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  1. The promo internet is unlimited, whereas the Elite internet is 150 minutes each. If you can get by with the 150 minutes, go for it. Just remember you must log out after each use. If you forget to log out you continue to use your minutes. It doesn't take too long to use up your minutes. Ask me how I know. With the unlimited internet you don't have to worry about logging off.
  2. My opinion is, in order, Coral, Sun, Grand Class, Royal Class. I do like the royal class, but not for this itinerary.
  3. Don't know about Dover, but we had driver+guide in Liverpool last Sept. The driver would drop us, passengers and guide, then either, circle the block or park the van for a predetermined amount of time. Most places we went didn't have parking nearby, so if the you are dropped off, you are on your own. If the driver parked then walked with you to the sight you would rack up the miles and time on your feet.
  4. Haven't stayed at either one, but my choice would be Ybor City. Close to the pier, and aquarium. Lots of bars and restaurants, including the Columbia. https://www.columbiarestaurant.com/
  5. Got an email yesterday from Princess on a cancellation for October. Got an email from travel agent today saying it looked like our cruise was cancelled, but they had not gotten anything from Princess. They were wondering if we had gotten any information yet. It looks like there is a lack of communication along the line.
  6. Yes. Mention this to most people, and they kind of look at you funny. Was also accused of wearing wine googles.
  7. Saw it once! Now let's talk about the green glow in the water.
  8. My wife was able to do that on the Crown in October. Didn't have the package on Caribbean in February, so don't know if it is fleet wide.
  9. Got mine today. Got off Caribbean Princess on Feb 28.
  10. What is the code you have to enter to get the $50?
  11. As Pooh said you are on the cusp. It probably is OK, as 11:30 and one second is after 11:30. I do know 11:20 is not OK.
  12. The Scotch Eggs are very good. The other menu has a Bread & Butter Pudding for dessert, it is delightful.
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