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  1. Ron Don - Do you remember what Movies were show outside or at any other venues?
  2. Perfect just found them!! Thank you. Does anyone know how accurate they are...or do they change a few days before dinner?
  3. Good Morning Everyone, Just wondering if anyone who sailed Symphony recently (Aug. & Sept) have any photos of the Menus in the Main Dining Room and Costal Kitchen? Thanks for all the help! Will be sailing on Symphony next Saturday!!!!
  4. Here in our County in Florida we get this every year and it last for weeks if not months. After Irma we had it like that for 2 1/2 months....it's just something everyone needs to deal with. It's nature can really change it. It's ugly and smelly but not much to do about it but slowly clean it up and pray it doesn't come back!
  5. Be aware every one RCCL travel insurance went up as of 8/15/19
  6. SYMPHONY: Mike Szwajkowski till August 17, Ricky Matthews to cover vacation #1123, Mark back 9-29 #1297 so will mike be back for the 9/28 cruise or will it be Ricky....who is mark?
  7. Where did you get those wedding favors from? I like them so much!!!
  8. Yeah, I know how you feel. Luckily, we are only have 12 guests and they would allow for the extra 2. They should do a $2500 package for guest of 15-30. I think having a small place is nice on the ship like the Library so we can close the doors. In the lounge depending on how many people you have they will still have the bar open and people can still come in. We didn't like that choice so we went with the Library.
  9. Glad to see that the cleaning crew took care of it after you mentioned it and how they also took it seriously! Plus the OBC was nice to see also! Do you have they cruise compasses from your sailing?
  10. That’s why we decided to do the $1950 package with no food or drinks. We will have a large table in the MDR for right after the ceremony for food. I know the actual ceremony is only 20 mins but they give you one hour for everything including cake and pics. So I think that price will be just good for what we want. The four day cruise is the wedding reception!!! Lol
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