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  1. I am curious how much do you guys budget beyond the basic fare for a world cruise. Just like food I would expect at a certain point one slows down and try’s not to spend crazy at every port.
  2. While it wasn’t a world cruise I did try paying a final payment on a Viking cruise through my Chase card. I did a prepayment of the full amount which was way above the credit limit. I presupposed that meant my credit limit would have been higher because the initial negative balance but Chase would not bite. The trick would have been to have Viking charge in credit limit chunks and let them process from pending to transacted before doing the next chunk. I should have done that but I wound up splitting the charge among multiple cards.
  3. If you are in a PV or higher room they stock liquor in the room. As a newby to Viking my question is what Mini-bar choices do we have beyond the generic aspect of Coke/Vodka/Sevenup/beer? How much choice is there? Anybody have a list?
  4. I can't speak for Viking on this tour but we did Princess stopping in Tauranga 8AM to 6PM and did Hobbiton and we had plenty of time. Of course the distance from Tauranga is 55KM = 49min and the distance from Auckland is 179KM = 2 HR 15Min. If they have a scheduled excursion via the ship you should not have to worry as its all taken into account.
  5. We just booked the Italy, Greece, Adriatic sailing with a 3 day layover in Venice for 2023. This is going to be interesting people's comments before we get there.
  6. Regarding the entertainment when we weree younger and cruise Royal Caribbean and Princess we would hit almost all of the shows. That started to slow down and the last cruise we did was a cruisetour on Princess from Toronto to NYC. While we thoroughly enjoyed it we found we did not go to one production show. We spent most of the time in the bars talking to people even then the bars were so packed we just did not want to fight for seats. We are looking forward to our first Viking cruise next year.
  7. To me itinerary wins the debate. Oceania is very good in places like Australia and Viking wins in Europe.
  8. We are in the process of booking the "Italy, the Adriatic, and Greece" sailing and will add the Ultimate Tuscany per many comments I have read. I decided to change up our cruise regions because my wife is 100% 1st generation Italian but has never been and I figured we better hit it while she is still healthy. She is on her second kidney transplant and they don't last forever. The down side of the immunosuppressive drugs is they have finally pushed her into full blown diabetes so she has to be careful. For those that have done that Itinerary were there any opportunitie
  9. https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/risk-free-guarantee.html
  10. We did Celebrity in 2016 with the sailing starting on Jan 5. The weather was perfect the whole way. We arrived on New Years Day and stayed a few days in Sydney which was awkward because a number of things were closed. We also took the Celebrity overnight from Milford Sound through Queenstown to Dunedin. Absolutely loved that. We got to see a lot of stuff you would not see otherwise. They stopped at the famous bungy jump over a river gorge and allowed anybody who wanted to buy a ticket and do it. The hotel in Queenstown and the sheep shearing / steamboat ride was
  11. No school in January and many parents and families take vacation during that period so beware the crowds and tourist competition.
  12. We did Australia in 2016 on for a Jan 5 Celebrity Solstice sailing. We flew on Dec 30 and completely missed New Years Eve. We effectively hit the date line and jumped from midday Dec 31 to midday Jan 1. Sydney was somewhat shut down on Jan 1 and we just walked around a bit. We do want to go back and experience the Penguin Parade near Melbourne but it's a nighttime thing and only a couple of lines accommodate for that: Oceania, Seabourn, and some of the Princess sailings start in Melbourne. SO many things to do and we don't want to feel like the Mediterranean wh
  13. The Flam thing sounds intriguing since we don't port there. Some ex neighbors who did Homeland said they really enjoyed Oslo. So much to think about.
  14. So far its just you and I in the Roll call! We most likely will have our TA put something together for us but I was just curious if anybody had information comparing the 4 day to the 2 day especially since the ship overnights in Bergen before disembarkation. P.S. Since you have been there before any must do recommendations. My has a torn hip tendon issue which is not easily repairable for an immune suppressed person nearing 70. She can walk but her hiking/long walk days are gone. Stairs are not fun for her.
  15. Let me ask a question for post cruise Bergen to Oslo. Theoretically they have two packages a 2 day and a 4 day. We are going in July 2022 for a midnight sun sailing and the 4 day is all thats available. The thing is there is already an overnight in Bergen for the cruise itself. Adding a 4 day adds additional overnights in Bergen before leaving to Oslo. Is it really worth it to add the days in bergen in addition to the cruise overnight in Bergen before leaving to Oslo. More than likely our travel agent is going to book the train ride and Oslo hotels independently but
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