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  1. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/bahamas-bans-us-travelers-tourism-trnd/index.html
  2. The only way I know that I am getting a lower casino rate is if I first do a booking without signing in, and then exactly the same booking after signing in (which always gives me the lower casino rate). It does not indicate that anywhere otherwise. The casino rate, for me, is applied to any fare and not just the ones that are marked private sale. It may well be that the non-casino rate for the V&V with internet would have been much higher. Casino discounts can be quite substantial.
  3. I happened to see something that made me see the light as to why your cruise was aRockin and aRollen so much. You went through or near to a BOMB CYCLONE!!! QUOTE "A record 75-foot wave off California coast was produced by ...https://www.latimes.com › california › story › thanksgiving-week-storm-re... 2 days ago - The historic 'bomb cyclone' winter storm set records for big waves and low pressure off northwest California." UNQUOTE We were on this sailing, and were already in the Caribbean when the above was going on so were nowhere near it. We did have one rocky night and part of the next day after leaving Cartagena, it settled down as we approached Cuba, but for the other 13 days, the sailing was very calm - it surprised me how calm it was all the way down the Pacific. We were on 4 in a VB, about halfway between the stern and aft elevators.
  4. This isn’t correct. A conditional sentence is a conviction but instead of jail, the sentence is served at home/in the community. http://lawfacts.ca/node/68. Unless you receive a Record Suspension (Pardon), that record will always be. You may mean Conditional Discharge, and if so, your friend can request a Destruction of Non-Conviction Information which can solve this. http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/en/managing-criminal-records
  5. We had a stern verandah on NA on deck 4 near the centre (I think it was 4189, just to the right of that little ladder) The cabin itself was about 3’ longer than standard. There was room between the sofa and the bedside table to put the chair, and more extra room on the other side of the bed. The verandah was standard, 9’ wide and 6’ depth. I expected it to be slightly larger (deeper) but it was not. Deck 5 verandahs appeared to be shallower yet. Although a lovely location otherwise, I personally will not book a stern cabin again because there was a lot of soot on the verandah floor. I’m very partial to aft (not stern) deck 4 on the Signature and Pinnacle class ships because of location and deeper verandahs.
  6. Very little noise was heard from the elevator area ... the odd bit from the staff area between 4154 and 4156 but that was minimal. Great area, in my opinion.
  7. We were in 4154 and never heard a thing from below.
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