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  1. On anthem of the seas with the unlimited dinning package is there any places you get other snacks included I no they don’t have a play makers but you could have got wings etc if they did. Do they have anything like that on anthem ?
  2. Just need to keep an eye out I think could you price drop much is is that just standard
  3. How soon is your sailing I wonder if yours will be any cheaper the closer it gets
  4. Its may 2020 So instead of 152 each how much do u think I could get it for in the sales
  5. The unlimited dinning plan is coming in at £152 each for a 8 night cruise on anthem of the seas I am aware I can cancel upto a few days before the sailing but do these packages normally get cheaper closer to the sailing on not ?
  6. Post 8 said they booked a 5 night one I assume that's a longer cruise
  7. What so u can get unlimited food in play makers on the anthem of the seas ? With the unlimited dinning plan
  8. So whys it not allowing me to book the five night one 🤔
  9. Also wonder does izumi have any mains that isn't sushi? and is Johnny rockets included in the unlimited dinning plan?
  10. Also is £152 for a unlimited 8 night cruise good or do they do discounts closer to the sailing
  11. Oh that's a shame. When did that end Wonder why they done that
  12. hi was just wanting some advice on the dinning package. We are doing anthem of the seas next year for 8 nights with three days at sea i don't see any 5 night packages for this trip, do they normally come out later ? does anyone no the cost of the five night package ? am I better booking the unlimited dinning package it's £152 each. We would probably eat 5 or 6 nights plus a few lunches if we done this or am I better booking the 5 night one when it comes out hopefully and paying my sea day lunches as a extra also if I wait to closer
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