Queen of the Mississippi

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Queen is due in Pittsburgh July 18. We would like to greet her going through the lock.
Can anyone tell me what time she is due to arrive in the morning, and to depart for next journey?
If any passengers have questions about Pittsburgh, I would be glad to try to help!
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We will be boarding her in Pittsburgh on July 18. She is scheduled to leave for St. Louis at 1:30pm. I have heard that if all are on board they sometimes leave a little early. I do not know the answers to your other questions.

We are flying to Pittsburgh the day before, what is the best way to get from airport to Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Pittsburgh? Does Uber pick up at the airport?
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There is an airport bus (28X) which runs every half hour, and goes within a few blocks of your hotel. It is $3.75 each, correct change only. There are signs in the airport which will direct you to Ground Transportation, close to Baggage Claim area.
I don't know anything about Uber, but I imagine that would be an option. Lots of regular taxis. Probably a half hour drive.
The hotel is in a good area for some interesting things to do and see. Are you arriving the day before?
Unless you are avid walkers, you will need a taxi/Uber to get to the boat. Or will you be shuttled?
Unfortunately (for me), I will be at work during your daytime departure. Your first lock will be about an hour after you leave. Panama Canal in miniature!
Have a wonderful trip!
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Thanks for the info tip --- transportation from Pittsburgh Airport to Hampton Inn pre-cruise. I was searching for this exact information for our Ohio River Cruise on the Queen of the Mississippi next month. Probably will take an Uber but it is nice to know other options are available.