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  1. Thank you for the well wishes!! I think the CDC has it out for the Cruise industry! I mean if they are that worried force the cruiselines to mandate vaccines for everyone!.....Hell at this point I will even wear a mask for everything outside of my cabin and dining room! I mean they can't stop this forever or cruises will be gone! I figured if they did start mid-July (test cruises) then by Sept. 1st or the middle of Sept. cruises should have close to 75% to full capacity. I will totally understand if they remove some activities on the ship....that's fine. I would be happy
  2. If cruising isn't happening before Jan 22 than I don't think there will be cruising left for us to worry about. I mean they need to start by July 1 of this year! The CDC needs to open it up now! To many months have gone by! I think the airlines has more sickness and disease with recirculated air than the cruiselines do!...and at least on a ship you can self-distance inside your cabin...on an airline with 3 people in each row how can you do that? The CDC is now a joke!
  3. I think it might be the cost for the entire process of setting up the paperwork and license...since it will be done at sea alot more work is needed for the license to be official. That's what the cost is thru the Royal Celebrations company that does all the planning and setting up on the cruise ships.
  4. Well I just got an email from an Executive from Royal saying that even thou they think cruises will be going out in limited capacity starting July 4th they are not allowing weddings for a couple of months after that date....which mean our Aug. 8th wedding has been changed again (5 times canceled). We first started planning our wedding in June of 2019....first booked wedding was going to be April 26th 2020 but that was canceled...then we switched to Aug. 2020 but that was canceled. We then switched it to be on the Odyssey for April 8th 2021...but due to the Pandemic and building of
  5. Thank you Runner2013! It's been so frustrating since we have to change everything thru the cruiseline and also to with the Royal Celebrations company that does the weddings.....so double the work. We probably would have just gotten married at the courthouse but since we can't get a refund for the wedding license with the Bahamas Government which cost around $1000. so we just keep switching the date. I'm hoping even if they cancel until July 1...they will still go in August. The ship we are going on is only sailing 2 times a month out of Miami...so if they do go start
  6. Hello and congrats! We were supposed to get married on a sailing last April 2020 which was canceled.....then we switched it to Aug. 2020 and that was canceled. Switched it again to April 2021 but the ship (Odyssey) was not going to be ready so we switched it to April 2021 to another ship....but before it was canceled we ended up switching it to Aug. 2021 and we are crossing our fingers that this cruise will go out. With the hopes of the vaccines being in large abundance by the middle of June we have high hopes of it happening. One good thing is with all the
  7. Thank you everyone for this information! I just hope we will actually get to use all the perks......I just pray cruises will be sailing in August!
  8. So you can order anything for Room Service 24 hours a day for free?....not just the small selection they offer?
  9. Do you have that list? I just thought they have different Classes now that have different perks?
  10. Good Afternoon everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are any perks on the cruise for being in a Grand Suite on Independence of the Seas? I can't seem to find out what is included in the booking for a 2-bedroom Grand Suite besides a second bedroom, second bathroom, a living area, and a larger balcony. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks up front!
  11. Well our second attempt to get married aboard the Independence of the Seas was cancelled again! This is starting to be a marathon to getting married and not a small mile run! We will try again in April (which would have been our 1 year Anniversary cruise) aboard the Odyssey of the Seas. We are praying that one will work out!!!
  12. Hello again! Did you wedding get cancelled? Ours did for the 2nd time! It sucks so much and it's not like we can cancel it because we would lose about $1000. the rest of the money would be refunded but not that amount which was for the Bahamas wedding license. Hopefully the 3rd time is a charm....but we will see. This Corona crap is killing the industry big time!
  13. Yes it’s very crazy times. Im hoping we won’t have to change it until April because that one is an 8 day that many people won’t be able to go on with us. It’s extremely hard because the first one was a 4 night with us getting married out to sea on the 3rd day and her and I were staying on board (b2b) for the next 5 nights. This is one in August is a 5 night with the wedding on the 3rd day. We are also staying on (b2b) with the second part (honeymoon) is only a 4 night. We are moving from a balcony on the wedding 5 night to a junior suite for the 4 nights. Luckily I wa
  14. Hello! my fiancé and I were booked to get married on April 22 on the independence of the seas and that was canceled by RCCL. Luckily we were able to move the date and now it’s for August 24 on the same ship. I’m praying it will not get canceled again!!!! If it does we have another cruise booked for April aboard the new odyssey of the seas. Its so stressful and we lost money on personalized items for the canceled April wedding. So now we are waiting until the end of July to order anything else!
  15. I had to do the same exact thing for our next cruise....luckily it was only a $200 Deposit for the room. Try being out money for a wedding you were supposed to have on a cruise that was leaving this Thursday!....having to cancel all your wedding plans and lose money on personalized items for the wedding!....that cost is a lot more than my deposit. The last thing I am going to ***** about is putting $200 down for another cruise that I am going on in the future!....because I know the $200 I put down on my canceled cruise will be going as a FCC in my new cruise and I will
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