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  1. Have a great evening folks!
  2. It's the good twin bad twin fight. My sister and I fight all the time about it. It's more funny.
  3. I always giggle at the Loveboat toots.
  4. Home from errands, visiting mom in the hospital, and a trip to the local craft bazaar.
  5. I don’t blame them I could sure use one right now...
  6. It reminds me of the chatter between the Maasdam and Eurodam in PEI a few years ago...It was fun to hear and to wave to the other passengers
  7. thank you sir! How do you like your high maintenance latte from Starbucks? In my coffee master book, we have to thank the Dutch for trading and shipping coffee
  8. I need to fix the damn clocks in the kitchen.... Guess who forgot to do an important chore?
  9. My four star mariner neighbor (condo) has pronounced it for me, I'm not there yet....
  10. I should tell ya'll I had a dollhouse cruise ship as a kid, I loved the Love Boat.....and Fantasy Island and the Loony Toons version too.
  11. I learned to read about the various Chicago radio stations from a local writer. Apparently I kept that up about cruise ships.
  12. I have learned a lot from you Copper, there's days when I read about various ships (those being transferred) on Wikipedia.
  13. IllinoisGirl1978

    New Mystery Meal Specialty Dining?

    I may have laughed more than I intended....
  14. IllinoisGirl1978

    New Mystery Meal Specialty Dining?

    This thread is making me hungry.
  15. IllinoisGirl1978

    ms Veendam in Port Everglades October 29, 2018

    Stein K? I cannot remember his last name..... My barista muscle memory is eh