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  1. There is a reason that there are multiple threads with people trying to sort out what the actual requirement policies are … that reason is that Viking has published contradictory information in different locations. The testing requirements as officially stated by Viking in MVJ and in the resources tab of the Hawaii Sojourn itinerary on the official website are absolutely contradictory. For those of us flying out a day or two early and/or over a weekend or a holiday, it needs to be straightened out by Viking now. Frankly, this never should have happened and it is deeply concerning to me that Viking has yet to catch this mistake or care enough to fix it.
  2. We are on the Hawaii December 20 cruise and are also confused!! Does anyone on here know if a text or email (which I am glad to print) is acceptable as proof of a negative test or is a paper document generated by the testing site required?
  3. Yes, I read that too which is why I questioned why a fellow poster advised against using the original in my lanyard.
  4. Trying to clarify here … is my original vaccine card required or is a copy acceptable? Is my printed copy of my emailed Covid test result acceptable or is a printed Covid test result from the testing facility required? I will be ok with whatever the policy is but I must say that I wish the policy was all around clearer!
  5. Do we also need our original paper vaccine card?
  6. My printed out copy of the texted/emailed test results is easy to do. As long as a paper copy from the testing facility isn’t required, we should be all set. I’m inclined to put my original vaccine card and my paper copy of my negative test in the same lanyard around my neck (and copies of everything, everywhere!).
  7. The place we go for tests sends your results by text message and email. Will this be acceptable to Viking?
  8. Thank you all for adding to the fun of planning this trip! Fabulous pictures! I just love the idea of dancing and brunching for New Years 🎉
  9. Just joined the roll call, thank you! It will be nice to meet in person.
  10. Thanks, Peregrina, that sounds like so much fun. I cannot wait for this trip! I’m inclined to think that if there’s a special Christmas menu that it would be in The Restaurant and not in one of the specialties. Does that seem likely to you too?
  11. We are taking the Hawaiian Sojourn cruise over the holidays, can’t wait! It’s been 5 years since we have been on Viking and 2 years since we have been on any cruise. It’s so nice to be planning and daydreaming again. Do any of the restaurants serve special holiday fare for Christmas or New Years? Thank you,
  12. We don’t usually get travel insurance. Maybe we should. The main concern for us right now is our travel agent misrepresenting to us. Just not sure what the heck to do.
  13. Unfortunately, from our travel agent who is saying that we are required to purchase travel insurance for the cruises we just booked. This is very disturbing to say the least.
  14. Yes, I did. Thank you for clarifying. Do you think that if a trip is booked now and later it becomes required that it would be retroactive?
  15. I’m glad to hear that it is still optional. I thought that didn’t sound right! Mandatory vaccines could be a possibility. Am I ever anxious to get back to cruising!!
  16. I’ve been out of the loop for a long time because of the inability to travel and now I’m hearing that cruise insurance is mandatory. That doesn’t make sense to me so I thought I would post here since you are such a knowledgeable group. Thank you in advance!
  17. Thanks for posting these terrific pictures! I so hope we will be able to take this cruise next August.
  18. Funny you should say that because we had planned to take the ferry. We were trying to get to the ferry before the storm front moved in and when we pulled into the ferry terminal, it was rocking and rolling so much that we just looked at one another. Yes indeed, we took the long way and drove! Your tips about Seabourn and Alaska would be much appreciated!
  19. So true! We drove across Lake Champlain years ago from Lake Placid to New England. Highly recommend that experience!
  20. We live on the east coast near Philadelphia, a short but scenic drive to New England. We have enjoyed many a road trip and many a delectable, fresh lobster. We are still deciding whether a whole steamed lobster or a classic lobster roll is our favorite!
  21. Thank you, Barb! I will take you up on that and will email you tomorrow ... Karen
  22. Thank you for that great idea! There’s no such thing as too much fresh crab 😊 Any other great ideas or excursions in Alaska are much appreciated!
  23. Thank you so much! You make it sound so good, exactly what we were looking for. They should hire you as their internet spokesperson 😉 If you have any other Alaska excursions from your trip that you would recommend , I would be anxious to hear more of your opinions.
  24. I was just looking at that very excursion in Ketchikan and that is what prompted the question! It sounded like a great time and you are certainly reinforcing that so thank you for that help. It did seem possible that while in Alaska, SB would stock fresh salmon and crab. Btw, I agree with you about summer of 2020 ... we are booked for 2021 but enjoying every second of the prep and daydreaming!
  25. Thank goodness we decided on the penthouse as my poor husband would have been terribly uncomfortable in that tiny shower. However, your voice is very impressive (wow) and is almost as good as your outfit. GQ worthy!
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