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Spirit AA Owners Suite ?'s


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Thank you so much, cruiser82. We.too, got the AD at an incredible price. We booked it further out then any other cruise we have taken because of the GREAT price our TA got us. We booked it almost a year ago for this July. So far, no one has even come close to the price we got it for. Even sales and discount prices aren't close. So, I called NCL and got my name on the up-sell list. I thought that if they offered the Owners Suite at a great up-sell price, I might take it. I'd even consider one of the "corner" AB's as they have those 2 balconies. I wouldn't take any of the 3 middle AB's though. We do prefer AFT suites. However, if the suite really isn't that much larger and no additional perks other then the 3 bottles, I may skip it. We planned on ordering a bar set-up anyway. I think that it will all come down to whether they offer it at a really great price or not. Thanks so much for your help.

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CRUISER82.......Out of curiosity, when were you able to pick which brands/types of liquor you wanted in your suite?

I'm also wondering if I should bother buying a soda card for my 2 boys (who are not big soda drinkers), and just let them dip into what we'll have in our bar in the suite. It's replenished for free, right?

Also, do you happen to know if they would provide us with a blender if we asked? I have Margaritas on my mind!!!!:D

Thank you!


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CrusinKat: Thank you, and you're so welcome! This is such a great online community and I'm so glad I found it because it there is so much valuable information here. Regarding the alcohol, on Embarkation day there will be a little card for you to fill out where you can make a selection of which alcoholic beverages you would like. I'm not sure, but I think I posted a very blurry picture of the alcohol menu on Webshots or posted what the choices were in my review but if I didn't I can try to de-blur the picture to figure out what the choices were (although if the picture isn't on webshots I won't be able to get it because they're on my other computer in the states and I'm in London at the moment). I definitely wouldn't buy your children a soda card if you get the AA because you get free unlimited sodas. One day our butler Armando stocked our fridge with so much soda that they all came tumblng out like an avalanche when I opened the fridge. And I'm sure your butler will provide you with a blender if one is available. They really do try to grant all requests, and you're in the Owner's Suite dahling, so don't be afraid to ask for stuff! If you have any other questions for me feel free to ask :)


logcabin: Aren't good TA's great! Every time we called ours with a new, lower price we found she would say "I can beat that!" and she did. I didn't get to see either of the corner ABs while we were on the Spirit but I'm told that they may be slightly bigger than the AA and better laid out. However, we wanted the distinction of staying in the Owner's Suite and wanted an aft suite so that's what ultimately made us take the upsell, not the promise of more perks because other than the alcohol and unlimited soda/water the differences in the perks from the AA to AE-AB were negligible, in my opinion. One other thing to note was that the vibrations and noise in the suite was a bit of a problem for us, although I haven't read any reviews recently so this may no longer be a problem.

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Thanks so much cruiser82. I also heard about the vibration. However, I sleep with earplugs anyway, so it won't bother me. I'm just so confused as to what to do. Perhaps I should just wait and see if I even get the call. Thanks, again.

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CRUISER82.......Chip, chip, cheerio, and that stuff! (that's my merry ole' England salutation). I will take your advice and opt out on the soda card! It's always been such a waste of money in the past! I'm going to go back to your link for Webshots and see if the alcohol menu is there. In my quest to get a complete visual of the suite, I quickly passed over anything that was "text" oriented. So, please don't go out of your way, more than you already have, to try and get that info to me. However, your generosity is much appreciated!


Love it when you said..."you're in the Owner's Suite, dahling, so don't be afraid to ask for stuff" :) It will definitely be a bit strange being able to ask for just about anything and having someone make sure it can get done for us! So, I'll keep my fingers crossed that there will be a spare blender on board for us to mix up a few of my favorite beverages.....LA MARGARITA!!!


You've been a great source of information and I truly appreciate your input!!


Bob's Your Uncle!! (I think that's a british saying:confused: ).


Take it easy and will talk to you soon!


LOGCABIN.....we had chatted a bit earlier in this thread about the fact that my brother and his family will be staying in the same suite you have currently booked and that we're in the AA next door. You had also requested for them to take care of the suite for you. Should I take your indecision as to whether or not to upsell to the AA as permission for my brother and sister-in-law to go ahead and trash the suite you'd potentially be staying in? And does that then mean I have to be careful not to mess things up in the AA??;) In all seriousness, based on what others are saying, for the sake of a few extra perks (which are overpriced anyway), I'd stick with what you've got and save a couple of bucks. There doesn't seem to be much difference between the two. Try to smuggle 3 bottles of liquor onto the ship and you'll break even!!:eek: Plus, if we break anything major (or I my new husband falls overboard after a hard night of drinking;)) , I don't want you to be mad at us for the suite not being available.



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I felt the balcony let down the rest of the suite. Perhaps we were a bit spoiled having just come off an AE on the Pride of America a few months earlier with its amazing balcony, but I felt the balcony was too narrow and the furniture was in desperate need of an upgrade.


If anyone has questions I'll try my best to answer them!


Hi Cruiser!


Now that I've picked myself up of of the floor, I've gotta tell you, our very first cruise was in the AD on deck 12 and I haven't been able to understand why ALL cabins don't come with 189 sf balconies! The AAs on the Star and Dawn have two balconies that barely add up to the same space. :eek:

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logcabin: Yeah, if you'll be taking some earplugs I don't think you'll have a problem with the noise and/or vibrations. We were contemplating booking the AA when we first made our reservation but couldn't really justify paying so much for the AA when we could have almost the same perks in the AB. Neither of us are big alcohol drinkers (well, that's what my mom says but she didn't have a problem finishing off that bottle of champagne!) so the free alcohol wasn't a huge perk for us and if we didn't have the free soda I probably would have only bought 3-4 cans over the 10 days so that wasn't much of plus either. I guess what it comes down to is the price they offer you if you get the upsell call and whether you think it's worth it. You will definitely enjoy the suite if you get it though, and I think the view from aft balconies are amazing.


CruisinKat: Thanks for the British salutations! I usually go straight for the pictures myself so you're excused for not looking at the text stuff! ;) It's a bit strange for us too to ask for stuff from the butler and concierge but we're pretty low maintenance. The only things we really ask for are room service a few times during the cruise and we usually have our dinner reservations made for us if we know where we want to eat but we don't mind making the reservations ourselves.


flyingpirate: When we were on the Star it was our first NCL cruise and we didn't know about this website so we didn't do a fraction of the research we've done for subsequent cruises. Had I known about the AAs I would have tried to sneak a peek into one of them. The size of our Spirit balcony was good length wise but it was just too narrow. And I agree, all cabins should have a balcony of at least 190 sf!


Hope this helps!

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