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Valencia Calif
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Joined Apr 2001
We will be traveling on the Diamond Princess in Sept. This will be our second cruise with Princess. As I recall on the Grand the coffee was less then desirable and I love a good cup of coffee,,Hubby is not enthused with the thought of me bringing our own coffee pot but I will be assured of having good coffee. Any advice..or have they improved on their coffee?
The Land of Ahhs!
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Just got off the sun princess, it is the same as you remember it. YUCK!
My suggestion, find a way of packing a very small coffeemaker if you are a coffee lover. That liquid coffee is really awful for those that enjoy a normal cup of coffee.

Sun Princess March 30th, 2004
Tahitian October 14th,2004
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I wonder if it depends on the ship, the coffee on the Golden last month (IMHO) was pretty good.

At first I thought it was that I had read so much bad about Princess coffee on this board but I'm a big coffee drinker and while it wasn't Blue Mountain it was good for me!

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Oklahoma City
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Coffee that is served in the Grand class atrium bars is very good. It isn't made with the liquid stuff. I'm sure the Diamond will have similar bar.
Cape Coral, Florida
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Hi Susan. You got me where I live. When we went on the Golden, we knew the coffee was bad. I thought, well, if it is really bad, I'll drink something else. Well of course that didn't work. I found a way to drink it, after several trys. I filled the cup half full of coffee. Added half hot water. Several creamers, several, and lots of sugar. It worked for me, and I was a happy camper all week. So was hubby. No one likes me when I don't have coffee.

7 days on Star Princess 10/24

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Joined Apr 2004
In the Internet Cafe on the Diamond they have a "Starbucks" type coffee bar and it's very good. I brought instant coffee and my big travel mug. Put the instant coffee in the mug, go to the Horizon Court and fill it with boiling water (at the coffee/tea station), sugar and milk or cream is right there. I never liked instant coffee, but we tried some in Mexico about a year ago and it was delicious! Nescafe Clasico - in the mexican food section of the grocery. I am a coffee nut and I have to have it my way. I take every time we travel. Also, I use splenda and they do not have splenda on the Diamond. They have sweet n low.
Northern California
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My hubby is an avid coffee drinker and we have been on six different Princess ships and although it is not like my coffee at home he has always said it is not that bad. Believe me it is drinkable. But I guess its to one's own taste.

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Joined Jan 2004
I love freshly-brewed coffee. Although my tummy won't let me drink it the way I like (strong enough to march down your throat), I found a way to enjoy freshly-brewed coffee in a pinch. And you don't need a pot if you have access to boiling water:

Bag up the amount of ground coffee you will need for your cruise and toss in a coffee scoop. Buy one of those Melitta cones that fits over a mug- and don't forget the filters! I think the size 2 filters fit it.

When you're ready for coffee, all you need are a mug and some boiling water. Fit the filter into the cone and measure in one cup or mug worth of coffee grounds. Pour the boiling water slowly over the grounds until you've poured 1 cup's worth. Let the filter sit on top of the mug until all the coffee has dripped into the mug. Enjoy! True you can do only one at a time, but the cone and filters are less bulky than bringing a pot.
Tacoma, WA
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Mezzaluna is speaking of a camping version of a french press. I have a small two cup press and I take it along on all my tavels along with finely ground beans to last the duration. I think I paid $15.00 for it a few years back.

I love a good strong cup of coffee and rather play it safe than sorry. All I need is hot water and I am happy as a clam.

Diamond Princess 11/27/04
Alpharetta, GA
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Joined Jan 2004
We just got off the Grand Princess. I thought the coffee in the dining room was pretty bad, but I did drink it. The coffee in the Promenade Bar was fine. We did bring our own 4-cup pot, and were very glad we had it, mainly just to have coffee in our room first thing in the morning. We already had the pot, and it was easy to pack, along with a zip-lock of coffee, scoop and 7 filters. I also brought my own travel mug-just because I tend to make a cup of coffee last a long time, and the ship's cups just don't keep it warm long enough for me!!
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Joined Jan 2004
Violet, I didn't mean a press- I meant a cone, but the press idea is a very good one. I have broken several of the glass inserts, so I'd probably go with the plastic cone. This is the gizmo I'm referring to. Is this the item you meant? I didn't know they made this! Thanks for the tip. Doesn't look like this breaks too easily (klutz that I am!)
Valencia Calif
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Joined Apr 2001
Thanks for all the great ideas,,,I think I made up my mind,,(pulled out the stainless steel electric perk and cleaned it up) it always made a great cup of coffee and its not heavy or big.It's just plain old reliable!!!Thanks again Susan