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  1. exactly stobe1 wise guy. it is disgusting. this company will bleed aramark dry and milk it. staples which is owned by this company was once owned by bain capital of mitch romney fame. they were shocked it made money. the intent was to milk it. so i have morals. not saying you don’t. yes the objective is to make money but i abhore when a leveraged buyout company costs thousands of jobs. i used to do leverage buyouts for a living as a lawyer the got sick of it morally. not sure if you even understand what an lbo does. you can make money, invest and have morals at the same time. your commen
  2. blah blah blah. it was all about money of course. disgusting and i’m a major shareholder in carnival
  3. been there done that. it’s an unreal experience.
  4. they just want the money. in my opinion i will not sail until this whole thing is over. i respect that many are thirsty to sail but i’ve been blessed to see the world. no bucket list. i’ll wait if ever
  5. I'm compelled to ask with all due respect why are are going to Namibia
  6. Reality is no one knows. I'm going to wait till 2022
  7. Sad as is the reality the ships will be scrapped
  8. The reality in my opinion is no chance. Give it till 2022
  9. Exactly and we were told we were rounding the corner...disgusting
  10. Will not sail till this is over. I can wait.
  11. I wear masks every day but will not when I'm paying thousands of dollars. So I have been blessed to see the world. Will not on a ship. Period. I will wait. If it's permanent then now way shall I go. My opinion
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