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  1. nancyneptune

    Winter 19/20 and Summer 20

    Scotland getting a raw deal from Marella in recent years Jim. Little choice and big price supplements. Best deals are from Birmingham and Gatwick but could be a problem to get to in winter from some areas of Scotland.
  2. nancyneptune

    Winter 19/20 and Summer 20

    Done the Canaries so many times Jim just can't face the same itinerary again. Weather not always great. Really wanted to try the Far East. Hope you find a good itinerary for your special birthday.
  3. nancyneptune

    Winter 19/20 and Summer 20

    Hi Hookedoncruising, Posted some details but looks like post has been removed as not permitted to mention names. A well known independent TRAVEL agent has some good packages for the Middle East and Far East with flights from Scotland with several cruise lines offering free drinks packages and OBC and some with gratuities paid. The reason we stuck with Tui Marella for so long is because we could fly from our local airport. There has been a lot less on offer from regional airports over the past few years, especially in winter. You can only do the Canaries so many times.
  4. nancyneptune

    Winter 19/20 and Summer 20

    Not a lot of choice from Scotland in the winter. We have had only the Canary Islands for several years and a couple of dates for the Caribbean. Have heard no flights from Scotland to Asia this time again. Tui not listening to it's customers. No problem. There are lots of other cruise lines doing this itinerary with flights from Scotland, drinks packages, cabin upgrades, OBC , gratuities paid etc.
  5. Not familiar with that name. We didn't see much of the captain when we were there. Having done so many formal nights before we just went straight to dinner in the MDR on our last cruise.
  6. We had a bar of chocolate too a few years ago. Now they give out a pin badge to returning customers. What an insult. Other lines give onboard credit, free upgrades, discounts on future cruises etc. Before anyone says but Marella are cheaper. Yes once it was true but not anymore. Lots of great deals available on other lines with drinks packages for those who want them.
  7. Well done ! Who is the captain at the moment ?
  8. That's good to know. It's the little things that make all the difference. Glad you enjoyed it.
  9. Steak used to be included, no extra charge. Think it is a supplement of about £10 pp now in the MDR. There also used to be five courses for dinner, a Buffet Magnifique, Chocolate Lovers Buffet. Lots of cuts but higher prices now and lots of other things that used to be included now have an extra charge. New cruisers would not be aware of this or of the rise in prices over the past few months. The only thing that hasn't changed is the great friendly crew but there's just not enough of them now.
  10. Never had to pay to select seat or cabin with some lines Dave. Some even have free room service.
  11. nancyneptune


    Totally agree. Nightmare. Even now they still can't do certain things on the system that they could do before the "upgrade "
  12. nancyneptune

    Cuban Fusion (Cuban confusion)

    We were lucky enough to have our full time in Havana and we absolutely loved it. We saw most of the sights during the day on the HOHO bus then strolled around the centre. It gets dark early and that's when it really comes to life. The atmosphere is amazing. We went to the show in the evening. Next day we had another wander around and did some shopping. Not a lot of choice but very cheap. Would love to do it again but perhaps with another company.
  13. Never. Thomson / Tui / Marella charge for everything. They are the Ryanair of cruising. Charge for safe, selecting cabin, bottled water, shuttle buses, VIP seats in the theatre ( what's all that about ). Extra charge for steaks in the MDR. , select seats on the plane. All about selling from the moment you board. Upgrade to the drinks package, spa, photographs, selling books on towel folding, speciality restaurants, wine packages etc. etc.
  14. If Tui turn down this claim or any other regarding flight delays use Resolver. ( Google it ) It's free to use and gets great results.
  15. nancyneptune


    Excellent well balanced posts Kruzseeka. One other point as my original post was about prices. Pensioncruiser mentioned not much change in the prices over the years. It all depends which airport you fly from. Tui / Marella have cut the number of flights from some regional airports. For most cruises, especially in winter, there is only one flight from Scotland and that's Glasgow. Flights from Glasgow serve the whole of Scotland and the Borders and fill up fast therefore the prices start high and stay high. I have sometimes seen as much as £200 + difference in the price between Glasgow and Gatwick / Birmingham. There's a lot of competition down south from other companies and Tui at times find it difficult to fill their planes so the price of flights / cruises from Gatwick can be a lot cheaper than departures from Glasgow. There are better deals to found with other lines with a lot more to offer. As Kruzseeka says keep an open mind.