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  1. Chief, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am sure many of us with scooters would panic at the thought we were in danger of high CO levels just charging our batteries.
  2. Aways have your charger with you. Many stores will let you top off if you ask kindly.
  3. We were hooked by the entertainment. So different from the other cruise lines sailing from US ports. Love the Operatic offerings.
  4. We are way over 50-sailed HA many years ago and enjoyed it but would not plan another cruise with them. One of the reasons Nieuw Amsterdam did not appeal to us was the extremely loud bands playing in the central portion of the ship which you cannot avoid. I think they are trying hard to appeal to a much younger crowd. Princess appeals to all adult ages.
  5. I apologize, CruiserBruce, for the misspelling; however, my statement stands regarding the Nieuw Amsterdam rates. They are lower on most of their cruises compared to other HA cruises and most of the other mass market cruise lines on a per day basis. Just looking at cruises in November and December of 2019, they are offering inside cabins at $56, $60, $62, etc., per day. I find no fault with other HA ships. It's just the Nieuw Amsterdam (did I spell that correctly?) that I found to be lacking in so many ways.
  6. Absolutely recommend the Crown Princess over Nieuwsterdam. We sailed the Crown for 20 nites in December 2017 Christmas and New Years inside cabin and loved the ship; we sailed 14 nites in Jan/Feb 2019 on Regal Princess--great cruise. Immediately after, sailed Nieuw Amsterdam. Could not wait to get back to Princess. Nieuw Amsterdam is not the old Holland America that we enjoyed before. There is a reason why this ship has lower pricing.
  7. What an unbelievable suggestion that you would have someone not medically qualified in any way determine if someone is disabled. And having a cabin steward spy on and report the personal activities of a customer is unimaginable!
  8. We do not need a way to prevent anyone from using any cabin. There are many limited number of specific cabins on every ship. Someone will always get the one you want before you if you don't plan far enough in advance. Book Early and Purchase Cancel for any Reason Insurance. And again-I agree with Jim-it is no one's business to know specifics about anyone's handicap.
  9. I, also, have to complete the forms for Royal Caribbean and MSC. Neither request a Doctor's signature for anything. Thankfully, a business is not permitted to ask about your disability. I find that information private and of no one's concern except me, my family, and my doctor.
  10. OOPS, meant to say that the Aug 29 NCL Sun cruise will conclude Sept. 3 in New Orleans
  11. NCL just published on their homepage the NCL Sun cruise will debark in New Orleans on Sept. 3. And, unfortunately, our cruise on Sept. 2 is canceled. This was to be a back to back so I hope Sun gets back to Canaveral by Saturday!
  12. I have not been to the naughty room on NCL, but was called on Royal once for a small scissors. The thing is-unless you are desperate to get your luggage, you don't have to rush down to get it. Wait til a convenient time for you and no long lines.
  13. I have access to seeing all cabins available on most all cruise lines. Splendida is not scheduled to sail from Genoa any time in the future. If you want to, let me know what length cruise were you looking at from Genoa and when did you want to sail; maybe I can see if a ship and accessible cabin is available for you for November 2019. (The Seaview out of Genoa on 11/2/19 does have an interior accessible cabin available.)
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