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  1. Can anybody give me a quick reminder? We are looking at the all included rates and doing the math. We would get some WIFI minutes automatically. So, if you can use your phone onboard on the Medallion App to look a the daily schedule Patter, etc... That is not using your minutes, right? All we would need is to text our son back home occasionally, so I am not sure if the all inclusive fare with WIFI would have any value?
  2. Thanks! Yes, at the bottom, it does still say *The Princess Luxury Bed is available across the fleet except for Regal Princess, where most staterooms have been updated. On Regal Princess all Full Suites and Club Class staterooms have been updated and we are continuing to convert the few remaining beds. We might try to call and hope to find out more? I thought I was one of the LAST to sleep on those ancient rock hard lumpy old things. Not acceptable. Could affect our decision to sail Princess, as the Regal is 'my ship', since the new ships ruined the Adult P
  3. We were expecting these on our last cruise, before the Pandemic... and our cabin did NOT have a new bed. Not good.
  4. Hello! We were in E 405 on Regal... the side that is not above Crooners.... It does have the deeper balcony, with that welcomed space. I was just looking at a similar cabin that is on the other side (Port) above Crooners, and will have to skip that one, even though I had wanted to be on the Port side on this sailing. Don't want to here that! Okay, If you aren't above Crooners, then these cabins are good! It does seem like you are sitting RiGHT above those decks below. Which was okay... That did not bother me, except that I did NOT like the light from this rails
  5. I see that the last May sailing is on the weekly 7 promo. Looks like it is the ocean view catagories are the ones discounted.
  6. OMG! We might be hoping for the same itinerary/sailing. Ohhhh, now I see you are looking at the earlier sailing. I didn't know if we would book that first one. LOVE the itinerary. All the little places I have wanted to get to from the bigger stops, but have not been able to! I kind of doubt if this travel will happen, not without a lot of limitations and preparation. So many requirements and limitations and islands shut down!!! I would def. want to book a cabin in the new 'stretch'. Happy planning!!!
  7. TRUE! I would so excited to sail on one of the larger ships! So sad that travel and cruising are just no guarantee right now! The itinerary that I am really loving is one of the first ones this year. Looks like it won't happen. One can dream!!!
  8. Thanks! I am wondering about a couple more details, if that is okay. I am wondering about things that are extra, or need reservations. How do they work that. The different restaurants, the excursions, the spa. And, can you get some edible pizza? Hahaha!
  9. That is one of the reasons I am SO disappointed that we won't be cruising soon. I see one of the first cruises that they still have scheduled that ticks so many boxes!!! Even if cruising starts back up, it seems that you could be limited to a ship, or trying to get a spot on a very limited excursion, which might be like a sightseeing coach, where you do not get to get off and experience anything, for fear of exposure. I hope and pray that one day this pandemic will be about over!
  10. Well, I haven't sailed on either, but I can see how the comparison of this older and smaller Windstar ship that is in need of renovation might not seem as nice as a new Royal Caribbean. To each his own!!! Anyhow, I do hope that the poster who asked does see this and finds it helpful. I would love to sail on Windstar on one of their renovated motor yachts!!! I would def. try to book one of the brand new 'star' suites in the stretch!
  11. Yes, if you don't want an adjoining room, as we usually would not, then this takes away from that door right there on the wall between cabins! I see where it looks like the new refurb staterooms do have the same layout with the small foyer hall and the two angled doors. That takes up less width! a bit more room in the bath and closet. I am sure it works out okay, but never having seen it, that hallway foyer does seem tight. I think on most ships that is the width of two doorways without the V angle.
  12. Yes, I had seen this when it came in. I just wish it were more of a peek!!!
  13. Thank you so much everyone. This is just the type of thoughts that I was hoping for! I would hope to book one of the totally new mid-ship expansion suites. I believe that these have been switched to have the bed near the picture window or slider. I don't need a theater or a casino. And the pool, by all accounts, is way way bigger than that bath-tub power lap pool that they have had. I think we will continue to really consider Windstar Star Class. Even though current pricing shows about TWICE the cost of Princess... going with a Star OV a
  14. Here is a link to a video of the number, at that time, 103... Hope this helps! for me, I would want to get one the new mid-ship expansion suites if at all possible. NOTE: this video was filmed when these cabins really needed updated. Yes, it is very forward. Not sure if the window is slight smaller than the other regular OV suites??? See the window set at an angle with the curve of the bow of the ship. See how it becomes a bit wider with a different shape in the sitting section, past the bed. The closet and bath are about the same as most
  15. I would love it if this were true... direct access to the hallway, IF this meant 'straight out to the hallway', instead of at that 'V' angle off the tiny hall foyer. Seems like those adjoining 'V' doors are a bit close for comfort with strangers.
  16. Hello and Happy New Year. Here is hoping for a better year! I would love a quick rundown on sailing Windstar. Especially the new Star Breeze. The older and very much smaller ship just was not quite enough for us. But this looks really really great. We have mostly sailed Princess, and really like Regal Princess, but are afraid that they have gone then wrong direction with the newer ships!!! Loss of Deck Space, Adult pool area, etc... So any comparison to Princess would be appreciated. Absolutely love The Sanctuary on Princess. I would imagine that the entire new po
  17. Thanks Kate. I am the one you are responding to. Just in full disclosure, I also have not even been on CC for quite a while. The first reason is because I do not see cruising at any time in the foreseeable future. The second reason is all of nastiness. Kind of like what you just mentioned. I wasn't liking the toxic questioning and attacks by a number of people here. But, times have changed even further now, haven't they!!!! The only reason I am here is that I did get a notice that you had quoted and responded to my comments. Anyhow, your comments are interest
  18. Is that the regular medical coverage, which I would expect? Cancel for any reason, if one paid the big premium increase for that, should still apply. I do have some Cancel For Any Reason on the one cruise deposit we have down. True, these are not 100%. And, the cruise line knows this. That is a big hit. But, anyhow... Part of what the one poster above said is right. Many people besides those of us here who are lucky enough to have planned to cruise are being affected by this. I still see a lot of excuses and attempts to absolve or justify. Do those of you h
  19. I only know for sure that the Grand Princess has recently finally disembarked all passengers. And the ship had the COVID coronavirus. I am not aware of any other ships arriving and disembarking recently. If this is true, I would have to assume that she passed the temperature, or whatever, screening and flew home. Now she is very sick, and getting tested. She is elderly. Ohhh My!!!!
  20. I know somebody here just off the Sirena. Not sure when exactly.. Today? Is anybody here keeping up with any ships that are just recently arriving back and disembarking? I know of somebody who just got back from a cruise, and is not well. But, I am hoping to find out which cruise without going and asking.
  21. This is really not even making sense. If those FCC's become worthless, no, you are not 'made whole'. That is what I would call being ripped off. An FCC that may or not ever be realized is in no way compensation or making one whole. Hopefully, if any bankruptcy / reorganization happens, and yes it is very possible, the vulnerable customers who are now out good cash money will be the first to get consideration. No amount of promises or double-talk or wishful thinking here can justify.
  22. The only problem is with the CDC, and their failure to come up with the promised testing. Government controlled medicine. Thank goodness that is being corrected.
  23. What a very negative and loaded question... Wow. I would say to anyone who has that question directed at them that I simply wouldn't even go there. IMHO, it is not always that simple. And, as for myself, I might possibly decide to NOT cruise with Oceania. I have been witnessed saying, before I had ever considered O, or knew that O was with NCL, that I did not care to ever cruise with NCL. For these very kinds of reasons. It is not like this is something new or some kind of knee-jerk emotional reaction. Not at all. Somebody said that this seemed like a game o
  24. I will add that pointing fingers at others over things that were not under their control helps nobody. It is the decisions and policies that are now being made/changed that are fair grounds for discussion. I base my thoughts and feelings on current facts and actions. I agree with your last post, Paulchili.
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