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  1. Wow.......26F is a walk in the park
  2. I miss those days, I loved going to the library and getting work done...
  3. 98% I Google my answers or I guess randomly
  4. I was starting to Google it. I learn a lot from these threads.
  5. On Christmas Eve, I made a stop at Jewel for coffee pods. I wasn't born yet. but the '79 blizzard I was about 6 months old
  6. Thankfully not that much, the sun is making it go away.
  7. Checking in from sunny and a bit warmer Chicago.
  8. Yup, but I haven't heard of any major delays out of O'HARE yet
  9. Thanks. I'm still reasonably new to HAL 🤣
  10. Ryndam and Statendam one was moved from P&O to another line