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  1. YES! A counter (or two) up on the Lido near the pools - this is one way Princess excels over RC in terms of Lido deck amenities. Pizza on one side, grill on the other. Grab & go!
  2. I'm not sure why I'm finding this so difficult to figure out on my own, but I'm unclear as to which suite category the Crown Loft Suites are on Oasis. Is it a Sky or Star Class suite? Alternatively...Is there some sort of master list that exists, "sorting" ALL the suite options into their RCCL "Class" system?
  3. Interesting that the ship is headed to Barbados, as it's scheduled to sail Greek Isles itineraries all summer long. I'm not convinced those summer cruises are going to happen (I was booked on the July 19 sailing and cancelled, but that's a whole other story). If there's any hope, Spirit will have to do a transatlantic sailing that's not even on the schedule...The first sailing you can book online is April 19 RT Athens with, as of yet, no news on how the ship will even get there.
  4. So NCL can do whatever they want, get off without any blame? Because that seems to be what you're saying. Yes, my terms with the TA were for an April 6 final payment (before the "actual" original final payment date with NCL). So you're saying the TA should honour that despite the fact that NCL stated if I don't pay in full I lose the deposit entirely?
  5. NCL changed their terms, NOT the TA! The TA was also told of it AFTER NCL made their change. If the fault actually lies with the TA, that's no issue, in Ontario we have a governing body that handles travel industry concerns and I'll gladly take this up with them if needed.
  6. You're correct! The TA I use ALWAYS processes final payment about two weeks before it's due according to NCL's schedule. I know this. I've said so in this thread. This is NOT unusual for this TA and I am OK with it because of the perks I get when booking with this TA. NCL changed their own rules without notifying customers, and that's not OK. You can continue to try saving face for this company, but several others on this thread have also figured out what I have.
  7. I know that the TA I'm using ALWAYS processes final payment approximately 2 weeks before it's due to the cruise line, which explains the April 6 vs "real" 90 day date from NCL. That's not the issue, I am aware and comfortable with that early (or earlier) final payment by the TA. My issue is NCL changing their own rules without informing their customers, thereby not allowing me to cancel the reservation and get my refundable deposit back to the original form of payment. Instead I have an FCC for the deposit amount.
  8. So it appears the timelines were changed by NCL...without letting customers know. What a shady business practice. I hope the $167 CAD pp they got from me is worth it, because honestly, I'm about ready to let that expire before I ever give them another penny.
  9. Yes! My parents are currently booked on an NCL cruise set to leave Venice July 5 (they're nearly positive it'll be cancelled, what with the situation in northern Italy right now), and they booked through the same big-box TA as me. Their final payment was due 120 days out from sailing, with the payment taken by the TA before that 120 day mark (as per usual for the TA). When I was told the final payment date for my cruise was April 6, I made the agent repeat that multiple times because I was sure it should have been full payment required at time of booking (because I was less than 120 days out)
  10. If it's the travel agency's fault, I'll most definitely take it up with them - on the phone with them this evening they said it was a change made by NCL. I've never had any issues with the TA in the past. I live in Ontario, and we have a governing body for travel agents, and I'll be taking this up with them if in fact it is the TA that made the error on final payment dates.
  11. No, I went back and looked at my booking email because my first reaction was the same - that maybe I got my dates mixed up. I have it CLEAR AS DAY in my booking confirmations that the final payment date is April 6. This is not my first time booking with this agency and I am aware they usually process payments earlier - which was what I thought the call/email was about at first.
  12. Does anyone have any advice about what to do here? I think it's quite dubious on NCL's part, honestly. I had booked a cruise March 6, 2020 (with a refundable deposit) for July 19 2020 - a Greek Isles cruise. This was just as Peace of Mind was being announced and I figured I'd book, and if necessary get an FCC if the situation wasn't great come mid-July. There was a lot that wasn't crystal clear March 6 about summer travel. I booked through a large big-box travel agent (starts with a C, you need a membership...). In my booking paperwork it clearly says I made a deposit on March 6 and that th
  13. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have a related question. A friend and I (we'll be 30 when we travel next summer) are looking at travelling to Greece as part of our summer travels. We've cruised mainstream lines (Princess, Royal, Norwegian) and I know Celestyal is different. We don't need fancy; we're plenty happy staying in a clean AirBnB, Holiday Inn style hotels, nicer hostels with private rooms. I just want to be sure that Celestyal is a good fit for us and it's hard to find information. I know it's not the same as the mainstream lines...but as eaters who don't need anything fancy, don'
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