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hello all, first time cruiser here. im going on the dawn 8/29/04 and see alot of posts about checking port schedules and stuff like that. can someone direct me on how to do this so i can see how many ships are going to be there?? leaving NYC on 8/29/04. also what is this tender stuff?? is that the ferrys that take you to port and are they free and do you need reservations for them? thanks pat
Northern Illinois
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Check the link in Globaliser's reply at "I can't be the ONLY one who does this....." topic for schedules. There's a ton of info there. You have the right idea about the tendering; they're just boats that ferry people back and forth to the dock if the ship can't dock because of the number of ships, shallow water, etc. The cruise ships don't charge for the tendering, but due to the number of people that have to be taken to the dock, your ship might issue tickets (similar to taking a number, more or less like a reservation) and/or board the tenders in a certain order depending on which passengers need to be on shore first for their excursion times, etc. Our last ship used 4 tenders that carried about 100 people each, so you can see that it could take a little while to transport everybody.
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thank you, i check out globaliser message but i could not find a link?? maybe i dont know where to look. can you help me as i would like to find out info on the ports. thanks
Meriden, CT
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First, you may also go to directly for the New York schedule, but to answer your question, here goes:

1. Click on the site from Globaliser

2. You must then page down a few times until you see the New Your City Passenger Ship Terminal site listed,

3. Click there, and look for the Cruise Schedule at the top of the page.

4. Click there, and Click on the Month/Day you want to review.

I noted that on 8/29/04 that the only ships in port that day are the Dawn and the Crown, both arriving at 7 AM, and departing at 4 PM.

Hope you have a great cruise!!


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thank you all so much!! two ships in port doesnt sound too bad but since its my first i really dont know!! again thank you all. if there are any tips anyone can give for a first cruise on the dawn with wife and 2 children please let me know. thanks, pat
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You also want to repeat the exercise for each of your ports of call, for the dates that you're going to. Not all ports have live links, and some only have information for a short period into the future.

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