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Reading these reviews has stopped me from booking help.


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I've read some of the reviews and post which really differ from one person to another. We are looking to book for February of 2005 school vacation week here in the northeast but we need a suite for the 4 of us. Be honest how bad is it really. We just came off a Carnival Cruise and we were very happy with it. What about the kids program? Couldn't keep my kids out of the one on Carnival. I'm also looking at Royal Carribean but their suites are like $6500 with no air or insurance just a little steep if you ask me that's why we are considering Costa. My parents have been sailing Costa for 8 years and loved every cruise not one complaint on any sailing and are actually looking to come with us on this trip.


4/18/04 Cruisin on the Victorycountdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ff0000&cdt=2004;4;18;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500

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I'm one of the ones that doesn't think it's bad at all. I have been on Costa three times and am planning another for next year.


I don't have kids so I can't comment to the kid's club, but Costa really loves families and kids, that's for sure! icon_smile.gif



NCL Norway 2/00 - Eastern Carib. poke.gif

Costa Atlantica 2/01 - Western Carib. icon_biggrin.gif

Costa Atlantica 2/02 - Eastern Carib. icon_biggrin.gif

NCL Dream 3/03 Valparaiso - Miami orangehat.gif

Costa Mediterranea 3/04 Western Carib. icon_eek.gif


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I just returned from the costa med. on the transatlantic and thought the cruise was great.

I dont know why there are so many negative reviews regarding the food. I have been on many cruises and found that for the money costa

delivered a great value.

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We went on our first Costa cruise this past Feb. And loved it. My parents have also cruised Costa before and came along with us on this past one and they too enjoyed it. I'm one who liked their food (my parents also). The staff was friendly, and there were about 300 kids on board and they seemed to have a good time, we never saw them running around bothering anyone.

Be prepared for alot of europeans on board, I'd say about 50/50 on my cruise (probably depends on time of year), but we enjoyed that.


I remember reading these boards for the first time AFTER I booked Costa and was also worried and wondering if we did the wrong thing. We decided to have a good time anyway and we did, and was not disappointed that we booked Costa. icon_smile.gif


They are a great value for the money.

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icon_wink.gif I certainly ditto the previous response. The vast majority of cruisers, I'm certain, return with happy experiences. However, those that have an unfortunate venture really get a crummy deal. What a glummy sight to watch your ship sail away, while you're waiting on a hot deck.

All went well for our 4/4/04 cruise and all 4 teenagers that were with us really loved every minute. The only two that participated in the teen events were the two 15 y.o.'s and they loved the dancing and games in the evening. The 13 y.o. and 17 y.o. were less social and didn't use the teen center until the fifth day when they found the game center ~ after that we couldn't keep them away. The video games were NOT free, so we were lucky just to have two days worth of video games fees. I was the only one who used the internet room, which was also pricey.

We enjoyed doing the excursions at each port, so we interacted as a family for the first time in quite a while. Well worth any hassle we endured.

Hope you have a wonderful voyage.

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We just returned from Costa Atlantica on the last Carribean sailing. April 11-18th.

It was great, but not perfect. We did the Western Itinerary, and loved it.

Our kids ages 8 & 12 had been on the Carnival Pride, and they said next time we have to go carnival. The kids club was very limited. My 8 year old found it quite boring.

There were no comedy shows on board(I am assuming because of the multitude of languages), which my husband and I really missed. The other entertainment was good. We had a family of circus performers who did two show, and the rest was mainly the Costa dancers.

The guest talent show was actually very entertaining, and the Costa Activity crew participated and made it extremely funny.

Service in the dining room was hit and miss. It seemed like I had to beg for the condiments.

Sour cream came after I finished my baked potato. Cheese for the pasta came when the pasta was cold. We had to ask to have our water refilled, and getting coffee and cream at the end of our meal was also a chore. We really thought our waiter and asst waiter hated each other. The were a very disfunctional team.

The food was good every night though. But, I really missed the extensive salad bars that I have seen on both RCL and Carnival at lunch.

The price is also what attracted us to Costa, but considering how much you spend on a vacation, next time I would spend extra to go on Carnival, RCL or Princess.


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There was a pool side band on the Atlantica on Sea Days.

I really can't comment on them, cause we tend to stay up by the adult pool, or by the slide, but my son said he heard them playing quite a bit.

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We took the Costa Romantica in 1998, had a mini-suite for four ladies and had an absolute blast. The Monte Carlo deck with minisuites was pratically a private place in the evening. It was just a hop up to the unique deck chairs with large hoop awnings for skywatching in the breeze. The bed faces toward the wall of floor to ceiling windows and the tub was deep and fabulous.Food was ok, not extraordinary. We still chuckle over the last night Toga party.


On the other hand, we took the maiden Zuiderdam voyage in S class and for all the amenities including thr Neptune lounge, there was not the personal friendliness and "life is great" attitude on the Z. Five stars for the Z dining room and staff. No comparison, yet overall I missed the Romantica's atmosphere.


Now heading to the Med on HAL Prinsendam. Will see if the smaller ship makes a diference, and whether the maiden voyage of the Z was an off time for the new staff.




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We sailed on the Costa Atlantica January 2-9/04 on the Western run and prior to that read the good and otherwise comments. Something had to be right. We enjoyed ourselves, look forward to the next Costa cruise and that touch of Italian experience was great. I provide additional comments in a review at:




In any event, that was our experience and are planning a trip on the eastern run next.



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We had a Poor experience on the Costa Med in Dec/03. We had a beautiful cabin and my daughter and friend were upgraded to a balcony from their inside guarantee. However, officers and front desk staff were seriously lacking in customer service, Every request , or dare I say complaint, was met with hostility and disbelief. I was made to feel like i was a liar in every thing from my request for reimbursement of internet that did not work( never rebated), cabin phone that cut out after each call connected for about 5 seconds, charging me $10 each time.


One day I could not take it anymore and I broke down at the pursers desk out of frustration, not something I usually do. Fortunately, ONE crew member had some compassion.( I desperately needed to make a phone call and had spent a lot of money for useless calls on a broken cabin phone) she let me use the ships satellite phone for free. God knows, if anyone had found out she would probably have been fired!


The food was usually cold, tasteless, uninspiring, and dinner took a long time. Our wait staff was wonderful and I felt so sorry for them having to serve food that was sub par to what other lines serve.


The ship was beautiful and the cabins were very nice. The food, service and attitude of the senior staff needs vast improvement. I got the feeling they would not spit on me if I were on fire. Seriously!! I have never been treated so badly in my life.


The icing on the cake was I came down with Norwalk the last day on board. I didn't even bother telling the front desk, as I am sure they could have cared less. Please note, I do not blame the cruise line for my illness.


I relayed all info to my TA upon return. The agency wrote a letter on my behalf to Costa. The response ( about 2 months later) was typical. They took absolutely no responsibility for anything, and offered me- get this- a 25% discount off their brochure price on a future cruise. Considering the 75% discount I received to go on the Costa Med, It is highly unlikely that I would go back at a higher price. Basically, they were telling me to get lost. So I will not be back.( Most passengers on this cruise received similar discounts as it was the 2nd week of December , a time that is usually highly discounted)


As a comparison. I wrote to HAL about a sewage smell on our recent Oosterdam cruise that made it impossible to use our balcony while in port. The response within 24 hours, was a full and sincere apology and an upgrade to VIP status for my next HAL cruise. The big thing is that HAL admitted something was wrong and they apologized for it. Interestingly enough, they are both owned by Carnival Corp!!!


I cannot believe that what I experienced and what I observed other passengers experience on our Costa cruise was an isolated situation. I am happy for those of you who have had a positive Costa experience.


Just for the record we have cruised 11 times, with #12 coming up in November, and #13 in February.

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I have been on over 30 cruises and have experienced the good and bad. I have sailed Costa twice and found them enjoyable. I would never change my plans as a result of reading these boards. I use them for enjoyment and to learn tidbits of info but find them similar to reading restaurant and movie reviews. Go and enjoy!

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We had a great time on Costa Atlantica 4-4-4. So much we booked for the extended school holiday in Janurary. My son loved the kids program (well I think he loved the ladies that ran the program). He was very entertained. Unlike Carnival's program it was more structured. There was a comedy show the first night we were on board but we didn't catch it. It was a complete 180 from the carnival nightmare we took. After all of the multiple problems we had with carnival they only offered us 15% off of brochure price. And it wasn't only one person complaining it was the entire ship. I say that Costa is the best for your money, hands down.

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My parents have been sailing Costa for 8 years and loved every cruise not one complaint on any sailing and are actually looking to come with us on this trip.


4/18/04 Cruisin on the Victorycountdown.cgi?trgb=000000&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ff0000&cdt=2004;4;18;16;00;00&timezone=GMT-0500


Trust your parents!

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I was on the 4/4 Costa Med cruise. Food was not wonderful, but we did find something to eat every night. Shows were not good, the costa dancers were

very good but that was only 2 shows. My nephew who is 8 liked the camp.

Alot of kids on Costa cruises, if you are cruising with children, Costa is the way to go as far as price. Kids $99 - 199. Had a panarama suite, great cabin. Boat was very clean, staff was very nice. If cruising with children I'd go costa again, no children, would not go Costa. I think Costa should limit the number of children on board. The children out numbered the adults.


You make your own good time. I was on vacation, what could be so bad.

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I was told by my aunt who goes on a cruise 1 time a month at least ten times a year that there are always more children on cruises on the western caribbean than eastern. We were on the east, Costa Atlantica the same week and there wern't nearly that many children. I would take Costa with or without child. I am sure there aren't that many children when school is in. That is what we are hoping for our 1-2-5 cruise. We were told by our TA that the ship is about empty except for the lovely GS in the aft.

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I think you have to read all the reviews, and understand that there is obviously a reason when there is a disproportionate number of negative ones. At least you go into the cruise knowing what potential problems are, and are prepared to deal with them.


I recently cruised on NCL, and after booking, did what you did, which was second guess whether I should cancel because of the many negative reviews I read. When I posted that, many NCL supporters told me not to worry, the problems were the fault of disgruntled, difficult to please passengers, etc.


Well, that wasn't true. The problems were real, and I probably should have followed my instincts and rebooked elsewhere. Live and learn, there is a reason why NCL and Costa are never on anyone's top ten list. On the other hand, if you get a fantastic price, and a fantastic itinerary, it may be worth overlooking minor annoyances and lowering your expectations (sometimes considerably lowering them). Despite the awful service we received on NCL, we had a great time because it was a great Southern caribbean itinerary, and the ship physically was very nice. In retrospect, I would always choose Celebrity, RCCL or Disney, but since I cruise with 4 kids, I might even consider trying Costa. At $99-$199 a kid, it may be worth it going in knowing you get what you pay for. Besides, for us, the more children the merrier, at least they have playmates if the kids program stinks!

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I was on vacation, I was not going to let a bunch of out of control teens ruin my cruise.

There are alot of kids on Costa due to the price. Most parents think its ok to let their children off on their own because of their age. On the 4/4 Costa Med cruise their was a bunch of rude, nasty teens(I'm sure there parents didn t know half the things they did). They trashed the pizza area one night, on another night when told teen time in the disco was over one teen kicked the glass door and broke it, they called the cabins all hours of the night(I'm sure they didn t call their parents cabins), when the desk was called about this we were told "we are aware of the out of control teens and are doing our best to try and control them".


Costa puts no cap on the number of children on board and does nothing to control them.


Think carefuly before you go with Costa. It's the best price if you have children. My sister who likes to cruise with us has 3 small children so for her it's alot of money, unless we go Costa. So I guess it does look like Costa so my sister can come(my children are grown). I don't mind children on a cruise. I think it's great that parents and children vacation together, just don't like parents who take no control over their children.

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