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  1. Testing....is this thing on?? Been trying to comment on your thread forever! Enjoyed your review as always, friend! And props for saying that you try to keep politics out of your reviews, as I do the same. We may all differ when it comes to our opinions about our government, but one thing that unites us is our decision to Choose Fun. Looking forward to your next review!
  2. I don't know if this post will show up, haven't been able to comment on any threads for a couple weeks. But if it does, yay for another great Jeff and Patti review!
  3. These pics are amazing, thanks for sharing! I was only about 14 months old in early Nov '79, but I have always been fascinated with vintage cruising. Seems like it was so much more "glamorous" back then.
  4. Yay, a SG review! I'm on board (no pun intended) with any review that includes a T-Pain video. For some reason, my request in the piano bar for one of my favorite songs of his, "I'm N Luv," usually goes unfulfilled. 🤷‍♂️ Have a great cruise, the MG looks stunning!
  5. OMG that sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing, have a great cruise!
  6. Thanks, I've made a nearly full recovery and so ready to cruise! And of course I will write another review that will probably (hopefully) have all the Karens reporting me. Look forward to reading about your next trip!
  7. So glad I stumbled upon a SG review! Spent my evening reading it. Really made me realize how f~oo~king bad I miss the ports of call. Thanks for sharing your trip. I'm crossing everything that's crossable that we get to sail on the Dream this fall. 🤞
  8. Yep, Salem, MA. I have wanted to visit there since I was a little Wednesday. LOL Heard nothing but good things, thanks for reiterating. Open to any suggestions. 🙂
  9. We have no expectations that we will cruise any time in the foreseeable future. Maybe fall 2021 for us. I'm planning a bucket list trip to Salem to replace our October cruise.
  10. I miss reading reviews and writing them! I came face to face with my own mortality last July, and was really looking forward to cruising this coming fall to celebrate my nearly complete recovery. As of now, we will not be cruising until April 2021. That will mark 2.5 years between cruises, the longest we've ever gone since we started cruising in 2014.
  11. 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman is beautiful. (Royal Palms) Nachi Cocom beach club in Cozumel has a beautiful beach if/when it's not overloaded with rotting seaweed. Mahogany Bay (Roatan) beach that you can get to right off the ship is overcrowded, man-made, and touristy.
  12. We always get Cheers, and we've never had this problem.
  13. I wish. With some recovery hiccups here and there and the final medical bills coming in, we had to delay our next cruise until spring 2020. 😞
  14. We take a couple small Vornados. The cabins are HOT.
  15. In 9 cruises, we have only let Carnival choose our cabin once. We will NEVER make that mistake again. We ended up on deck 9 as far forward as you could get. We had some rocky seas, and it's the only time I've ever felt seasick.
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