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  1. PoohUnderstands

    Horizon Court Royal Class vs Grand Class

    Interesting, but no one is giving details on the buffet aboard, say, the Grand Princess. What everyone mentioned about the Royal class buffets (size!) is a very big turnoff to me. I do not like the huge spreadout of the buffet on the Royal. Does this mean that I might like the buffet on the Grand? Pooh
  2. PoohUnderstands

    Princess website still down?

    That is exactly what happened to me. Chrome still showing tech.difficulties, but got in easily on Edge and IE. Pooh
  3. PoohUnderstands

    Princess website still down?

    it is 10am MST and still can't get into website- still "technical difficulties!" Pooh
  4. PoohUnderstands

    Royal Princess

    I have been on many different Princess ships and disembarkation is always the same. If there is a problem and it doesn't go smoothly there has always been a "reason" for it. Disembarkation procedures are the same for all of Princess' fleet. If you are asking because there are more guests on the Royal, if things go as "planned", you are off and running when you are advised. Pooh
  5. PoohUnderstands

    Time to get to port

    Yep, agree with majority. Lived in Boca Raton for 43 years, so have done many cruises out of the Port. We always arrived between 10-10:30am. Early but the waiting, etc. is all part of the cruise fun and experience for us. Pooh
  6. PoohUnderstands

    New Princess Sale

    Amy: Many, if not most, sales also have refundable deposits. You just have to read the fine print before you book anything. But, yes, "normally," regular bookings have refundable deposits. Pooh
  7. PoohUnderstands

    New Princess Sale

    I booked a cruise on the new ship, Enchanted, for September, 2020, under refundable deposit but no sale or any perks. Am glad I did in that my category of cabin (M1) is sold out!!!!! So, if and when, a sale becomes available, I sure will do my best to rebook my same cabin!!!! Will be interesting to see if I will be able to do so. I mean, my category was sold out on 11/27/2018, almost two full years before the cruise! Mind boggling! Pooh
  8. PoohUnderstands

    Sangria on the Regal

    Ordered a sangria in the main dining room once. They make it with blueberry liquor and to be honest tastes more like grape soda than sangria. The way they make it (at least on the Royal) is not very good. Pooh
  9. PoohUnderstands

    Club class impact

    When we were on the Royal/Regal, if there were lines, it was around 7:30 when the Concerto dining room opened to ATD. Before that it is just open to CC diners and traditional 5:30. Pooh
  10. PoohUnderstands

    E Mail w/ New Dining Times

    Thank goodness for CC dining...... even more so now! Pooh
  11. PoohUnderstands

    Upsell Inside to Balcony and OBC

    Have accepted several upsells in the past and your "freebies" are always based on what you initially purchased. You do not get different amounts if you go from inside up to another level. By the way, the first couple of times I did try, but this is a hardfast rule. You get what you initially paid for, period. Pooh
  12. PoohUnderstands

    New traditional dining times on Regal Princess?

    This is why I am so glad that CC dining exists! Pooh
  13. PoohUnderstands

    How do I save cruises to my Favorites?

    I went into firefox on DH's computer and just pulled up any cruise itinerary and under the green square(select a room) on the bottom left of the information is a heart with Save this cruise next to it. The format looks different to me so I am guessing it is the new format? Pooh
  14. PoohUnderstands

    $1.00 Deposits Today, Monday 11/26

    Yes, loved this sale. Was able to book a March, 2020, Ocean to Ocean Panama Cruise for $2(refundable! Grin) and get a decent price and OBC and free gratuities. Looking forward to going through the new locks (booked the Emerald rather than I believe the smaller Star to make sure! ) Pooh
  15. PoohUnderstands

    How do I save cruises to my Favorites?

    I've never seen the "new" version. Is it everywhere? Glad I still have the old version. I use Chrome and Edge and have the same "old" version there. Pooh