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  1. The way I see it being like TD is that usually by second night we have picked our wait staff we hit it off with and we have them as our wait staff the whole cruise. My drink is on its way as we sit down as they remember what we like and my DH's dining idiosyncrasies which are a lot, and we learn about their families, etc. Then we even have them, most of time, serving us breakfast and lunch(when available). Pooh
  2. booked a TA from copenhagen to NY very early. I have rebooked/refared 6 times since my initial booking, so yes, sales and discounts in fares do occur. Pooh
  3. That's why I like to order my omelets to specs while eating breakfast in the MDR! No buzzers or paper to worry about! Grin. Pooh
  4. Thanks for the heads up. My Panama cruise is listed, but it would have to really go down in the fare price for me to take advantage as I booked back in November, 2018, under the $1 deposit and Cyber Event - 3 free perks. More OBC, free gratuities and only $2 for deposit. So will wait impatiently for May 1st! Pooh
  5. I guess with all these posts and logistics and making reservations(?) for anytime dining, I guess that is why they came up with a new option in staterooms called M1(CC staterooms!) . It is the best of TD and ATD! Pooh
  6. I was on a Princess bus tour recently where one passenger had a small foldable electric scooter and she went on this tour(not an accessability tour, just a regular one), and an accessability tour won't allow a walker? Pooh
  7. Now I haven't been keeping a close eye on this stuff, but seems to me the majority of the time when a problem with flights do occur it does seem to be with a Delta Flight. Now I know others out there will say au contraire, but just as a quick observation, it seems this way, to me. I have done EZ air twice, and because of this observation, true or not, I have stayed away from booking a Delta flight even if cheaper. I have dealt with United and Air Canada. So far, and I am holding my breath, the only changes I have encountered is change in time (like 9:50a.m. to 9:56a.m. and 7:25p.m. to 7:20p.m.) and to my surprise, My Personalizer in Princess is keeping up with the changes in time! But I am keeping a very close eye on both Princess site and individual airline sites to make sure everything is kosher. In fact, for my cruise which starts the very end of August, I was able to pick out both flights' seats, even the overseas one! Thought I would have to wait on the overseas one until paid, but not so. So I am a happy camper............. so far that is! But brt49 has made me decide to keep as close an eye on my flights on the Princess site as on the airlines'. Pooh
  8. Guess I have been lucky in my past Princess cruises as literally, I have never waited at all or more than 3-4 minutes in line. Now, sitting and waiting in area upstairs after checking in is another story and one Medallion wouldn't change. Pooh
  9. Just for a dialogue, will continue this thread. Grin. I agree with the person that said that anytime worked well for them as they ate around 7:45pm? Well, I have to stay vertical for at least 4 hours before sleeping so I have to start eating between 6:00-6:45 and anytime at that time can be a nightmare. So CC best for us. I like the familiarity and fun of the wait staff (like hopefully you get at traditional, but 5:15 or so is too early for me!) and also the continuity as the same staff serves us breakfast and lunches when available. I agree about one having the choice to pick. While I was younger and working and being frugal and saving for retirement and all that good stuff, I would cruise in an inside, OV, or cheaper balcony room. Now that I am retired, I can stay in any category I want. CC (M1) just fits my needs and makes me do a mini-suite (love the bathroom over the balcony bathroom!) Now, doing a suite is going to take me some time as I just can't make myself do that yet! Did do a WS on the Grand recently and would do them over and over in a heartbeat!!! Also, I do CC class for the location of the minisuite and just knowing I can go to meals anytime I want and getting good service. It has nothing to do with feeling special, especially as someone mentioned that CC dining isn't in a special room, just a side of the regular dining area (which is fine to me-don't need a special place, just my timing!). And as mentioned above, sometimes you get that special happening by the head waiter and all. Why would someone think that? Anyway, if you really want to feel "specialer" on a cruise, try for a Window Suite on ships that have them. Now there is a good price and all the perks! Also about the speciality dining places. They get old too after awhile and don't like most of them and Crown Grill does get old if one were to do it every night. Again, to me, CC is not about the food, it is about the peace of mind of going when you want too. As I have said before, it is the traditional feel of years ago at anytime dining times! That is the only reason I do CC over another stateroom. I guess the quality of the food is not important to me in that I know what to expect on a main cruise line and it is fine for me. I am just glad that Princess made a new choice available to its cruisers is all. It just happened to fit the bill for me!!! Pooh
  10. Prices might have changed for the Jul.23, 2020 itinerary. Right now a midship CC mini is $6579pp; midship minis are sold out but a midaft mini is $6095. That comes to $30.25pp per day more. And the difference would have been a little less if a midship mini had been available. Still an amount to think about though. Maybe the difference is when I compare prices to see if I will do a CC mini I always compare to the midship mini price, not the least expensive. Pooh
  11. Was on the first cruise after the drydock(3/10-3/20) and this grand ole lady did look grand. I was a little leery of her due to her age, but found her to be in great shape for her age, especially after these upgrades and replacements. Sure if you looked hard in the corners of, say, Explorers Lounge, you could see some frayed carpet areas and seams, but all in all the ship is looking great. Pooh
  12. I have cruised in nothing but CC since it became available and have never paid more than $20 pp per day for it over a regular mini, and twice only $9/day pp. So I guess either I booked the right itinerary each time.......... I have never paid that much for CC over regular mini. I have booked a CC on the not built yet (!) Enchanted Princess for a 14 day Med. Cruise and the prices For a CC stateroom and for a Regular Midship Mini is as follows: $5249 vs. $5017. This comes out to a little over $16pp/day. So I definitely wouldn't do CC for $50pp/day either. But if you can get between, say $10-20pp go for it. It is so nice (when done correctly) which has been on Royal, Grand, Regal. Especially love, when available CC breakfasts and lunches!! I go for the service (all my waiters in CC so far have been so much fun) not so much for the "extra" entrees, etc. Can I ask which itinerary they are charging you $50pp/day on? Pooh
  13. Also the staterooms have various bed set ups. If you need to know ahead of time, you can call DCL and they can tell you specifically what is in your room. For instance, 8106 has a queen bed, a sofa/bed, and a pull-down bunk bed. Room 8108 has those three plus the murphy bed. Pooh
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