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  1. The process is not much different than Viking River, just more buses. You will be assigned a bus. Each bus has a letter/number designation. It's important to know which bus to get on. The guide for that bus will have a list of who's assigned. As they'll tell you in the initial brief, you can ask to be reassigned if you'd not with friends, though obviously they'd like that request made before the morning. Based on experience, I suggest you try to share the same bus with friends. We didn't care enough to swap, but because of the guides had very different experiences. It made for a confusing dinner conversation.
  2. I have to add this amazing example of the "Viking Touch" at check in. I drove a rental to the ship in Porto, Portugal, being in the midst of a circular drive around the peninsula. I parked at the nearest spot. At check in I asked if she knew of an inexpensive parking garage nearby. She didn't tell me where it was. She WALKED me to the entrance, about five minutes away. Then she took me to the nearest ATM. I should add the desk wasn't busy at the time, but even with nothing else to do, I thought it was service way beyond expectations. Back on topic, I didn't have a CC on file and their IT was disabled. She just asked me to come by during the cruise and they'd get the card loaded into the system.
  3. There are two subjects: Do you need the shot or waiver, and will you be let into the region without one or the other. For the first, The CDC has an exhaustive web site discussing the subject. Bottom line, they recommend the shot for the falls but have provisos based on age. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/vis-statements/yf.html For the second, I was in Bolivia in March and our tour group recommended that we either get the shot or get a doctor's waiver. I got the shot (aged 65) and had no ill effects. (Alarmingly, I was told that I could have a reaction as long as 21 days after the shot.) As it happened we never entered the eastern part of Bolivia where our documentation would have (probably) been checked. This bummed me out a bit because the shot was expensive ($240). I'm going to the falls next month, where I kinda hope they check so the cost won't be in vain. But we were told in Bolivia that the situation is fluid. One never knows whether they will check or not, so I'm not sure that prior experience is a valid source of knowledge.
  4. I'll hijack this question ask this: Has anyone experimented with giving a portion of the tip to your room attendant in advance? Did you get noticeably better service? As I've never had cause to expect more from a Viking attendant, I don't know how an early tip would help, but I've wondered about it. (I would not want more attention from a restaurant server. That would put them on my lap!)
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