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Does anyone have an idea of when the next 3 for free will be offered? Looking at a fall east coast cruise and wondering if the free grads and discounted air is a great deal. Thanx
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A good deal isn't defined universally. For some it's a great deal. For others it's not. We booked under the current sale with free gratuities and "up to" $300 off air fare. For us it's working out well as we have free flights and won't have to spend any of our $500 OBC on gratuities. The two cruise we have booked for late 2019 don't have free air or free gratuities so we're waiting for a promo so we can, hopefully, switch them to something with perks. On those two cruises our gratuities are totally eaten by the gratuities.

Book a "deal" that works for you and don't worry about what kind of deal other folks may or may not get. I've sailed on cruises where some folks paid a lot less than I did and also on cruises where I paid a lot less than others and had great perks as well. It's about what works for each person. Some would rather have free gratuities and some would rather have free drinks. Heck, some folks will only sail in suites and I sincerely doubt we will ever book a suite.
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It depends on the combination of the cost of the cruise and the value of the perks. If the deposit is refundable, I'd suggest that you book now and evaluate future offers as they come out.

We have a cruise booked this fall under a deal with complimentary grats, some OBC, and a specialty dinner. When that deal ended, the cost of the cruise dropped but the gratuities and the OBC still make it a better deal than rebooking at the lower cost.
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3 for Free will probably be offered this fall but will be for cruises a year out. Not ones immediately.

At least that is what they have done in the past.
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Three for free has been offered the last few years in the fall. I think it was something like free gratuities, a free specialty dinner and a 2 category upgrade within the same type cabin.
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Originally posted by land lover
Didn't it follow the sip&
I am Pretty sure you are correct. We booked our Alaskan cruise on the Grand in conjunction with the Sip and sail promo but changed to 3 for free because it worked better for us.
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3 for Free has been offered in September & followed the S+S but the benefits have varied.

The last two times it was OBC, tips & cabin category upgrade & has been available in all types of cabins unlike S+S with balcony & higher.

If the OP is looking for a cruise this Fall, neither will be available & as posted are for bookings further in advance. I’ve booked 3FF several times for cruises varying from 10 to 20 months in advance.