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  1. I just did a test booking on Royal's agent website and they are still willing to take they money for Mariner Nov. 2 cruise. Ah, Royal-one hand never knows what the other is doing!
  2. There is a ferry between Nassau and Port Everglades that does the trip in 2 1/2 hours; but I don't know how fast it goes. The distance is 164.29 nautical miles(198 miles)-if a ship like Oasis can do a max of 25 knots (28.2mph) what does that compute to? Could they do it in less than 6 hours?
  3. Medicare Insurance Facts: Will Medicare pay for medically-necessary health care services I get on a cruise ship? "Medicare may cover medically-necessary health care services you get on a cruise ship in these situations: •The doctor is allowed under certain laws to provide medical services on the cruise ship. •The ship is in a U.S. port (USVI including St Thomas or Puerto Rico included; or no more than 6 hours away from a U.S. port when you get the services, regardless of whether it’s an emergency." No where have I found how 6 hours away from US is cal
  4. Thank you,CruisingFox27. Just what I was looking for. I tried search feature before this thread, but it did not bring this up for me.
  5. Thanks, cruiseguyinorl. Do they have a specific room service menu or can you order anything from the dining room for dinner?
  6. I know that the Fantastica experience provides free breakfast through room service and free room service at other hours but is there a charge for the menu items for the other hours?
  7. I would not worry about the ships marking off the 4 person grid on elevators. If it is still necessary to do this to distance people, they will probably also only permit half the usual number of passengers on the ship.
  8. Yes, I do in detail. Do you? The reason does not make a difference to me; they did a beautiful job inside the entire ship (including those not meant decor but behind the walls and under the floors.)
  9. I would hope that they save Empress for returning to Cuba. They spent so much money bringing up to a great level. We were fortunate to have cruised to Cuba three times on her before US stopped cruises to there again. It was so refreshing to see something other than the same old caribbean islands. The cities and towns outside of Havana are very interesting. Love the Spanish architecture. Let's see what happens after November
  10. On June 16, I canceled my October 2020 cruises. Received refunds on July 6. Canceled Feb. 2021 cruises on June 29 and received my refunds on July 1.
  11. We booked the same cabin for 4 cruises back to back on Seaside in January and February 2021. Booked them long ago because we need an accessible cabin. MSC switched us to non-handicap on Meraviglia. What are they thinking! Of course, we will cancel. But I am deeply disappointed in them.
  12. I would never use an agency that held my money in their account until due date. What if the agency goes out of business in the meantime! Travel Agencies have gone bankrupt in the past and there were no monies to pay back to the customers. Side not: never book with an agency that charges a fee if you cancel.
  13. There is still hope for refunds in the future. We were booked on 6 cruises from April 25 onward. We received most of our refund in dribbles and drabs about a month ago but short about $350 total. Today we received another $42.88. Yeh. Thing is" none of the refund amounts related to any specific cruise so we still do not know which were refunded in total. I guess we keep waiting.....
  14. I just checked for my winter MSC reservationa on the MSC Travel Agent Booking Site and see that it is having problems.I can't access anything and get only: ERROR CODE SYS_005 - No message found under code 'PREPAID_001' for locale 'en_US'. I have January and February booked on Seaside in an accessible cabin. On their MSC guest site, only the first cruise shows and it is now on Meraviglia with a guaranteed cabin. At first I panicked definitely don't want to be on Meraviglia as we have been on it and find that it doesn't compare to our great experiences on Seaside. But I will
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