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  1. Just because Air2Sea has taken your money, they lag behind in actually booking the reservation. You cannot see your info on BahamsAir until Air2Sea actually purchases the ticket. This was a problem for me in June because I needed to be sure to get a specific seat accommodation. Called Air 2 Sea and requested they purchase the ticket asap. Once done can choose seat.
  2. We registered for Allure July 27; we've just received reservation confirmation for Aug. 1, Symphony out of Miami. Ugh. how can Royal screw things up so badly! We would gladly do Allure, a 1.5 hour drive; but not sure about 4.5 hours to Miami for 2 days.😒
  3. Twangster, how quickly did you get the reservation email after completing the Consent Form?
  4. They will take your picture when you check-in. I had added out pictures on-line; but at registration they still took new ones. I find using some of the new technology is not any better than doing things the "old-fashion" way-just as efficient. Even when on Adventure last month I did not use the phone app and everything was just fine.
  5. bummer. However, thank you for the info. I guess I can stop trying to get an answer out of MSC.
  6. I had 2 future cruise credit certificates that were issued before covid for missing ports. I applied them to a cruise that I will be canceling. Does anyone know what will happen to the credit certificates afterward. I've called msc twice and neither Rep could provide an answer and referred me to send an email to Existing Reservations. A week later and I have not receive an answer. Anyone have any info? Has anyone else canceled a cruise that was paid
  7. There is a large tent set up at the street in front of the port.
  8. That's why we always save our sea pass cards. We once had to use them to prove our number of cruises to Royal.
  9. Have a great cruise. We are getting off after 3 weeks and don't want to leave.
  10. At least it looks like you can remove the wristbands when you want to. I would hate to have to wear one of those paper or hospital type that you can't remove at all. Wonder if you can ask for different colored ones. (to coordinate with my outfits!)
  11. Most recent update re: Pinnacle check in: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/crown-anchor-society/program-updates Now check in flexibility for Pinnacles is 1 hour. Don't know anything new about Suite guests.
  12. For the last 3 weeks on Adventure, we the vaccinated passengers were able to get off in any port without a Royal excursion-that included getting off in Cozumel.
  13. NOTE: Royal's excursions are only required now for unvaxxed and their traveling group. (On Adventure , this July 26 cruise means children and family groups)
  14. Adventure's itinerary is two stops at Coco Cay- Sunday and then Monday; however, this week Freedom did its test sail to Coco Cay on Monday. So Adventure moved its second stop at Coco Cay to Friday. Adventure returns to its original itinerary next cruise.
  15. Having a low number of guests versus full capacity is so appealing. Currently, Adventure only has a bit over 900 passengers and it is so amazing. No waiting in lines, no chair hogs, no crowded promenade. I wish they would extend the limited capacity well into 2022.
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