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  1. Apologies to you. Just voicing my opinion. I sincerely wish you smooth sailing and good health. All the best .
  2. the difference is not being confined on a floating petri dish. Not my idea of a vacation and putting my wife at risk
  3. respectfully to each his own. in my opinion your head is in the sand.
  4. My parents have sailed on World cruises with Crystal, Regent and even they would not sail now. The virus does not differentiate between cruise lines. Ive sailed besides your snarky comment on Cunard numerous times. The virus does not know how to read Cunard, Crystal etc. Smooth sailing.
  5. All of this uncertainty and stress is not a vacation. I will not jeopardize my family for a cruise. Not worth it. I will wait. Just my opinion. Good sailing and health to those that assume the risk.
  6. she’s a moron, not worth the stress...ill wait...smooth sailing
  7. Not worth the stress. ill wait.
  8. Agreed but not worth my money and stress. i shall wait
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