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Oh the Places We Go, The People We See ...Dream Trip Report

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Now these are trained flamingoes. They are trained to march around and some have been marching for like 35 years. Now I am really not sure I would classify this as trained marching in my book. Now they were smart enough to know it was show time and all gathered in the ring, but as for synchronized marching, it really wasn’t that. It was more of the flamingoes running one way and then on cue running the other way. And some were defiant and refused to go along with the pack.





It was still really fun and neat to watch and kind of funny too.


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While they were marching around, there was a lady on a microphone announcing things and facts about the flamingoes. I believe these guys were fed special to get that extra pink color, and I have to admit, they were beautiful.



They then call out for volunteers from each section to come out and let the flamingoes run around them. Claire and Alexis went out, though I think Alexis was a bit reluctant. Abby was not about to be left sitting in the stands and charged right out. Jude also made his way out too. This was going to be fun!



Abby and Alexis look like they now are not sure what they got themselves into.



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“Aunt Bop Bop (that’s what my nieces call me), Don’t take pictures!”


“Aunt Bop Bop, I said NO pictures!”


Um, too bad Abby, it’s what I do!

Claire notices one coming their way.



The kids from the other section were freaking out over them getting so close. It was so funny. The lady kept announcing that they were only like 30 lbs and not mean and heck, they are pink for God sakes!



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And then one got too close!




Abby was NOT having any of that! And soon we heard an announcement …”Do not touch the flamingoes!”


Look at the look she is giving them now. And Jude is starting to get slightly freaked as well.




OK, buddy, I told you NOT to come by me!







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And then Abby grabbed that guy by his neck and gave him a HUGE shove! Oh my Word. I felt bad for the flamingo, but it was so hilarious! We were dying with laughter and we talk about it ALL the time. That flamingo probably told his buddies that he has been marching for 30 years and NO ONE has ever grabbed him by the neck before.

She’s really giving them the glare too.



That was enough. She had it and came back to sit with us.


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See the 2 fighting on the right side? I was laughing and we were putting words in their mouths. “Did you see that girl grab my neck? I have been marching for over 30 years and NO ONE has ever grabbed my neck! I can’t believe she did such a thing”.


“I am filing a claim with workman’s comp!”


“I have never had my feathers in such a ruffle”.


“Let’s get out of here”.



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That really was a fun thing to see. Not something I would want to do every trip, but I good thing to try at least once. The flamingoes are beautiful too.

After the show we did a little more looking around.



With our tickets, we could get a free drink or snack, so we headed over to the snack bar and each got a pop. Well the rest of the family pretty much got bottle waters, but Claire and I got pops. When we got on the bus, the family noticed that the label said Bahamian water and they refused to drink it. They said after seeing the disgusting green water there, there was no way they would take a chance of drinking it. I am sure it was fine, but I wasn’t going to be the guinea pig on that one either.

We next headed towards Fort Charlotte.


We had the option of staying on the bus or getting off and taking a quick look around.

I believe this is when Aunt Mary said she was getting off to stretch and Abby comes darting down the bus aisle and says “I’m going with Murry”. We all laughed and said, “Um Murry, you have someone joining you”.

I think about half the bus got off, and Claire and I did as well. I took a few pictures. It was really neat to see, but sad to see the graffiti on the buildings.

You can see the ship from here too.


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Dad, Rob and Alexis had walked up towards the Fort, but came right back down.


Claire and I went up there next. Now to actually go in the Fort it cost money. I think it was only like a dollar or 2, but since we had limited time there, I didn’t want to hold everyone else up by going in. I would probably get carried away with pictures inside and not pay attention to time. I believe Skip and I toured this Fort many years ago too.




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I continued taking pictures of the Fort area.



I kept switching cameras, so I am not sure if these are in exact order. It was really neat and I was so tempted to go inside. But I knew everyone else would be waiting on me.


I just love the views!




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I tried to take pictures as we drove, but they aren’t the greatest from a bus with tinted windows.



At times we would see beautiful houses and other times we basically saw holes in the ground. My family did NOT like Nassau at all. They thought it was dirty and falling apart. I have to agree with both, but also recently seeing some other ports just about 6 weeks prior, I didn’t really think it was all that much worse than the other ports civilian areas. And we have to remember that a hurricane had come through just a week or 2 prior.





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As we drove around it, our driver asked if we would like to stop and take a look …and yes I did …but everyone else shouted no! UGH! I didn’t say anything, but I really did want to check this place out, more so than Ft. Charlotte. Oh Well, maybe next time.

Not far from there is the Queens Stairs.


This was made for the Fort so they could escape in an invasion. I actually think I read or heard that it never was actually used in that matter though.


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