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  1. In a few short months the s**t hit the fan. He had to get the Westerdam to dock and bring those passengers home safe and sound. He also had the Covid19 illness/ death on the Zaandam/Rotterdam. I don't blame him ( if he was at the end of his contract) On another note this was a planned departure, because wasn't his wife and younger son aboard the Amsterdam on the 2020 World Cruise? An announcement while visiting with his family and the crew would have been a better way to announce his HAL departure.
  2. Surviving this pandemic is more important than bringing back the classic HAL. I do think getting back to it's roots would be a great next step post pandemic. Customer service with social media engagement. You all are excluding Generation X and the older Millennials we're the next generation of cruisers and some of us like the mid sized/smaller ships.
  3. Have a joyous and peaceful day at home. Stay Safe Stay Healthy ❤️
  4. In a world of a global pandemic this is great to hear. We need to keep taking care of each other.
  5. YOLO! Poutine sounds like a good|bad idea. That's a treat when shelter-in-place/quarantine/lockdown/social distancing ends. Stay safe Stay Healthy!
  6. I had no vacations planned but I would be shopping for my favorite soon to be 6 year old birthday. I would also be at the gym or getting ready for Easter.
  7. Captain Mercer just posted a blog update http://captainjonathan.com/
  8. The Captain is a hero along with the Oosterdam and Eurodam? (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
  9. I bounced out of work a bit early, it was a super long day. I ordered takeout to support a local place during sheltering in place. I'm planning on baking on a well earned day off. Chocolate Chip cookies Or bread
  10. I'll be working. People still need coffee and I'm happy to caffeinate our doctors and nurses.
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