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  1. On board the Viking Lif, sailing west to east. Told we'll do a ship swap from Nuremberg to Passau tomorrow, Nov 2. But it looks hopeful to get all the way to Budapest from there. Passengers seem resigned to it, happily. No ugly scenes when the announcement was made. The crew has been all one can ask of Viking. I'll be sorry to leave them.
  2. I am now approaching Regensburg from the west on Viking. Light rain all day long. Made our tour of Miltenberg uncomfortable, but no one complained. Can I get a status of cruising from Nuremberg to Budapest? I'm a little confused by the conversation. We arrive in Budapest on the 8th. Many thanks to G.M.T. and Notamermaid for your excellent efforts!!
  3. We're now in Mainz after a bus cruise from Amsterdam. I should say Wiesbaden. We'll tour Mainz today and I assume do a riverboat cruise down the Rhine tomorrow. I heard a rumor that even the smaller tour boats can't reach Koblenz right now. In any case, our cruise will enter the canal tomorrow night, so my interest in Rhine water levels fades. Our tour guide in Cologne said that the city's services haven't suffered "yet" from the low water level. That he even mentioned that eventuality is illustrative. Cologne deserved a lot more than a two hour tour. It did quickly become clear that the natives have a healthy sense of humor. A mooning statue proved that. I liked the beer.
  4. Is this October going to set a record for the driest October in recorded history in Germany? I wouldn't doubt it. On top of the horrible summer, I feel for those we leave behind after the cruise. There are worse things than bussing. I'm getting excited about the modified itinerary, which will include a tour of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz. Lemonade!
  5. I would disagree if at least one of the ladies can produce of statement from a doctor, concurring that transportation to Cologne would exceed her abilities. Up until that moment, nothing was their fault.
  6. Arrived in Amsterdam for our Oct 26th A-B Grand European Tour. Waiting for us was an email from Viking. Friday hotel somewhere in Amsterdam (not specified). Saturday bus to ship in Mainz with a tour and lunch in Cologne. Sunday a boat tour down river to Koblenz. Lunch and tour of Marksburg Castle. Bus return to Mainz. Monday tour of Mainz and the Gutenberg Museum. They confirmed the ship swap in Passau and that the ship would end short of Budapest with hotel stays there. 25% credit for a future cruise. Our start date is one of the few times Viking has two ships going at the same time from both ends. I'll be curious how the other ship's passengers are handled. Viking has six ships available forthe Amsterdam to Koblenz run, covering both the A-B and A-Basel cruises. I'm not angry with Viking, though I certainly would like to know in advance the hotel they have us staying in. Near city center or not? Otherwise, it is what it is. Life is a bowl of cherries. There's got to be a few pits.
  7. I agree, but hope springs eternal. I'm less than completely pessimistic because 1) a rapid drop presages a rapid rise, 2) the Rhine's catchment area seems less absorbent, meaning more rapid runoff, and 3) I want it to happen.
  8. Oh, be a pessimist. Let the cruise lines own optimism. I'm sick of their rosy predictions. While I'd agree that the Danube's low water is not going away with just a few showers, the Rhine Gorge hasn't been closed nearly as long. So I'm going to wonder about the science. Neither pessimist nor optimist.
  9. The is rain forecast! Reliable amounts. But is it too late? The rain is forecast to begin falling on the 27th, from Cologne to Basel. My ship is scheduled to pass through the Rhine Gorge on the 30th. It's not going to help?
  10. I fear it will be too little, too late. I imagine us doing tours, cruising the river, riding buses, all in the rain. But I hope whatever rain that comes helps the locals.
  11. I've been looking for data that compares average monthly rainfall with this year's actual monthly totals. Goal is to show how many consecutive months of below average (way below average?) rainfall there has been this year. I'm essentially trying to do the cruise lines' work for them to explain why their behavior has appeared so apathetic and optimistic.
  12. Host JazzBeau: Excellent synopsis. Agree on all points.
  13. Part of the problem is differing expectations. There are plenty of people who just want to get away. Or they've planned pre- and post- travel around the cruises. Or they're happy to have a little less fulfilling cruise if they can get a goodly amount of credit for their next cruise. (Or they have a fetish for buses?) To assume that everyone would rather stay home than have a less than ideal trip is to assume that everyone likes the color red. It doesn't work that way. That said, corporate offices of all cruise lines have totally screwed up their reputations by either not providing news or providing overly hopeful news. I suppose they have financial people who encourage a middle ground between getting their money and losing their reputation.
  14. Weather forecasts seem to become consistent in predicting some days of actual rain in the next two weeks. I'm taking that to mean things won't get worse. "Getting better" is more than one can hope for. Unless you work at a cruise line's corporate office.
  15. Regarding "rafting". I agree that it's the proper term, but for some reason in the U.S. Navy it was (and is?) called "nesting". Don't know why. For months I though everyone was wrong to use rafting. Live and learn.
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