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  1. I just booked my first Viking Cruise and was a little surprised at final payment date. My cruise is May, 2023, and they wanted final payment by 12/31/2020! I got it moved up a tad, but still it is approximately 2 years before the cruise! Pooh
  2. I have just booked a cruise also and purchased the insurance. Viking allows you to cancel for any reason. However, to be reimbursed in cash, it must be for a "specified reason" listed in the Protection Plan document. For any other reason, you will be reimbursed with a future travel voucher. Via the insurance policy you only have 12 months to use the voucher, whereas in this temporary cancellation policy you have up to 24 months to use the voucher. You can cancel up to 120 days (4 mos.) before your cruise date and get a complete cash refund except for a $100pp cancellation fee. Also, if you have purchased the Viking travel insurance that is non-refundable after 14 days of booking. Pooh
  3. I agree and that is why I will always make sure at least they say they have A/C in the rooms! 😁 Pooh
  4. I know what you mean! Have been to Europe several times and have had all kinds of A/C in the rooms, but have found even the worst of the A/C provided was better than none. Pooh
  5. I need some help here. In looking at Princess tours for this itinerary, the vehicles involved are motor coaches without A/C! My question is do these busses get hot and or stuffy then? My DH and I are very into comfort and A/C, so would appreciate anyone's input on this. Thanks. Pooh
  6. Novotel gets good ratings and is reasonably priced and located and I was going to book it, but then looking carefully I noticed it does not have A/C in its rooms. That is a deal buster for me and my DH. No matter what time of year, we need our A/C! I am staying in Southampton(hopefully) the end of June, 2021. I found similar hotels (Jurys Inn and room2Southampton Hometel) that do have A/C and are equal to or a little less than Novotel. Pooh
  7. Looking forward to our Caribbean cruise in March because we are in this Window Suite. Will be disappointed if they don't cruise by then as in my next four cruises I was given a free upgrade to a regular balcony suite and the others were only able to get forward CC mini's which is kinda like a WS but not quite. Pooh
  8. Hi Rup; There were only two of us in the suite so we didn't need to use the sofa as a bed. It was getting alittle "used" looking, so for us to sit on it we wanted a clean sheet between us and the material of the sofa. They do make it up as a bed each night as needed and put it back to sofa when they clean up in the morning. I am American and had this suite on a Mexican itinerary so there were no kettles in the room. Now, maybe they will as they will be based out of England for your cruise. As an American, a kettle has not been needed by me! Grin. I get room service coffee! Bathrobes and slippers are included (at least for the first two guests, I don't know about the third.) You can keep the slippers. In fact, I have mine on now! Pooh
  9. You need to do the math on all. My next Alaska cruise the difference between the basic cost pp and where you get the three "free" items is $280pp. First take off the gratuities as that is paid by all and that amounts to $108.50pp. So now I am down to a difference of $171.50. The cost of the internet is $69.79pp leaving $101.71 for the drink package. I watch what I drink on a cruise as I don't do alcohol but do like my carbonated water and my virgin mojitos, etc. If I get three of these a day, it costs me around $15 or so a day. So for 7 days I would usually spend around $105. So that makes the drink portion ok for me and I can have as many drinks as I want and not count. Now I am left with the internet. My hubby loves and now has to have the 24 hr. internet as being on FB, etc. is just part(albeit a small part) of the cruising experience for him(to each his own! Grin). So it definitely is less expensive to do the package deal for us when booking. It's a math thing for us. So for each one personally, just go through the math and that will tell you which choice of fares to choose! Pooh
  10. Just to let people know and get an idea, I received my deposits back to my credit card today, Saturday. So combining Princess' procedures and my credit card's, it took 8 days to show up. Not bad. Now I am even steven! Got all my monies back that I had ever put out for my three cancelled cruises and still have $8630 in FCC to use!!!!!! My next cruise(fingers tightly crossed) is in March, 2021. Payment due by 01/09/2021. Hopefully by then we will know what is going on in this crazy world of ours! Pooh
  11. As of 9am Monday (paperwork done by end of workday Friday), I have no refund. But then by past experience, there has been a lag of a day or two before anything shows up online on my credit card. This is for any refund I have been getting in past. So I am going to be pleased if it shows up by Wed. If not, nope, was fibbed to! Will let you know. Pooh
  12. Heads up guys. I called today and had to wait 1:32 hrs to get through (27 minute wait for general rep. who then passed me on to customer relations specialist where I waited the rest of the time. I had my cruise changed from the Grand to Regal and my personalizer said I owed more of a deposit by today or I would be cancelled. Well, that's not true by the way, and she corrected that problem in about literally 3 seconds. But this is the big news part. If you can get through to the specialists for a question about a cruise you have booked for the future, etc. then please ask about your deposit refunds!!! Since I had waited over 1 1/2 hours I decided, what the heck, to give it a try. So I asked her (by the way she was so nice and helpful and competent-but completely overwhelmed so try to be extra loving to all these Princess reps), if she could at least check to see if my deposits refunds were still there and in line, etc. Well, she checked and yes they were. BUT, then she went and sent an email to processing dept. and therefore she guaranteed me(three times in fact! Grin) that my refunds would be processed to credit card by end of business TODAY! (The were for August-Sept.cruises that I personally cancelled the end of April). So I am all squared away from having to cancel 4 cruises and now am looking forward to my next 4 cruises (March, 2021-February, 2022). Pooh
  13. I am in the same boat as you-was assigned B102. So as far as decks are concerned, 9-11 are very stable. There is a little more motion felt up front but being on decks 10 and 11 should help. Also as far as getting our cabin changed from an S5 to S4 without paying the going rate for the S4 suite(which is $9305pp), you would have to need an ADA cabin. I have slight mobility issues so I asked in the first place, but am definitely not even going to try for someone who needs it ADA cabin as I am not that bad. So am staying with what I have for free and am extremely happy. By the way this is from a Customer Relation Services person, not the general rep. I just got off the phone with her after waiting 1:32 hrs! But well worth it. She also changed within seconds that I owed a deposit or more towards the deposit. That is correct. She says that we don't need to pay more and won't be cancelled even though it says so, but is nice to know she took care of it. So all is now well. While I had her on the phone I thought I would ask about my refunds coming from two cruises(B2B) I cancelled back in April. She looked them up and saw what I said was accurate and immediately wrote an email to processing and told me three times that I would have my refunds completely processed by end of work today!!!!!!! So definitely worth the wait to get through. Pooh
  14. Did you have to pay extra from going to a "free" S5 suite to a S4? Pooh
  15. I' m still waiting for my deposits to be refunded for an August cruise and a September cruise which I cancelled back in April. Just wondering how long this new set of cancellation refunds will take! Heard today that RCCL is doing their refunds at about the 30 day mark or less?! I love you Princess, but come on......... please! Pooh
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