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  1. We are booked on Caribbean Princess, Quebec City to Ft Lauderdale, 14 days, on October 20, 2022. Don't know the exact dates, but there are some 10 day sailings, New York to Quebec, and the reverse, in September and October. By the way, the Sept 2021 cruise has been canceled.
  2. Here's a listing of what is available. Notice that they only sell 350ml bottles. That's about 1 1/2 cups. That's 6 to 8 shots. Spirits Spirits Courvoisier VSOP $33.04 Courvoisier VSOP 350ml Cognac Spirits Jim Beam $17.70 Jim Beam 375ml Bourbon Spirits Crown Royal $23.60 Crown Royal 375ml Bourbon Spirits J
  3. Don't need a hammock, but do need a Daiquiri Whacker. The Daiquiri Whacker Gas Powered Portable Blender (gasblender.com)
  4. The inside smoking area on the Island used to be the Churchill Lounge off of Crooners, on deck 7. I say used to be, as I have not sailed Island since they butchered it. They called it a refurbishment, but that is another hot topic on Cruise Critic.
  5. Don't know about that space, but have been in both 727 & 726. The space between them is the steward's closet. Never had a problem with noise. It's been awhile, but don't remember a door on that side of the hall. There is a fire door there.
  6. Princess canceled 5, we cancelled 3, and Canada cancelled 2.
  7. Princess cancelled 5, Canada cancelled 2, and we cancelled 3, for a total of 10.
  8. It will be historic when we go through the "new" locks, as we've been through the old ones five or six times. In fact we should be on the Crown right now.
  9. It was in the Explorers on Caribbean Princess one cruise we were on.
  10. We have spent 72 days on the Coral and Island (pre mutilation). You can probably tell how we feel about the new Island. Everything that we liked about Coral/Island was changed. The viewing areas in the back of the ship are gone, replaced with cabins. The gym with a view, replaced with cabins. The Universe Lounge, replaced with cabins and an inside gym. The walk around Promenade cut short, and replaced with, you guessed it cabins. With probably the best passenger to public space ratio of the fleet, Island Princess went from 1970 passenger capacity to 2200, with less public space than bef
  11. In February 2020 the Budget was in the lobby of the Renaissance, not across the parking lot.
  12. After my second trip to get my minutes back, they told me, "that's it, if it happens again too bad." If the unlimited is available, we take it. No logging off required.
  13. Since the Water Taxi stops at the the Marina you can just hop on that and travel around the whole town. Water Taxi | Map and Schedule
  14. In ports like Port Everglades, where you have to pay the tax, many times the bartenders do not ring your order through, they only write it down until leaving port. Then it is entered into the system. Thus, they really weren't sold in port.
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