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  1. Got full refund after 77 days. Patience is a virtue as my mom used to say.
  2. We've only been in Neptune Suites but will not be in any type room on a cruise ship going forward.
  3. Can I buy the $25 soda card (worth $50) on board or is it only available before?
  4. I always book as soon as possible. I already booked for July 2020 and prices have gone up since then.
  5. I was also on the Viking Passage and much prefer something like the Amsterdam but we choose our cruises based on itineraries.
  6. HSC for Neptune Suites is $16 per person per day.
  7. Heres a vote for the new Explore 4. I never cared about the SBP because we don't drink.
  8. I'm on the Zuiderdam right now and the NL is busy most of the day.
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