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  1. Thank you, Crew News for the above information. You have been very helpful.
  2. We are planning a 2022 cruise, departing from San Diego, in January. All of our previous cruises have departed from Port Everglades in Florida. Generally, we have found the embarkation process to be quite efficient and with little stress. (The exception being the traffic congestion when 6 or 7 cruise ships are in port.) Here's the question, "What comparisons can you make between the San Diego cruise port and Port Everglades?"
  3. I'm not surprised by this announcement. I think that many states want to error on the side of caution. At one time, we were looking into the possibility of a Hawaii cruise, departing from San Diego, in January 2021. Because of the required deposits and the uncertainty surrounding these deposits, we never made a booking. It would appear that we made the right decision. There are still too many uncertainties regarding the tourist industry and the cruising industry more specifically.
  4. In these very stressful and depressing times, I feel a little bit better about the importance of accountability within the leadership ranks. I feel a little better about my future patronage of Holland America Line, and I feel better for the thousands of employees who have have worked so hard to help build the cruise industry.
  5. This is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent responses that I have read with respect to the COVID virus and its impact on the cruise industry. Thank you, cruisemom42. I have appreciated the sharing of frustrations and disappointment with Holland America's response to those customers who are waiting for reimbursement of their hard-earned money. On a very pragmatic level, this so-called negative discussion has been a positive experience for me, personally. Without going into detail, I was prepared to provide a significant deposit to HAL in preparation for a possible cruise i
  6. There's no surprises, here. It's a very tough situation for all.
  7. I think Holland America Line and all of the major cruise lines are looking at their cash situations. This includes the deposit requirement for future cruises. Yesterday, I made some inquiries about a future cruise in 2021. The quoted fare seemed reasonable, but I was told that the price of the deposit would have to be raised. In an abundance of caution, I did not book. Quite frankly, I'm worried about the solvency of the cruise industry.
  8. It's not likely that an Alaskan season will materialize. Even at the best of times, cruise ships are not exemplary places of good health. While Donald Trump and other optimists are looking forward to Easter as a partial opening of our economy, health officials and scientists are less optimistic. In an abundance of caution, I would hope that the Alaska season would be put on hold until 2021.
  9. With most of the "cruise industry" on pause because of the international pandemic, it will give Holland America Line and other cruise lines the opportunity to clean and sanitize all of their ships. While cruise staff work very hard at keeping their stations clean, it's difficult to really sanitize and clean facilities that are in continuous (and high density) use.
  10. Princess has made a very wise and responsible decision. I would hope that Holland America Line will follow this leadership. Health professionals will likely be supportive of this decision.
  11. My wife and I are planning to board the Oosterdam in January. While we have been on this particular ship previously (about 10 years ago), we are feeling a little bit uneasy about the current condition of this ship. While I would agree that "bad news generally drives out good news", we cannot ignore the current commentary and reviews that have described the recent experiences of cruisers on the Oosterdam. My wife and I, particularly, have come to respect the views and commentary of Hlitner. From a personal perspective, it's difficult to ignore multiple reviews of a particular ship that desc
  12. I didn't perceive the OPs review as being 95% negative. KirkNC mentioned that the Pinnacle Grill experience was one of the best he has experienced. More important, KirkNC mentioned that "...The crew in general was as great as ever." I don't think KirkNC needs any support from me, but he was trying to giving reasons for his decision to leave the ship (and thousands of dollars) behind. The issues, documented by Kirk, are very serious, and I'm grateful that he took time to share his experiences with us. Most important to my wife and I, it provides us with information that is helpf
  13. Thank you, KirkNC, for your detailed and specific accounts of your recent trip on the Maasdam. As a person who relies of the advice and knowledge of experienced cruisers, I have to tell you that the review of your experiences is very much appreciated and will be taken into account as we plan for future cruises. My wife and I are in a little bit of a dilemma when it comes to future bookings of Holland America Line cruises. We definitely prefer sailing on the smaller HAL ships, but in researching future cruises, we are noticing some disturbing patterns of "problems" with respect to
  14. This isn't good news. I've been spending some time researching the recent reviews of the Veendam, and it appears as though this particular ship has had more than its share of problems. With the recent dry dock repairs and renovation, I thought that the Veendam would become a more favourable alternative for us in the Caribbean. (My wife and I are not huge fans of the large, new ships in the Holland America fleet.) As a bare minimum, my wife needs reliable access to elevators that actually work. Please keep us posted on the response to this troubling problem.
  15. Sorry for the ambiguity. To be more specific, I'm not wildly enthusiastic about the Olive Garden. Canaletto is probably a "step above" the Olive Garden. In my opinion, Canaletto is certainly not worth the "up-charge" that is currently levied from HAL patrons. Don't rely on my assessment, however. Most of the replies on this board have been quite positive.
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