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  1. I, too, am appreciative of the information that can be found in this forum. While I cannot describe myself as a seasoned "cruiser", I've been around long enough to value the information and advice that is given on the HAL board. On some occasions, the information provided by CC members is more timely and more accurate than the information that I receive from my PCC. Thank you to all of the long-time contributors to this forum.
  2. I don't know whether HAL has a policy on Shoes vs. Sandals, but let me share my personal observations with you. I have seen men and women wear sandals in the main dining room. On Gala Night, however, I have not observed men wearing sandals. I should also mention that I am not an experienced cruiser so you should take my limited observations into consideration.
  3. Thanks to all of you who have taken time to respond to my concerns. I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences with me. While we have not "shut the door" on Rotterdam Lanai staterooms, we are looking at other alternatives. Let me ask two other questions. Can anyone clarify on the number of swimming pools on the Rotterdam? I thought that there were two pools, but I have read that there is no longer an aft pool on this ship. Secondly, is the Rotterdam in need of serious renovation and repair? We get conflicting stories from our travel agents.
  4. Thanks, Ruth. I have always appreciated and marveled at your observations and advice. I think we will be looking at other alternatives.
  5. My wife and I are looking at the possibility of cruising on the Rotterdam Ship in January of 2020 - Panama Canal Cruise. We have never booked a Lanai Room. (On our previous cruises, with Holland America Line, we have always stayed in balcony rooms.) Our budget will not accommodate booking a Vista Suite on the Rotterdam. In researching this particular ship, it would appear that patrons have mixed reviews about the Rotterdam, but we do enjoy smaller ships as compared to the Koningsdam and its new sister ship. We are seeking advice and comments from experienced CC readers who are familiar with the Rotterdam and more specifically the Lanai rooms. Can you recommend any specific rooms? We understand that some of these staterooms are larger than others. We are a bit concerned about privacy issues, but I have been assured that onlookers cannot observe the interiors of these staterooms from the promenade deck. Any comments and suggestions will be really appreciated.
  6. I think that the above explanation is a reasonable approximation of reality. It's not good news for people, like me, who have appreciated the outstanding level of service that we have received from HAL staff in previous years. Thanks, Travat, for your comments. I found them to be very useful.
  7. Thank you, jabcruiser, for your well-balanced review of the Koningsdam. Your review was useful as we prepare for our own cruise on January 13th. Like you, we have not cruised on Holland America's newest ships, and we are a little apprehensive about crowding and the increased size of the ship. We are specifically concerned about crowding during the embarkation and debarkation of the Koningsdam. Can you share your experiences with us?
  8. Thank you, klonerga. I, very much, appreciate your review and comments regarding the Veendam. As a casual visitor to the Cruise Critic site, I observe the dialogue on these boards to contain mostly opinion and editorial content. There's nothing wrong with this. I wanted you to know that I appreciate reading a "contrarian point of view" as compared to the cheerleader commentary. Sometimes, I'm a little reticent to contribute to this forum, as I'm a little timid of the "pouncing" and critical commentary that follows. Your comments provided a clear and personal assessment of the Veedam. I intend to "steer clear" of this particular ship. By the way, I don't find the title of your review to be offensive or even "controversial."
  9. Thank you to the OP for a really balanced review of recent experiences on the Koningsdam. My wife and I will be sailing on this ship in January. While we have some experience with HAL's smaller ships, we still don't feel totally comfortable with the "largeness" of the Koningsdam. We have done a fair amount of research on this particular ship, and it seems to be a little of a "mixed bag." We found the above review to be interesting and helpful. Thanks, again, OP!
  10. Thank you Fouremco, FOPMan, and Copper 10-8. I appreciate your responses to my concerns re: perceived overcrowding at Port Everglades.
  11. I want to take this opportunity to thank people for the information and contributions that have been made in response to the OPs question. I have checked the various sites that have been recommended and have learned that there are 6 ships scheduled to dock in Port Everglades on January 13, 2019. I cannot say that I'm a seasoned cruiser, but this seems to be a very large number of ships departing Port Everglades. Can Port Everglades handle the amount of congestion and crowding that inevitably occurs when these large ships converge on a single port on the same date? Should I be allowing extra time to arrive at the pier? Any other recommendations will be sincerely appreciated.
  12. Can you explain, "the demographics of people assigned to tables was changing?"
  13. Thank you, Mister 67 for your question. Since my wife and I will be travelling on this ship in January, I was curious about the design of this new ship. Thanks, also, for the thoughtful responses to your question. As an infrequent visitor to this site, I am very pleased when I don't have to "wade through" stuff that has been discussed in the past. It's a real kindness to provide good information (and easily accessible) to folks like me.
  14. If you live long enough, you will see everything.
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