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  1. On June 16, I canceled my October 2020 cruises. Received refunds on July 6. Canceled Feb. 2021 cruises on June 29 and received my refunds on July 1.
  2. We booked the same cabin for 4 cruises back to back on Seaside in January and February 2021. Booked them long ago because we need an accessible cabin. MSC switched us to non-handicap on Meraviglia. What are they thinking! Of course, we will cancel. But I am deeply disappointed in them.
  3. I would never use an agency that held my money in their account until due date. What if the agency goes out of business in the meantime! Travel Agencies have gone bankrupt in the past and there were no monies to pay back to the customers. Side not: never book with an agency that charges a fee if you cancel.
  4. There is still hope for refunds in the future. We were booked on 6 cruises from April 25 onward. We received most of our refund in dribbles and drabs about a month ago but short about $350 total. Today we received another $42.88. Yeh. Thing is" none of the refund amounts related to any specific cruise so we still do not know which were refunded in total. I guess we keep waiting.....
  5. I just checked for my winter MSC reservationa on the MSC Travel Agent Booking Site and see that it is having problems.I can't access anything and get only: ERROR CODE SYS_005 - No message found under code 'PREPAID_001' for locale 'en_US'. I have January and February booked on Seaside in an accessible cabin. On their MSC guest site, only the first cruise shows and it is now on Meraviglia with a guaranteed cabin. At first I panicked definitely don't want to be on Meraviglia as we have been on it and find that it doesn't compare to our great experiences on Seaside. But I will wait a couple of days and see if/when they fix their system before I do any cancellations.
  6. Just imagine if everyone in the world wore masks for just 30 days, the virus would have no place to go. Wouldn't it die out then?
  7. We have October booked for cruising and February 2021 booked, also. Coming up on final date for the first week of October's cruise and will likely cancel it. I plan on just looking at things one week at a time as I cannot see 4 weeks in my crystal ball. I will definitely cruise, if/when I become immune to the virus-either by getting it myself or getting the vaccine. Either way, I am soooo looking forward to getting back on the seas.
  8. I've used my scooter to get around the ports of St. Martin and San Juan. I like to go just down to town from St. Martin's dock. Sidewalks on the way make it pretty easy: some cobblestone in the boardwalk area make a bumpy ride but not too bad' and when I go down the main shopping street, I just drive in the one way street keeping an eye on who might need to pass. In San Juan, I go up and come down the hill streets, but always try to do so straight on as I don't want to take a chance of tipping with my 3 wheeler(which is more than likely to happen.) True that most of the streets do not have curb cuts but, again, I usually stay on the street--just as if I am a walker, and following the same rules of the road for any pedestrian, walk opposite of the on-coming traffic.
  9. I started out using the door stop but it was a nuisance to put it down, then get off the scooter to retrieve it. I no longer use one and have no problem opening the door if I am alone. If the door swings out, I pull up to it, turn the handle, and push the door as I drive forward through. If the door swings inward, I pull up to the door, reach out for the handle,turn it, then reverse far to open the door. I then catch the other side of the door and hold it, as I then through. It just takes practice. Not fond of the auto door openers as they take forever to close the door.
  10. Cancel. When you booked, you chose the ship for many experiences that are more likely not to be there in September. When you booked, you were willing to pay extra for the specific amenities on that ship -again they may not be open in September. So are you willing to pay for something that you are not guaranteed to get? I wouldn't, I would cancel. If things go well after August, look again at rebooking if the price is the same or less. YMO
  11. They could have several muster drills. Just assign a time and note it on the card. Hey,🙂 they might even be able to do them inside; perhaps in the theater with spaced seating and no one would need to stand outside in the sweltering heat.
  12. Scathing reviews of Divina usually center around the food and close tables in the dining room-and the reviews are usually from those who prefer to sail on "Americanized" not "foreign lines.
  13. I'll get in line even if they just have a "preventive" instead of a vaccine for Cov. I get a flu shot every year and have not had the flu in over 20 years so I''ll just add the Cov shot as part of my Fall getting-ready-to-cruise prep.
  14. We requested cash refund but today got FCC's for both dh and I and the amounts are way wrong. Definitely not 125!% Oh Boy, with 6 cruises to be refunded on different credit cards, this is going to be a long term accounting nightmare!
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