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A quick packing question????


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A few years back, like 1999 or 2000 I cruised the Panama Canal on the Mercury. I remember asking for a packing list from the posters on Cruise Critic. I had quite a few replies.


Does any one recall where the website might be??

I seem to remember that a couple designed the site, and it was very helpful.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks:o

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What we found we didn't need were:

regular moisturizer - others have mentioned they didn't like it's 'smell' but it actually seemed to be unscented and also seemed to have a lot of lanoline in it which has its own smell

-Hanging shoe organizer - lots of storage space

-Wrinkle release - used a lot of drycleaner bags, then hung in bathroom with shower going.

-Alarm clock

-Playing cards

-Qtips (provided)

-Insect repellant - didn't see any bugs.

-Hair dryer - the one provided was fine for us.


What we wished we would have brought more of was cough/cold medicine. One of us was only briefly sick but others in our group could have used it. The shop on the ship was sold out in a few days. (Not a good sign on a cruise!)

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I saved this list from a posting I saw a few years ago. Just a few items you won't want to forget...... :eek:




What to bring on your cruise list!



1. Power strip (Since we all know the ships do not have a lot of outlets)

2. Nightlight (So all of you prone to stubbed toes(myself included) can see!

3. Adhesive labels to stick on film canisters in case they get lost and a nice person returns them and for filling out things

4. Post it notes for leaving notes

5. Highlighter for marking off stuff on the daily bulletin

6. Phone cards

7. Cross pack in case one suitcase gets lost

8. Suction hooks for hanging towels, wet suits etc

9. Dirty clothes bag ( I myself use an old string tie dry cleaning bag)

10. Small wire hangers (They take up less space in the closet)

11. Insulated mugs for coffee and or water/soda for keeping your beverage cool poolside or anywhere else for that matter

12. Downie wrinkle releaser

13. Portable iron or steamer

14. Your own soda, water, juice boxes, wine, liquor (Put in luggage but remember to wrap in bubble wrap and plastic bags as to not break or leak) As a side note to bringing liquor, use your good judgement. Many people don't think its right others do. To each is own unless the cruise line says otherwise and forbids it.

15. A small fold up cooler for storing your own beverages

16. Small and large ziplock bags (Great for storing shells, beach glass, food, wet swimsuits, sand from the beach as a souvenir)

17. Extra $1.00 and $5.00 bills for those modern ships that have laundry facilities and for tipping

18. Enough film, batteries, and camcorder tapes because we all know how expensive it can be!

19. Copies of your birth certificate, passport, license, credit cards (use your judgement on this one) and travel documents. When my husband and I travel we put a copy of our documents, minus the copy of the credit cards in each of our suitcases as well as a typed list of everything in our suitcase right down to the brand of the clothing. I know this might be much, but its very useful in case your luggage is missing or stolen and you need to place an approx.. worth on your stuff. I have one of those document holders that is with me in my carryon that also houses another copy of our documents plus the actual documents and what is in our suitcases. I'd be lost without my Palm, so I have lists on that too as well as numbers for the credit card companies etc. My palm is with me 24/7. My life is lists...can't you tell LOL!!!!

20. While the ship photographer is taking your picture give your camera to someone else to take it in case you want your own shot and don't want to pay for the professionals. Try to be respectful of this though during the formals. On our trip to Bermuda on NCL they refused to let people do this.

21. Extra prescriptions in case you misplace it.(I like many woman use the birth control pill and every time my yearly physical comes up I come home with three months free supply so I always bring two packs just in case)

22. Take basic first aid items

23. Take Vitamin C and Zinc lozenges the day before, the day of and the day after flying.

24. On long flights use saline nasal spray frequently

25. Individual packets of Shout stain remover

26. Small bottle of Febreeze and a few fabric softener sheets in your luggage for fresher clothes

27. Take ordinary white envelopes and write cabin steward, head waiter, assort. Waiter, etc on them. Put the recommended tips inside and when you get on board put these in your safe. One less thing to worry about and amounts can be adjusted the last day as necessary.

28. When you receive your cruise documents, make sure to fill them out before hand. Less to do when you are in line!

29. Figure out before you leave home on who you might want to send postcards to and print address labels on computer to bring with you and that way you don't need your address book.

30. Take a waterproof pack for when you are at the beach

31. Two way radios

32. Clip chip for holding drapes

33. Duct Tape (for fixing a broken suit case and other uses)

34. Thank you cards

35. Small travel bottles of your favorite beauty products as to not take up too much space

36. Woolite (I have a travel size of this one)

37. Bug spray

38. Extension cord

39. Air freshener for a stale cabin

40. Disinfect wipes

41. Clothes pins

42. Make up mirror

43. Aqua shoes

44. Underwater cameras

45. Clothes (Had to throw that in since its the most important thing....hee hee)

46. Small backpack for shopping

47. Travel umbrella for rainy days

48. Camping poncho's for rainy days

49. Travel alarm clock

50. Your own cold & cough medicine (one never knows and it might save some $$ instead of going to the medical center)

51. A portable hair dryer (Some cruise ships don't have them)

52. Binoculars (There are small ones out there if you don't want to bring regular size ones)

53 Small sewing kit complete with safety pins since we all find uses for those

54. A small lint roller (Walgreens has these, just bought one a few weeks ago)

55. Static Guard

56 Your own snorkel gear and life jackets (We bought ours cheap when Herman's went out of business and they've with us on our cruise and to Aruba twice. Much better than renting and didn't take up much room in our suitcases)

57. Your own beach towels since some cruise lines towels are a little too small!

58. A beach tote for the beach and pool (Backpack could serve the same purpose

59. Pepto, Zantac, Kaopectate..you name it. I mean hello with all that food you're bound to need it!

60. Extra pantyhose!!!!

61. Extra contacts for lens wearers

62. Flashlight

63. Flat twin sheet for the beach to lay on

64. Plastic shower curtain holder to put towels on at the beach

65. Feminine needs including infection medicine. Sounds awful, but you never know!

66. An accordion bill file complete with already made labels for travel documents, tips, planned expenses, disembarking info, birth certificate/passport etc. Use your imagination

67. Swiss army knife :eek:

68. Your own decorations to put in the room and on the door if someone is celebrating an occasion

69. Small pocket calculator

70. Small Dry Erase board for leaving messages for cabin stewards or your loved ones.

71. Antibiotics like the Z-pack. You never know if you might need a dose and its going to be expensive from the medical center. Ask your doctor if he wouldn't mind writing you a prescription just in case.

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I love the photo next to your pen name:D .. LOL


I wanted to say thanks to you and all the others that have helped me out on the packing list.

The list you sent me is the one I was looking for. All the lists are good, however, the ultimate packing list is the best one, have used this list everytime I have cruised and it works.. Thanks again..:D


Also wesp, I printed your list also, i can see it will be helpful too!!!!



Regards to all, Jim:cool:




Here is a link to the 'Ultimate' packing list.



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