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  1. At $20. per day, the length of the cruise is a big factor, since, to me, the benefits do not match up with cost for the number of days onboard.... We would def. consider Premium for a short cruise, as we would like to do the Casual Dining... That and the more expensive special coctails and liquors.. We could do Alfredo's twice, easily... and then two visits would be used up. On a short cruise, two specialty restaurants on a short cruise is about the break-even point. So the other perks then become well worth it. On a longer cruise, you pay more to upgrade... you would have to know you want to take advantage of all the other benefits. A longer a more port intensive cruise, it becomes harder to come out ahead. They need to have more Casual Dining options on the Sun... maybe sushi? They don't have a Casual option for that, right....
  2. Just FYI... I just looked at a cruise, months out.. and it is showing Deluxe Balcony cabins to select for 2 passengers. Just a 'thing', or is Princess addressing this issue a little bit. We have a regular balcony booked.. and will stick with it, as we like the location and the larger balcony. But, not being able to book a Deluxe Balcony is a big problem!!!
  3. D220 is fine!!!! Regal is one of our favorite ships! Before all of the changes that began after her. ENJOY!!!!
  4. Don't know how this will hold up... and when Princess will get itself together... Could it be that those onboard NOW do not have the package, but this will be honored beginning on Oct. 14??? But, darn!!! I was THIS close to putting a deposit down on one of those. Didn't when Princess confirmed (shortly before the big announcement) that these would have NO benefits.
  5. Thank you for posting! I am hoping that the Enchanted continues to be this great when we board. What foods or dishes did you like most? Any other tips?
  6. Yes, we had info that there was a VIP/TA only cruise before the 10/14... Not sure of the dates... I am not remembering that it was fully 10/9 - 1014. I think it is planned to be a short cruise, maybe for busy VIPs and TAs???
  7. We are considering doing this for the first time, when we board Enchanted. Hoping the odds are that the ship is pulled in, not backed in, at St. Thomas to enjoy the wonderful view, and possibly some sunset!!!! I am quite sure that the Captain would be oblivious to my request ! I have become quite good at enjoying the best of what is there and leaving some.... I, too, hate waste... and try to make sure that nothing is wasted at home... The two of us often split larger entrees when we dine out. (Did this every single time on our last vacation... partially because the incredibly high cost there... never went hungry.) But, in this case... Eat, Drink, and enjoy!!!
  8. Wow!!! I think this more than just random luck.. Did you find time to enjoy the spa?
  9. Great info... Thanks again Dides!!! We have not canceled our upcoming cruise on the SUN Princess.... Did find out that the additional $500 FCC we have on it can be transferred to another booking, on Enchanted. At least, for now, Enchanted has the Sanctuary that we can hope for. (If they start changing this during dry-docks, I do not think Enchanted is scheduled soon... but can't find info.) Not that I want to spend another $500.00, but I am wondering if Princess might make the Cabanas available, if they are not selling out to Sanctuary Class guest????
  10. I would love to know a TA that can/will do this. This is a real problem with Princess, and I agree with others who are saying, this and other issues combined are making me re-think Princess, as a corporation. It is just not okay. Lack of available adult area (which even Carnival and Disney have) is also another non-starter. I find it interesting that there are those who have these magical TA's, but they never seem to be able to give any details, or offer any tips when I mention that I would appreciate a contact.
  11. If I am correct, Parents/Families can have play time and space with the youngest. It is probably true that only potty trained 3 years and up can be dropped off and left with staff. "Firefly Park also invites families with babies and toddlers, ages six months to three, to crawl and engage their senses with a dedicated play area.
  12. Excellent tip for anyone booking more than one segment!!!
  13. If you are on Deck 9, Port or Starboard... great!!!! If you are wanting AFT wake-view, make sure that you have chosen a deck with the 'deeper' larger balconies! You are doing you homework and planning!!!! You will, hopefully, love your cruise!!!
  14. Navy makes a good point... they hold back SO many cabins for those who are booking two or more segments together, leaving the choices for any one segment to be seriously lacking. Another problem is the well known issue with Deluxe Balconies not being available to select for less than three guests. There might be work-arounds for that. But it is a HUGE problem. I do not know if some better Travel Agents or Princess Planners might have a bit more ability/luck with knowing how to find more cabins 'available'.... But, not in my experience. As far as voicing these concerns to Princess... This is NOT new.... I do not, for one moment, think that they care. I have no more affinity or respect for PRINCESS as a corporation. Is the department that handles this not part of the 'Revenue' department. Ugggghhhh.
  15. If you are considering a Mini-Suite, then this might be the way to go. A Deluxe Balcony cabin will a bit larger than a standard Balcony, with the little two seat 'loveseat'. A Mini-Suite will be quite a bit larger, it will have a larger bathroom with a tub/shower, not the very small shower with the 'friendly' shower curtain. a Mini-Suite will also have a small dining table (not just a side or footrest table) on the Balcony. As mentioned, the biggest thing with Club/Reserve Mini-Suites is the separate dining area and entrance to the Main Dining Room, with no Reservations and very little if any waiting... Should be one additional special entree each night. On the Sky, you can book the Premium Deluxe Balconies that have the larger balcony. But, something tells me you are wanting the larger cabin/bathroom, etc. We have actually booked D226, which is a small regular Balcony cabin with a larger balcony. NOTE: the video link above is specific to the new SUN Princess.
  16. Process is not known for being consistent... But, all else fails... order the included dessert without the big lollipop and extra toppings. Hey, your gelato will be in a fancy glass.
  17. Here is a video of a regular layout Mini, with a slightly larger balcony. Again, on a higher deck, where you can see the SeaWalk overhang.
  18. They should all have a full sized sofa... Not sure which cabin or ship is shown above, but that is a smaller love-seat. Here is a video of one of those larger ones, far forward...
  19. The balconies on this class of ship are small/shallow... If you want to look for a balcony that is a bit larger, look at Mini-Suites that are mid-ship on the curved bump-out. An example would be Caribe Deck (10) like C409, C410, C414, C415. There are RESERVE Mini-Suites (dark green on the deck plans) where the biggest perk is a special section in the MDR with no/less waiting and better service. You might not want a mid-ship Mini-Suite on a higher floor, under the SeaWalk overhang. Of course, any cabin that does not have a loud public area just below or above, with cabins and not 'gray area' next door. I do not generally like to book that high up and that far forward. (those Mini-Suites located far forward on Marina and Lido.... but if that space and balcony and view are a bigger priority than mid-ship / mid-deck location and convenience, then they look amazing. These do have the metal, not blue glass, balcony railing/walls...
  20. The SUN Princess now has this ship-within-a-ship set up. There are Suites, Mini-Suites, and even a few Deluxe Premium Balconies that are now SANCTUARY CLASS. This is similar to the Retreat/Haven on other lines. No other Princess ships have this, yet....
  21. Do you like your new cabin assignment? If there are any other BE showing available, you might try to request a switch.
  22. Wow!!!! Nice to hear! These gratuitous upgrades are probably few and far between, with the bidding system in place. We are booked on a cruise where all of the lower categories are very heavily booked, well before final payment... but all of higher categories are sitting unspoken for. Probably going to be a lot of shifting around, trying to move people up to re-sell the lower categories at the current high fare. I like the regular balcony location that we have booked... but a mini would be nice. Some might even get the chance to get the new Sanctuary Class mini's at a more reasonable rate. It will be interesting to see what bidding starts at for these.
  23. Here is a photo from E515 on the Royal. If it is the same as this sister ship, then the view/obstruction should be similar.
  24. Okay, I am looking at this, and when booking these Window Suites show up under the Mini-Suite category, not the full suite. The information does not mention any Suite benefits. I don't know if we can make any assumptions here.
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