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Oh the Places We Go, The People We See ...Dream Trip Report

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Every time I tried to do a little sideline dancing, I got a dirty look. The DJ started playing Hammer Time. I didn’t pay attention to what he was saying, and when you are supposed to yell out “hammer time” I did so, and was the only one. I think it was partly because many kids had no clue, and then I think the other part was we were supposed to wait for his cue to do so. LOL. Yet I couldn’t seem to catch on to that and kept yelling it. Oops.



Finally we decided it was time to pull the kids away from dancing and do some more party fun. We headed over towards Splash Mountain/BTMRR area. I think the plan was to trick or treat there and then ride the ride, but the ride itself was not running.


The queue was decorated so cute.


It actually had a pretty long line that split at one point to have 2 lines for the same station. It moved fairly fast though. We did notice that the Dwarves were NOT out this evening. I was hoping to get a glimpse of them, but it wasn’t meant to be.

After we got another large handful of candy we continued one and Hallow Wishes had just started. Another thing I had forgotten about. I tried to take a couple of pictures as we walk.


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We saw this guy dressed as Jack Sparrow as we were walking. He looked AMAZING! Honestly we were questioning whether he was the real one or not, he was that good. Perfect mannerisms and everything! Some people were stopping off and asking him to take a picture with him. But he ended up joining a scary looking bride eventually, so we knew it was a guy in costume, but Wow! He was great!

We made another pit stop at the same trick or treat station we had been to earlier and then over towards the Haunted Mansion for some Magic shots.


Holy cow! Look fireworks are going off right behind the Mansion! How cool is that?


While we waited in line Carey and I just kept shooting.


It was just GORGEOUS!!!!


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Soon it was our turn for the Magic shot. Claire was a little iffy about this, but I told her we would be fine and no ghosts were going to show up at the moment. Carey and family went first, and then it was our turn.



We moved on. We saw this girl a couple of times. We loved her braid.


She was with a guy dressed as Flynn and he was pretty much dead on too. And they had a friend dressed as Jasmine. I really liked how they went all out. It makes me a bit jealous that I am not so talented.

We headed back to the New Fantasyland. We had to check on the Little Mermaid ride once again.


It’s really hard to get a picture of Eric’s castle in the dark.



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It was open! Score! I think it listed the wait as 5 or 10 minutes, but basically it was walk on. BUT that queue is REALLY long. Extremely long. I would hate to wait in that! And I have heard since it has opened, the wait times have been just awful.







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Our turn on the “new” Little Mermaid ride! Woohoo!



Our omnimovers moved us left and right, front and back and even titled at times. We started out on land and then it gave us the feeling we were going under water.

Carey and family are in this car!



We were tilted back and looking up you see Ariel swimming above you.


At some point the ride stopped. We panicked a bit again. As nice as it is to be on the ride, we were not stopped in front of anything great. In fact my view was the back of Carey’s car.

And we still had a lot we wanted to do yet, including the parade. Luckily after a few minutes we got moving again.


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That was a big hit with us. We really enjoyed this ride. Now I wouldn’t wait for a long period of time to ride it, but I don’t like to wait long for ANY ride. It is worth riding and checking out though. Probably the best dark ride in the park right now in my opinion.

We headed out once again.


It was time to go find a spot for the parade. I like Liberty Square area, as it is usually less crowded there, so that’s the way we headed.


As we were walking a noticed a Photopass photographer doing nothing, but clearly had something set up. I asked Carey and she wasn’t sure what it was, but we figured magic shot so we made a quick stop.

Claire and I went first.



I love these shots!!!

Carey’s family was next!


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And then we quickly made our way to Liberty Square, where it was a mad house! I was surprised how busy it was. I always go by the rule the 2nd parade is less busy. In fact for Spectro and MSEP many times we walk up about 15 minutes prior and find a spot to sit with barely anyone around. This WAS not true for tonight.

Carey noticed a spot that was a walk through and we positioned ourselves to stand near there and throw the kids there when the rope went up. A lot of people had this same idea though, unfortunately. Luckily the CM kept telling people to back away, but we were at a spot that we should be OK to make the dash.

Soon they roped it off and the Headless Horseman came through. The kids sat and had a perfect spot.




Unfortunately after he went by, they unroped the walkway again and they had to stand back up and move out of the way. UGH! We got separated, and Claire stood with Carey’s family. I trusted Carey to get them in position though. She was eyeing people and letting them know not to mess with her. LOL!


This CM was out there dancing away and just having a great time. I really think she loves her job!


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Parade time! The rope went back up and Carey threw them girls right to the ground! They squished right in and let a few others in next to them and we stood behind them. Thank goodness for Carey!!!!

And on to the parade!!!!!






I can hear the music as I post these pictures!


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loving the review!!!:D you said something new about fast passes? what is it?:confused:



Thanks. Eventually I will get to the cruise portion...I promise!


The new fast pass system has not been released yet, so there is still speculation. But it is appearing that you wil lbe able to pick your times for about 3 rides per day prior to your trip ...60 days in fact is what it looks like. There are a lot of complaints and the new webiste is not working correctly, so I am not sure when it will go into full swing. Over the past 6-8 months they have done some testing with it and people have been chosen to try it out on their trips. The feed back was good, but they actually ran it very different than what it is predicted to be when it is up and running, so only time will tell. The rumor is that the old fast pass system will then be taken away. That is the biggest complaint right now. Many people want to have the otpion to do one or the other or even both.

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