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  1. We used this company in February with good results. Pick up and return to hotel. Drop luggage off at hotel, then take the tour. https://www.evergladesholidaypark.com/
  2. February, on Regal, I kept my thingy and keycard in the same pocket. It had no effect on the card, so should not harm your credit card. I have put the key card on my ipad before, that is not a good thing, as you have to go to Passenger Services to get a new one. I also have a pacemaker, and was told on Regal not to put the thingy on a lanyard. I have had a check on the pacemaker since then, and it had no adverse results.
  3. Get to know a bar tender. Most will blend you a milk shake. You will have to take the ice cream to them. You can get a big boy milk shake by adding kalua and Frangelico.
  4. Was on Regal in February and a clipper cut was $25.
  5. Yes. In February we were in M727(15th Floor), soot was still a problem. I wouldn't say the balcony was 90% unusable, you just had to be careful when not in use. We usually had towels on the chair, and when not in use, folded the back down to keep the seats covered. They now have a mat inside the balcony door to wipe your feet on. The problem usually happens at night. I agree with sterling2, these cabins are sold as "Premium Deluxe Balconies", maybe the soot is an added amenity.😁
  6. If the Medallion works the way it should, there is no need to hand it to anyone.
  7. I asked about that on Regal Princess in February, and was told they were waterproof.
  8. Have booked with SunSeekers in the past. Were very pleased with their service.
  9. Plus, flights are usually much less on Monday, as compared to Sunday, when there are six or eight ships in. We were on this cruise also.
  10. Did this Feb 10. Worked very well.
  11. There is a ferry (water taxi) at Red Hook that will take you to Pier 11/ Wall St in lower Manhattan. From there you can access the subway easier than from Red Hook. Only been to the area a couple of times, but would guess that the nearest subway stop is about a mile to a mile and a half from Red Hook. There are city busses close by.
  12. Feb 3 sailing of Regal Princess there was a card in the slot when we arrived. If the medallion works the way it should, you won't need that card in the slot. The medallion will tell the light god that you are in the room, and the lights come on. Sorry to say it didn't work that way.
  13. No, we are not staying at the Victoria Park, but will check it out for the future. We will be at an Airbnb a few blocks away. We will be going to Shuck and Dive for sure. Thank you very much.
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