaska,we'll you could imagine her excitment,so we eventually went,unbeknowns to her i booked a helicopter and dog sled ride for both of us on top of a glacier.

when we got onto the helicopter she thought it was only for a ride over the mountains and to look at the glacier/s,but when we actuall landed and she could see the dogs etc and they took us over to the sled,well she shed a couple of buckets of tears,and i wasn't far behind her.

three great things have happened to me in my life, marrying my wife,the day my daughter was born, and taking a dog sled ride on a glacier in alaska.
do it, it was wonderfull

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Joined Aug 2011
Hi nodandade,,
Thank you so much for replying, that was such a beautiful story, and what wonderful memories you both have.
Only hitch is my partner wont be going with me on the dog sled tour, so i have to decide what to do. But it definitely sounds like the money is worth every cent. I am from Australia also, and i live in Hervey Bay QLD.
Kindest regards from Joy.
bundaberg qld australia
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hello libbyloo,

yes it it is touching,and all true,we live in bundaberg,and of course are cruise fanatics.
i can't remember how long the trip took in skagway on the helicopter and the sled ride, but i think it was about 4 hours all up.
if you haven't been to alaska before, i hope you have a balcony cabin, it is just such a gorgeous place.

your hubby will find plenty to do in skagway while your on the glacier sledding,as all the towns (jeneau-ketchikan-skagway etc) are right there where the ships dock.go do it girl.

keep well
Ottawa, Canada
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There is no other experience like travelling by dogsled. If you can afford it, don't miss it!

I have been on two dogsledding trips, one short (an hour) and one long (overnight, with camping in a cabin in the bush). The dogs have been bred for this activity, so they love it, and their joy is contagious. They can't wait to get going, and once they are released, they can't go fast enough. The result is that you shoot over the snow at great speed, but also very quietly (because the dogs' feet don't make noise and the sled doesn't make much either). It is exhilarating!

Don't travel all that way and miss out on it. You would always wonder.... Book whichever dog trip suits your schedule. Longer is probably better, as you will have a chance to get to know the dogs, maybe, and appreciate what wonderful animals they are. But even one hour is good.