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Does anyone know when we get our luggage if you are a wedding party/group?
I heard from a friend that you don't get your luggage until later that evening, but the wedding is the first day of the cruise, so we have to get ready!

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Carry on everything you will need for the 1st day - that way you won't have to worry. There really is no guarantee when your luggage will arrive at your cabin. We have gotten it almost right away, sometimes after dinner, and anytime in between. Better safe than sorry, if you really need something carry it on with you.
Congratulations to the Bride & Groom.
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Are you getting married on the ship? I was on a RCCL cruise recently and they were having two weddings that day of departure. There were actually people at the wedding who were just visitors who would get off after wedding and reception before sailiing of course!! Anyway, both groups had a wedding consultant from the ship who was with them the whole time-they boarded first etc., so they will, I'm sure, take care of the luggage situation for you. If you are not getting married on ship, better take what you want with you as carry-on. You can use a bigger suitcase for carry-on than on the airplane, just so long as it goes through their xray machine.
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When our daughter got married on the Sovereign last year, we were told in advance to carry everything needed for the wedding with us. We were met by one of the wedding coordinators who showed us where to put everything while everyone checked in. Once all the guests were there (those going on the cruise and those only going to the wedding) we were escorted on to the ship before regular boarding started. As long as you carry on everything you need, waiting for luggage will not be a problem.