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  1. Everything seems to be showing up well online on computer. I think the APP still has a few things to be ironed out. So, yes, the spirits should be still available.
  2. I haven't sailed RCI or Carnival, but have done a LOT of consideration of itineraries other than Princess. From that, my pick would be the newer Carnival ship. Their new ships do seem very nice! While I would probably agree that the alternative food offerings on Carnival are great, I notice on videos of Carnival ships that visit Princess Cay, that the food buffet does not look good compared to when we've been there on Princess. So, not sure the main Buffet would compare the the Buffets on Princess Royal class newer ships.
  3. Not a bribe! I believe it is common policy to give those onboard first chance to book the next leg. We can only swing one cruise at a time, so we just hope you guys leave a few good loungers for us!!!🙂
  4. I am not sure by this Posters cruising history in their siggie, but they might not have the Princess Loyalty Status level to get any good priority boarding. That can make the difference.
  5. My son has an AMEX! Maybe that would get us the opportunity to buy Princess cards at a good discount.
  6. IMHO, a traveller loyalty status is very different than the %Back credit cards. And, isn't that true that those that spend more on Suites, Club Class, etc... do get their perks. Do air passengers get more FFM's because they paid for First Class?
  7. We loved the good AMEX promotions. But, we no longer have our AMEX Delta Gold cards!
  8. NO... I don't think that it should come down to $$$$$ buys status. That is a total class/caste system. I do feel like number of days would be the way to go, as there are even 2/3 day cruises, and then very long cruises. Maybe a system of so many points for every 7 days sailed???? So, for example, 5 one week cruises would be 35 days. Or ten one week cruises, 70 days. And, I think they should have to look at the value of Loyalty, in relation to booking with perks. An Elite should have no reason to pay extra for any Plus package. We are Platinum, an
  9. I am thinking that the exact system in place for reserving. loungers by the day/week might differ, not only between ships, but even between sailings. First time we tried to book the Sanctuary, I believe that they had front loungers offered to weekly bookings. The next time, I didn't get that this was the case, but even though we were very early onboard, all front and even 2nd row loungers were taken. Maybe by Back-2-Back cruisers? And, cruises like Panama Canal Crossing and Glacier Bay have their own system and pricing. Look at the general direction of sailing to
  10. This has to be the funniest post yet on all of this madness and confusion!!! Hahahaha!!!! Sadly, the confusion gets worse every day. We have the CDC which is mentioned, the State of Florida and other individual States - which now includes Texas, as well as all of the destination countries and ports. Truly mind-bending!!!! We have put a refundable deposit. (fully refundable until 60 days out) on a short cruise, Because we wanted to get it on the books during a good promotion price. Just in case. I have less confidence and more and more doubt
  11. Those would be the ocean view cabins that are next to the casino.
  12. There are very few true AFT facing balconies on the Island, I notice on the deck plans. You would have to look for those if any are available. While AFT facing, some do not have larger/deeper balconies. Great photo of the corner balcony just above! There are cabins where the balconies are definitely deeper/larger. You can see this easily on the deck plans as well. Just have to look and compare. I am not sure exactly where, but if you want one of the balconies that were newly added on (not as dated, but not sure about any other advantages) then I am sure somebody he
  13. We are looking at a small balcony, as we want to limit costs on this cruise... We have been in a mid-ship so called 'obstructed' balcony deluxe, but wasn't crazy about the large midship deck area below with the lights that seemed to shine right up into our cabin/balcony. We want to stay pretty close to mid-ship, as I have some issues with my feet (have had surgery on one foot, and my feet ain't gettin' any younger) and want to limit extensive walking, especially to supper In dress shoes! And would also prefer to not be on a higher deck, due to possible motion. (We've been on De
  14. Sorry, I can't offer any good tips, as we chose not to travel with an infant or 'walking baby'. We just had no interest in being kind of tied up in a tiny cabin with a baby who napped a LOT, messy diapers, no place to crawl or toddle around..... Inlaws wanted us to cruise.. But interestingly, they didn't offer any help with paying for the expensive cruise, and did not offer to help with our baby son either. 🙄 (roll-eyes)
  15. I am not familiar with a good cabin guru site at all. If you were to give us the ship and the kind of cabin pros and cons you are wanting, you might get some good thoughts here on CC. The closest would be cruise deck plans . com. If you pay a small fee to join, there are a lot of good photos of cabins onboard. Some that have also been posted on youtube are marked with the little youtube symbol. You don't have to be a member to access the youtube listings.
  16. Princess has no interest in if one selects a cabin for two, or three, or four. And Princess also has no interest in which guest stays in which cabin overnight. For me, I would not want to be the one to leave my cabin, my bathroom, my stuff, etc and trade cabins. And that really would not be necessary. Just make sure by checking Deckplans online, that your cabin will have berths for 4. It can be easier on some other web-sites like cruise deck plans. com to see which cabins sleep up to 4, and also which cabins are adjoining. All mini-suites, of course, a
  17. Okay... I haven't read the other opinion and responses. But, we cruised in late May, so here are my thoughts. FIRST: I just did some quick searches, and I don't think it is pulling up all of the sailings right? I had looked at the Majestic sailings, and this time I didn't see them showing up. So, make sure you search different ways to see all sailings. When I put in just the month of May only... that seemed to be working. When I selected several consecutive summer months, I don't think it was working. May CAN be dryer, based on the weather ave
  18. This is confusing. And, of course this is an evolving situation that can change daily! But, it sounds like Princess is walking a fine line here, and making no statement other than that they have agreed to 'vaccinated' cruises to Alaska this summer. I don't see how they can say they adhere to CDC guildlines, NOT have the test cruises, and not require vaccination. Princess is just as bad with confusing doublespeak and non-committal as many politicians!!! I am not putting a whole lot of confidence in a webinar. Can anybody fine ANYTHING at all, anywhere, in writin
  19. I am also wondering about a Domino Effect here. I can definitely see this... One player is brave enough, and then others reconsider. Power in numbers.... United we stand. I wonder if and when (how soon) Princess might issue a statement. it seems that RCI, and any other cruise line that does this, is effectively 'daring' the CDC to actually come after them.
  20. Looks like this thread is actually interesting! We were considering the Meraviglia. We would have to do an INSIDE to begin to swing YC. I haven't checked all ships, but some of the others (DIVINA?) only have more expensive suites. So we really would be priced out of YC. Guests can brag or argue or be jealous or judgmental about what 'class' of cruiser they think they and others are. I honestly would not care, and would ignore... a total waste of my time on either side! We would be doing some walking... Even on Meraviglea, as nice as YC is. Looking a
  21. The APP is very good a showing this, specifically just by looking at the doorways! But, if you look at the online deck plans for that example of the Riviera Deck on the Sky, then you see that the firewalls are there, between R107 and R201, and between R241 and R301. (which also matches the 200 - 300 - 400... cabin number sections of the ship. That is where you see that there are doorways that do not adjoin next to each other. This is where you can see the firewall hallway doors on the old plans, online. Both are good ways to see which way a cabin is facing, f
  22. I am noticing that most everything is included with YC. Which is good! But, this does not cover the daily Gratuities?
  23. Thanks again everyone! Will continue to consider YC on Meriviglia.... Could only probably manage a YC inside. And It looks like some ships only have the bigger and more pricey YC cabins. (I just mention the motion because, one of our last cruises was Deck 15 Forward in the Caribbean on Princess. YES, there was motion up there!!!!)
  24. Of course, we are not sure, currently! If there is one Princess place onshore, they would take your Medallion/Card. But, I think I am remembering, from past visit, that some select locals were allowed to operate kiosks there, within Princess Cay property. That might have changed. I SO wished I had cash to tip the musicians, and maybe even the bartender too, at the main bar area there. They had done a really good job playing music, entertaining, and played my request too! But, alas, my husband had come ashore with only his card. (He is the one who 'hauls' everythi
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