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  1. It depends on the trip😉 For this trip, we had one large suitcase and a rucksack each. My rucksack is a samsonite securipac L. So it can fit 2pc, iPad, camera and GoPro. Charging cables, medical things, liquid bag, face masks and other items. It can expand and it’s hard to rob. The other rucksack is a touring edition. It’s 35L. It has pockets on side and string straps outside for towels or other things when needed. So it fits inside 2 beach towels from the ship on port days, swimwear, bottles of water and top wallet has first aid kit and room to store cruise cards etc. The large suitcases are 77/80cm tall. Around 100-110L space. It fits everything we need for this trip. Both are hardcase/semi hard. If we travel for weekend we only have a cabin stroller. Size S, 35-40L deepening on suitcases picked. All our suitcases are from Samsonite, Epic or American Tourister by Samsonite. They have good service if you need spare parts and the warranty is good. But the most important… they survive. They can handle the hard treatment they get on airports and walking around😉
  2. Last day in Toronto🇨🇦 What to do??? Breakfast at St Lawrence market🤩 Mr wanted a last trip to the food market. So then it was the royal breakfast at St Lawrence🍴🍴🍴 Oysters, coffee, pan chocolate and Korean tempura 😋😋😋 So we dropped the bags at the hotel and went for breakfast and a walk. The weather was gray and ☔️. But it’s the first day of bad weather we had in Canada since we left Norway 🇳🇴 🇨🇦 (so we can’t complain😎) Breakfast was good, Mr happy🥰 Mr had to visit the beer store… he did shop a cat beer to bring home😂🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛. We took a walk and went back to the hotel to pick up the bags and walked down to Union. The train to Pearson was leaving in 5.minutes when we arrived, so good timing🙃 Check in and security was over in 10.minutes😁 So now we are safely seated in Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge international🇨🇦. The international lounge is more private set-up then the domestic maple leaf lounge on Pearson. It has a nice view over the airport area and you can follow the “operation” of the airport live.
  3. Rise & Shine🇨🇦 Today’s tour is Niagara Falls🍁🍂🌳 We travel individual, no tour package. We booked tickets online at ViaRail, 133 CAN$ round trip. It’s one train in the morning and a return in the afternoon. The summer program has ended and you must use the NY train or bus/go transit train. Go transit only do trains in the weekends now. (Low season🍁) For us, the ViaRail/Amtrak was okay. The train leaves Union at 08.20 and arrive in Niagara Falls 10.14. Return from Niagara Falls is 17.45 and arrival at Union is 19.35. That would be plenty of time to do a cruise and explore the area. Our day started a bit off track…. I hate hate hate paper cups and plastic glass. Hotels really stretch covid protection, it’s better to have paper/plastic cups and glasses….😕 Give me back real glasses and porcelain cups🤨 Paper cups of cheapest quality and coffee maker was not a good combo today😰🥵😩🥺 I magically managed to empty one in my right hand inside🫣😵‍💫😑🔥 ouch…. So it got burned🫠 Iced it as good as possible and now Mr really could see the need and reason I always has the top room in our touring backpack filled up off first aid things AND the smart wall in my suite case🤓 So we are well prepared for minor incidents and problems. Burn gel in travel size is not underestimated🙂 So burn gel on, some pain killers and off to the train we walked. We had a separate cabin for those going just to Niagara Falls, Canada. Train ride went well, continued to cool down the hand. Nice to have a look of the area and see all the fruit and wine/grapes underway. On arrival in Niagara Falls we arrived in a empty place. No one, nothing. Felt like a horror movie. We discovered that the move bus has changed to winter schedule. So the bus had just left for Niagara Falls. So it was 30.mins to next. We decided to walk into the waterfall😌 It’s a nice walk on a pedestrian way. And it’s not that far away. We enjoyed all the 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿 and the colourful trees. It took us the waiting time to next bus to arrive at the cruise terminal. Tickets to the cruise was 32.75can$ pr person. We jumped on the first boat and enjoyed the waterfall, splashing and wind💦🌬😅 Fun and really fascinating to see the falls so close up. It was a complete ghost town on arrival, everything was closed and no people on the way down to pier. When we returned from the cruise it started to arrive more people by bus. After the cruise we walked further to see more of the falls. We turned at the power station. Mr was hungry, so we walked to “town” casino/hotel area. We went into the food court/casino/hotel/theatre to seek options… Well…. Guess… Niagara Falls brewing has a bar/tasting room😝😅😂 So Mr had a tasting paddle and we shared a Caesar salad. I will take it as a sign, he’s paddle was supposed to be 8🍻🍻🍻🍻 but unfortunately they were out of some beers🤣🤣🤣 But Mr was happy anyway😁 After some food and beer, it was time to move further on in this “Las Vegas ,Reno, Disney park” for adults😜 (We walked in direction of the train station) We took the round to see what else we could try out. The dinosaur mini golf looked tempting, but my hand said, not today😝 Plenty of options for fun, games and food. You could see that it’s low season/weekend primarily. Lots of places was closed. We continued onward to the Niagara city centre, GHOST 👻 town deluxe. Everything closed except for the cannabis stores😝 Really not our thing😅 Luckily we had timed it for our train departure back to Toronto😉 Train left on schedule 17.45. It was a uneventful return and good to be seated until 19.56😌 Then it was time to head back to the hotel🙂 The hand is functional, it’s burned. But luckily it was taken care of asap. So it’s a good 1grade burning. (If it hadn’t been taken care of properly it would been a 1/2 grade burn😞) I can understand that it’s crowded in the summer season and that it’s popular to go for a weekend getaway🥳🥳🥳 The falls are beautiful🤩 I’m satisfied😊 But the rest of the party party events is not my cup of tea😂🙃 ( now you see why we fit perfectly on X😝)
  4. Sorry to say, I have a black belt in packing😂😂 2.mins and it’s ready😎 I’m so used to pack for travel, so it’s very easy.
  5. We took the train to Union. This stay we are at Hilton Toronto city centre. We received room on arrival👍🏻 Was very happy for that🥰 We needed to take a power nap. Bed is comfortable and has good bed linens. They are renovating floor by floor. This is done Monday-Friday from 08.00-17.00. We have a old room. Bathroom has been done but the rest of the room is due to a upgrade. But okey for our stay and needs. After a little rest, it was time to go for a walk😎 Beautiful weather and good temperature 16c😎 Mr had a tiny request….. a 🍺 at Steam Whistle brewery😝 (what to do🤗😝 as the good wife, it was accepted;) We had some food🍴 we can’t go to Canada 🇨🇦 and don’t have the “poutine” at some point😅 It’s really not my cup of tea😅 Mr is more into this type of food😆 Kale salad was good😊 After the beer garden we walked further by the water. Watch some airplanes, the sunshine and colourful trees 🌳🍁🍂 We stopped by farm boy to find a dessert for tonight😋 Pastel de nata was screaming for me😋 (it’s my guiltily pleasure in 🇵🇹 Portugal) So now it’s time for coffee and dessert on the hotel☕️ Tomorrow we will take the train to Niagara Falls😊
  6. Lucky me🤩 it was mango on the chia pudding🤩🥰😂 So it was pudding and bread for me👍🏻 Airplane scrambled eggs is really not my thing🙃 So I hoped for the best for no pineapple🍍🍍🍍😝 the winner of pineapple 🍍🍍🍍 menu was Lufthansa😂😂 I was flying back from Thailand to Norway on LH. For dinner I could eat the warm meal. No dessert, pineapple cake. breakfast next morning was fresh pineapple, pineapple jam and pineapple yoghurt😂😂 AND to top it off, they ran out of croissants on the row before me🤣🤣 So juice & coffee😅 It was pretzel 🥨 on transit for me😋😁
  7. Flight 2 Chicago to Toronto is operated on United Express. It’s a erj175. Seating is Biz 1-2 and eco 2-2. The flight is fully booked. Flight time is 1.30h. Boarding started on time by groups and we were ready for departure a few minutes before scheduled time. We are seated on 1CD Seat is well padded and wide. Legroom is good. It’s more space then the padded seat on Hawaiian Airlines🌺 This flight has a beverage service, cold and hot drinks. Flight landed 15.mins before scheduled arrival. We went straight thru customs and boarder control. Bags were on the belt after 5.mins. Crew was very friendly and welcoming. They approach us by name and did a excellent service on this short flight. This shows why we are split on us carriers. Quality and attention to detail. Some flights are excellent and service is top notch. Then you have the other side of service and lack of attention to detail. Air Canada 🇨🇦 did a knock out on United Polaris on this holiday. Its sold/marked as a full Polaris product and flights to/from Hawaii on the longer routes Chicago/NY are service as international. It’s 8h to Chicago. AC delivered what you expected, United long haul can do better…. Our 5h Toronto-Vancouver flight was good and what you expect. They are on the ball. United long haul Polaris needs to step it up for our taste.
  8. After some hours on the beach it was time to go back to our room. Time to get dressed and shower off “summer” and prepare for colder temperatures. Lyft picked us up at 14.00 and we arrived on the airport 14.25. Check in went smoothly, bags and security in 15.mins. We are flying Honolulu-Chicago-Toronto United lounge is located in G gate’s, 2 floor. It’s United area for flights. The lounge has a nice view over the airport and it’s freshly decorated in beach style. Plenty of seating and power plugs. It’s great to enjoy the view over the airport. All arriving and departing aircraft’s. Food is a Hawaiian style buffet (pineapple pineapple, pineapple🤪😂🌺), cheese, pound cake, snacks and todays soup. Coffee, juice, tea, Dole whip 🍍🍍🍍and a staffed bar. ( so decent selection but not for me😝) Today’s flight from Honolulu to Chicago is operated on a b787-Dreamliner. Seating is 3-class. Biz has configure 1-2-1 Premium plus 2-3-2 Economy 3-3-3 We are seated on Polaris/biz, seat 3a+4a. We wanted 2 windows seat’s. Huge fan of looking out during takeoff and landing🤩 Boarding started 16.20 it followed group 1-6. Flight left 5.mins before time. Before takeoff they walked the cabin to take order of chicken or tofu/vegetarian dinner. And drink preference. No menus or further details. No welcome onboard smile or anything. No bottle of water in seat. After seatbelt sign was switched off, they served nuts and your drink option you said for dinner. It was just dropped off. We received wine but no water by the wine. Dinner was served on a tray, not extremely appealing looking. Lacking of fresh vegetables and attention to detail. Just dropped off. They seat has a pillow and a blanket. No mattress topper or thick duvet. Amenities was a plastic bag containing a toothbrush, earplugs and a eye mask. IFE has good selection of movies and entertainment. We tried to get some sleep, since this was a evening/night flight. Unfortunately we had a passenger coughing his lungs out during the entire flight. (If I’ll, stay home or postpone your return) We masked up for the entire flight😷 Breakfast was served around 1.15h before landing in Chicago. It was choices of hot egg/sausage or cold protein plate. Again trays just dropped off. No questions about coffee or tea. We landed on time. Service was as expected on an American/US carrier. It’s not my preferred choice. It is a huge difference in US/Asian/European carriers. The hard ware product is good but the soft/personal product is not my cup of tea😌 Now are we soon boarding next flight to Toronto🇨🇦
  9. Last day in Hawaii🌺 Well, we have to end the holiday in paradise in style🌺🥂🤩 Normally we are always on a cruise or somewhere on our wedding anniversary 16.10 💍👑🎩 But this year we will probably arrive a bit jet lagged home😝 So cheers to 12years as Mr & Mrs JA🥰 Champagne for breakfast and cheers for us❤️ Corinthians 13.13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.❤️ After a great start it was time to move to the beach😎 (it’s a looooong time until next beach trip….)🏖
  10. Warmest welcome on Alohilani. Luggage waiting in our room and Longboard club access. Program for this week was on the bed on arrival. We have a room in the front building this stay. Identical to last visit, only difference is elevator bank and Japanese toilet. (Wash & dry) We took a little walk along the beach and decided it was time to find something to eat and drink🥂Cheers to last night in beautiful Hawaii🌺 Longboard club had pasta chicken tonight, crab wontons and salad for dinner. Dessert was 2 types of profiteroles and a lemon tart. We had a great evening enjoying the sunset and dinner outdoors. Live music 🎵 and great service. Live music is as the guitar play on X❤️ Perfect🥰 Really love the fire tables. It really makes it a great evening outside. We are checked in for our flight to Toronto tomorrow afternoon. We fly United and have a connection in Chicago. But we will enjoy our last day in the sun🤩🏖😎🌺 Full report on flight will arrive😌
  11. We are flying Hawaiian airlines, the inter-islanders bus to Oahu😉 Today’s flight is operated on b717. Seated 2+2 in Biz, 3+2 economy. We are seated on 22AB. We arrived at the airport 11.45. Dropped of the bags and went through security in 10.minutes. Our flight leaves 12.55. So okay time before boarding. Boarding went on time. Almost full flight. Captain announced that it’s heavy traffic in Honolulu. So we will push from gate, but can’t take-off before the tower in Honolulu has space for us. We pushed on time, but had to wait 15.mins before we were allowed to leave the runway🛫 22AB has good legroom and space. Since the seat is less stuffed then Biz, seating is wider and feels more spacious. Not so soft, but for a long or fluffy person, this will feel wider. Personal I prefer the softer seat😉 Crew were welcoming and did a great job for this short flight🌺 Bag arrived quick and we are now waiting for our Lyft to Waikiki. We will stay at Alohilani again.
  12. We spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach 🏖 Mr took a long swim in the waves and I was reading on the beach. Was a bit tired after a full day outside. We had shopped for a picnic dinner yesterday. So we watched a movie and had charcuterie plate, melon and salad for dinner and for dessert carrot cake☺️ (almost cruise menu😂😂) We were very happy for our day on tour😎 Today we are checking out and fly back to Oahu. Our stay in Kauai has been great. The island is beautiful, we would gladly stay for some extra days. It’s really lush and green. Perfect for adventure. But you need to have a car to get around and be able enjoy everything. We started our day by breakfast. Sharing table is our thing🙃 We ordered avocado lobster egg toast and banana pancakes. After breakfast we dropped the bags in the reception and went for a walk on the beach. We walked almost all the way to the airport and back😎 it’s lovely to just listen to the ocean and just walk in the sand. Attached is the program Hilton offers on this hotel during your stay and a map of the resort. Now it’s time to go to the airport and back to Oahu😌
  13. Rise & shine🙌🏻 Taxi to Blue Dolphin Charters at 06.10 and check in at their office in Port Allen👍🏻⛵️ Taxi was told around 80$ but ended up on 111$🤪💸💸💸 Lyft/Uber estimated 50-55$ but we needed to be there on time. So we didn’t risk it. (Since it’s Saturday early morning) Why we don’t have a rental car… since this is the last part of our adventure we didn’t dare to book everything…. So we hoped for the best, that a car wouldn’t be totally necessary… I Kauai it’s kinda a important thing. So we looked into getting a car from a professional car rental and on Turo. The car itself is around 80-120$ pr day. But, remember…. We have a Norwegian driving license. So when you add the necessary insurance, the car ends up on 200-280$ pr day….. We are ready for a beautiful day on the ocean😎 at 07.15 we sailed away from port. Sun is shining and it’s a beautiful warm day on the ocean. Captain informed before departure that it’s 50/50 for snorkelling today. It’s a bit swelling and if the water is clear on site 1. They have 2 sites they use and spot number 2, at Nãpali coast is no-go today due to swells. It took around 15.minutes to get to site 1. Captain decided it would be snorkelling. It was not crystal clear. But lots of fishes and turtles. So a good swim, but had it been clear as in Maui, wow it would been a perfect dip😍 After the snorkelling it was time to move onward. They served freshly baked cinnamon buns, fruits, coffee and soft drinks. We had company of several dolphins 🐬. As we sailed further the swells got stronger and it was more motion from the ocean. Now the crew had more to keep track of…. Our fellow sailers was not prepared for this motion. So the crew was pretty occupied to escort and help those feeling bad🥴 But we had a great time🤩 Crew did a excellent job. Free bar and lunch wraps on return sailing. So mr had a Mai-Tai and a Maui brewery seltzer POG from the bar. The Nãpali coast is beautiful. We had sea spray in the air and the light was very special. So even our captain was very pleased on his day at work😁 It’s so steep and still so lush and green. Really a great tour. We arrived back on the pier 12.40. We had decided to take the bus back. It’s 2$ each and it would take us to the airport. So it was very convenient to just use Lyft onward to our hotel. Lyft was 12$ so all in all extremely easy and less priced then a cab😝 We could either run to the bus or take the next in 1h. We decided to take the next and have a ice cream🍨 Return worked as a clock😁 We are safely back and ready to go down to the beach🏖
  14. What a great start of the day😎 Sunny, clear sky and a excellent day to go paddle boarding In Waimea river and walk to the waterfall. The starting point is just across the road from Hilton Garden Inn. Yesterday we booked online at Kauai SUP and when we took our walk, we went by and asked that everything for tomorrow was good AND that we could carry our boards the 500m from the shop to the starting position. We don’t have a rental car. YES, YES👍🏻👍🏻 So we packed our gear, lunch and camera and went off to pick up 09.30…….. (your starting to smell trouble?🫣) Well, hello and beautiful day! Where is your car? Car, we don’t have one. That’s why we stopped by yesterday to make sure everything is okay…… You can’t rent. We demand that the boards must be taken by car the 500m to staring point for river sup. Hello??? We asked yesterday and everything was good😰 You have spooked to our new employer. We have a strict policy, no car, no rental. So perfect😬🤥🫠😳 We can’t go sup in the river to the waterfall😟 it says no place online that you must have a car. Not in the faq or in the text. It was no help in what other activities we might be able to do. We asked if he knew of a bicycle rental or if it’s a map of walking tracks nearby…. On the way back to our hotel we stopped by the kayak rental on the ramp to the river. They were rented out for the day. But this guy could tell us were the bicycle rental was located and he recommended to take a walk to Hopii Falls. You can take Uber/Lyft to starting point. We went back to the hotel to see what options we had, except going to the beach😎 So we decided that Hopii Falls was a good solution and we only needed to book a transportation. It’s a great walk. You literally jumped into a tropical forest when you enter the path. The first waterfall is for the brave locals🤪 We saw several jumpers. But we decided to stay on land🙃safety🤓 The next waterfall is further on the hike. Your walking on uneven track and have lots of lush vegetation around🌳🌳 It has a good pool for a dip and a Tarzan swing. We walked back to the entrance of the track and discovered that it was a nice walking trip down to the ocean. So we walked thru Kapaa down to ocean and onward to Safeway…. ( guess what? It’s a brewery next to Safeway….. yes, you know what happens next🍺) So Mr had a tasting paddle and I waited as usual😂😂 We picked up some groceries and was hoping for a lyft. But it was rush hour🤪 So we walked back to our hotel. So a decent walk today🙌🏻 Lots of kfc🐓🐓🐓😂😂😂 It turned out to become a nice day, even if it started a bit down🙃 First choice would been perfect, but our walk was a good number 2. Mr is on it’s way to the Tiki bar to collect our daily “free” (included in the resort fee) Mai’tai…. It will be salad, fruit and carrot cake for today’s dinner🥗🍰🍉🍓🫐 So a good menu🙃 Tomorrow we will leave early for a catamaran sailing tour to Napali Coast⛵️
  15. I have no problem to show my card to verify myself. But when someone comes from behind put arms on you and turn you away and on automatically says loudly: privat event…. Only for captain’s club elite and above…. and then you discreet show your card and invite… and you pretend nothing happened, I don’t feel extremely welcome🙄 and you managed to do this on 2 cruises in a row. Then you are very happy when you are approach as a “normal”❤️
  16. So what have we been doing? 🏝 Well, today I had to do some work. So I had a few office hours before we went for a walk. 4h efforts is okay🤓 We walked from Hilton to end of Kapa city. It was a nice walk by the ocean and on return we stopped by Safeway to pick up some fruit, soda and some dinner for today. After returning from our walk, we decided to try out the beach at our hotel/Lyd gate beach. It has 2 lagoon areas, nicely for snorkelling or children. Very calm water😉 And then you have the usual beach, big waves and nice for boogie board. Mr was in the ocean for a good hour, I tested the water. It was nice, but I’m very easy cold🥶 After the beach visit, it was time to collect our complimentary Mai’tai🍹 (mr is SO sad I can’t have mine….😂) We enjoyed the view over the bay and decided that we would overlook the hula show the hotel has every Thursday at 17.30. It was dancing and live music. It lasted for 35.minutes. It was a great time by the local dance group🌺 Today’s menu for dinner is sushi maki, broccoli salad and fresh fruit😌 It’s nice just to take it easy tonight. Tomorrow we have plans😇
  17. In earlier posts we have said a word or two about not fitting the box…. Not to be rude or “boxing” people😅🤣😝 But since we are not 75+ and I’m looking as I’m still in junior high(🤣😝🤩😅) It’s the same problem all over the world…. If I don’t bring my passport, no drinks in US/NZ/AUS etc…. We are elite (nest will be to +), and have/has access when they still did canapés and drink hours 17-19. And we do get invited to senior officers captains club event. On several events we have been taken aside in the entrance door, turned around while they say: private event for elite and above…. , because they assume we don’t have access or are invited….. And then they see the status and just pretending as this is normal process. It goes to a point when you just don’t feel welcome anymore. And one of the captain’s club hosts has really made us uncomfortable due to this.
  18. I asked and said now pineapple😝 since I’m allergic😔 So that was = to strip away all vegetables🤣🤣🤣 The fish was very good😊
  19. Today’s breakfast is served. In our booking breakfast was included. It’s 1 beverage+1 breakfast item included. So we are sharing pancakes and avocado lobster😋
  20. Normally we always book individually. We have much better control of the tour and we can get everything we wish for. price is not always cheaper individual. It depends on size of the group. We are 2, so it’s often not cheaper. It depends on the activity and location in the world. on this cruise, the planning started extremely late, july. We didn’t know if it would be possible and everything has been very liquid…. So safe to book by X if we were cancelled on our cruise. Normally I have everything planned, booked and finished several months before departure. For both Alaska and Hawaii it’s been hard to get tours private. Tried several companies. In Alaska we were at end of season, so many companies had no capacity/crew or already booked up. Even X shore excursions were cancelled due to lack of staff in tour companies😟 Both our tours that were cancelled/rebooked was lack of staff at tour provider. (And we needed to drive the school bus to one tour…. Bus company had no drivers left, they had left for the season😝) Same was for Hawaii, already booked up or lacking staff.So limited capacity on tours. All-in-all we were lucky on tours. They ended up great. So really happy for that🥰 it could been the other way😝
  21. Hawaiian airlines 🌺 We are flying inter island, aka the bus🤣🤣 Flight is operated on a b717. Seated 2+2 biz and 2+3 economy. We are seated on 1f/e. Legroom is good and comfortable seat. (Unless you are long or fluffy… it might be tight;) Service was excellent. For this flight they served a soft drink and a little snack. Bag was first on belt🙃 Lyft arrived in 2.minutes and we are now checked in at Hilton Garden Inn Kauai😎 Kauai looks amazing, very lush and green🤩🏝 Room is okay. Has everything you need. We are now safe seated at the tiki bar for some dinner in the garden and enjoying our complementary Mai’tai😝🍍 (they made me a orange instead of pineapple😌) Mr ordered a Vulcan burger and i went for fish tacos( -pineapple sauce)😋
  22. Holiday is moving forward😎🏖 Today we have been walking around in Waikiki and took a swim in the ocean next to the Hilton lagoon. Beautiful view, sun and a warm day. We had breakfast in longboard lounge. Today’s menu was bread pudding and fried eggs in hot sections. Rest was similar as yesterday. We left our luggage in the hotel around 09.30 and headed out. At 14.00 we picked up the bags and left for the airport. We will stay one more night when we return to Honolulu😊 We are now waiting in Hawaiian premier lounge for our flight to Kauai🏝 bag’s and security went smoothly. 5.mins for all things😉 The lounge is simple in service, coffee, soft drinks and light snacks. But it’s WiFi and electric sticks🙃So we are not complaining😉
  23. What do we think about our b2b cruise? So, I will give a little text about our cruise. I will give details of what we enjoyed and what we were not to happy about. As I said earlier, we are quite easy to please. We have traveled a lot and can survive🤪😝😜😂😅 The crew on Eclipse has been excellent. They work extremely hard and we know they try their best to make everyone happy🥰 Our move from stateroom deck 11 to deck 10 went smoothly. Housekeeping has been delivering excellent service. Crew in bar/coffee has been excellent. All extremely professional and kind. We are very happy for Christian & colleges in Al Bacio and Victoria & colleges in Sky lounge. They make our day❤️ (Christians Philippines college at Sunseth Bar also know how to make my day😉) Our dining in Blu for Alaska was excellent. Made, Zein, Vin, Reagan and Vin’s head waiter (so sorry, I can’t remember the name😘) They were all extremely professional but also very warm in service. Really a great experience and a pleasure to have dinner at their tables. MDR dining on Hawaiian trip was good. Service was good. They must heard my message about coffee😂😂😂😂 But we have had a good time in mdr. Food has been good except for some plates. But not a big crisis. They do catering to many people every night….. As long as my vegetables, fish and coffee are good, I’m very easy to please. Breakfast delivered has been hot and good. All delivery’s has arrived on time and everyone delivering has been very nice and welcoming. As you probably understand I value a large breakfast menu for delivery very high. It’s my “holiday” guilty pleasure🥰🥰🥰 The dinner we had in buffet/ocean view was good. It’s a good deal if you like buffet. Several options. But I was a bit let down that they don’t offer the cold starter plates they serve in mdr. The stir fry was excellent. Crew was extremely nice and very serviced-oriented. ( buffet will never be a winner by me, but I know there’s guests that love buffet;) Tours booked on X. (All tours onboard) All shore excursions has been excellent. They have been extremely good. Great guides and service. Always water, some snacks/foods. Coffee/cacao in Alaska. When we were cancelled on the Alaska part, shore excursions helped us find substitutes and they listened to what we wanted. Extremely good compared to earlier experience😊 Shows and production shows onboard has been great. A good mix of things and type of shows. House band has been excellent. Really wanted to hear them more. Shame they didn’t play more out on pool deck on sea days. String duo was okay🙃 ( we had better before) Guitar 🎸player was excellent. The acoustic due was great, only big problem was that they preferred to play in celebrity central. (Small venue and covid…. Not my cup of tea) Captain’s club hostess did a excellent job. She spoke to us (said hello) and treated us as a normal guest. (We have attended several captain’s club events and the captain’s club hostess has taken us aside to triple check that we have “correct” status… I have one hostess up my neck🤣 he played “I don’t see you” game 2 cruises by us….. he greeted everyone except of us🙄 can’t say I really like him) So I’m very happy to just be greeted as everyone else and just said hello to😌 2 rounds on the helipad was 🥰🥰 Ports of calls has been excellent. The glaciers we visited was excellent. Our least liked port of call was Icy Straight point. It’s good in it’s own way, but we just wasn’t sold. Alaska cruise was special, we were very open minded if it would be like Norwegian fjords or different. The answer is that’s it’s different. In many ways it’s like being home but very different. It’s more vegetation/trees. And we were only 52’ n. We love to be outdoors and Alaska gives you endless opportunity’s In things to do. We are very pleased and won’t hesitate to go back. Our shore excursions was a perfect match for what we wanted. We will seriously think about it. A b2b/7-days to Sewerd/Anchorage , land tour, return 7-nights cruise would be a great combo. Then you are further north and you have “land” time. Hawaii is beautiful. Each island as of now has its own identity. As of now, Maui is the favourite. I’m very happy for the overnight stop/ 2 stops on same island. It’s all I hoped for and the weather/climate is perfect😎🥰. Persian garden on the Alaska cruise was perfect. Mr enjoyed the hot chairs and steam room a lot. I personally enjoyed the hot chair a lot. (I really like sauna/steam room, but my chronic illness makes it very hard to use… so I’m very careful now) My manicure and pedicure was excellent by Alessandra in the spa. It’s pricey, but the quality was excellent. Pool attendants has been excellent. I have been walking rain or sun, cold or hot. So they now my ritual. And we used jacuzzi’s when the majority said to cold. They have been smiling and greeted me by good morning every day I have been out. Really appreciate this and it’s great to have towels delivered to us, when we’re done in the jacuzzi🥰 Activities from the activity team/CD Sue. Sue is absolutely all-over-the-ship. First time we had Sue in 2014 on Eclipse she was all over and we had a great cruise. (I really wonder when she sleeps😅😂) Next cruise we meet Sue was on Connie in the med, again all over and a great cruise. Her British humour and style is perfect. We know she has full control over everything that’s going on. She will be on tenders, gangway at anytime of the day. We were very happy when we discovered that she was going to “run the show”🥰 Sue delivered as expected and we hope to see her again soon🥰 We didn’t attend activities by Christin & the team. (We just looked on some from distance) They arranged several games and game shows during our b2b. So nothing wrong to say on them. (We normally don’t attend to much of those activities… we like the love & marriage show and we usually attend trivia a few times during a cruise) What did not live up to standards or what could been different? Knock on woods, we have managed to stay clear of the covid🙏🏻 We have taken precautions and trying all tricks in the book to keep healthy. And we understand and totally support that the world needs to move on to “normal” standards. But as longest you go to quarantine if I’ll, things are not normal. Even if you are symptoms free. -Boarding Boarding in Vancouver for both cruises was a small nightmare. The line for security and us customs was horrible. The mix of 3 ships on Alaska sailing was really not good. Okey, all had to test before departure, but the lines and mix of 3 ships is in my opinion a great recipe of getting covid. It’s not X fault. But Canada is strictly and then they make a “perfect” party to get I’ll. Best would be on line for each cruise. -Ports of call Alaska In all ports of call in Alaska there’s multiple ships in each port of call. So we meet many ships on our sailing. If it’s necessary to use a shuttle, all ships was just stewed together in line and on buses. No force of masks in line or onboard. Again, lots of people. And all ships were either in the beginning or in the end of their sailing. In our first port of call, we meet a Princess ship and they were on return. We talked brief to someone onboard and they said lots of people were I’ll of covid onboard. Again, our ship was mixed in shuttle and no mask, no distance…. Perfect for getting it onboard😔 And people on private tours mix by other ships. So this process here is not very cleaver if you want your ship to keeping healthy…. Onboard Alaska We could hear the coughing rise 4-5 days into our cruise. More snotty people and some sneezing “out of normal” levels. Nothing different onboard, no words about masks or to contact medical if I’ll. Things went on and the day before Victoria, inside passing, we felt as we were walking in a flu pandemic. People were sitting in Sky Lounge, brought up the Kleenex box from the rooms, sneezing and snoring in wide public by the windows. No crew said a word. Why weren’t they told to leave and stay in your cabin???? People were going into theatre in the evening, coughing, sneezing and looking as hell. Obviously I’ll of something. Again, they were not told to leave, put on a mask or stay away. They didn’t demand masks or anything before we returned to Vancouver. This was a perfect way to gear up for the Hawaiian sailing😖 Rob, guests relations manager said loudly on b2b meeting that it would be no testing…. When the b2b testing was done in Victoria, they should have understood that they had been to lazy… to many b2b failed the testing😔 They should have demanded masks in the theatre and indoors several days earlier. We were on toes not happy about this. Hawaiian cruise I did send guest relations a message when the Hawaiian cruise started. I asked if they had done extra sanitary or fogged the ship while in port. Since it was so many cases of covid and many didn’t report, due to quarantine in Canada if known cases on the ship. They were all quiet. Haven’t heard a word in return…… Rob, the guest relations manager can go and fetch himself a “bolle” (Norwegian bun) its not a “good” thing when a Norwegian says: gå å ta deg en bolle… I went all in, Lysol spray and wipes on all surfaces in our new room. Since we didn’t know if it had a I’ll passenger earlier. (I always have my little sanitizer routine in hotels and places when away. But now it was the big wipe down🤪) All in all, we are happy for our cruise🥰❤️ It’s extremely nice to be back on X. It’s our favourite and they deliver what we want. We are looking forward for Easter, then it will be a Caribbean adventure on Silhouette⚓️
  24. Breakfast at LongBoard Club was good. Fresh fruit, yoghurt, quinoa pudding, acacia bowls, croissants, Danish, muffins, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, bread to toast, jam, coffee, tea, juices and fried vegetables. So plenty for a good breakfast before going on a tour or beach😎 It’s from 06.00-10.00. Our tour had pick-up at 07.26. Our guide and bus arrived 07.25🙃 We travel on North Shore Beach Bus. Tour was 250,48$ for us. It was 20$ pr guest saving when I booked it online directly by them. According to their website it’s 30% sightseeing and 70% beach tour. Waimea beach looks beautiful🤩Perfect🏖 Score on ta is good. So it’s a great way to spend our day and see more of Oahu. We started the tour to the blowhole. It’s very fascinating how the water make’s it’s way and form. We had a little stop before , we continued to a nut farm. Here it was restrooms and the most expensive pineapple we ever seen😱🫣 7$ for a “boat” of pineapple😵‍💫 That’s around 1/4 of a pineapple. Hello???? On the way it was given out 2 barcodes to scan. Entrance fee for botanical garden 23.48$ pr guest and kayak/paddle boards on another stop 29$ for 1h. (The Scandinavian el-cheapo started to get a little “rash”) It’s was a macadamia nut shopping stop. You could taste all types they sold and they had local coffee for tasting. On the way to the nut farm, it started to rain. Next stop was the chinaman hat. Beautiful view but a bit cloudy and drizzle in the air. Guide called in our lunch order, so when we arrived on our lunch stop, food would be ready. We stopped at Fumis. They have shrimps. We had salt & pepper and spicy. They were excellent and good. (Reminded me of Thailand;) Lunch was 16$ each. They guide checked and pushed on it’s very important to book botanical garden fee. The Waimea beach was no option😳 After lunch we were driving onward to Waimea Botanical Garden. (Here’s we’re the account department was getting a bit unhappy) the Waimea beach is beautiful🏖😎🤩 Really all we wanted. It’s a very bitter taste that it’s “option” when it’s really not a choice. Wel well…. Waimea botanical gardens is nice, lots of trees and flowers. The waterfall sounds great😁 It’s a 30.min hike each way from the entrance. We needed to sign a waiver that we now about risk of this activity. I can say, the hike is nice, very accessible. But compared to Maui waterfalls and big island, we were not very pleased. You must wear a life jacket to be aloud into the water and it’s really not spectacular. As the good swimmers we are, my “rash” against us waivers and “safety first” had a 🔥🔥🔥 strength😝 There was no bathing for us😝 we just 🤪🥵😑 We had 1.45h in the botanical garden. Next stop was Haleiwa. That was the next qr-code. Only 29.99$ pr person for sup or kayak 1h. If you didn’t want to take part of this. You could walk into town from the rental shop or cross the road to use the canoeing club’s beach access. Not a beautiful beach like Waimea….. Mr took a half dip in the ocean and I was just a bit frustrated😝 Next stop was Dole pineapple farm🍍🍍🍍 Yes, your reading correct. I’m visiting a pineapple farm🍍😅😆 All tour seems to have this as a “must” so just to jump into it😝 Full of people and a shopping mall of pineapple merchandise😝 We had a 30.min stop. So no Maze or train ride. Dole was final stop before returning to our hotel. I was really ready just to get back. Free bar and a snack was more tempting🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not a perfect tour day in my opinion. Not what the plan says when we booked. No water or anything. On the tours by X we have had water bottles, chips or cookies, fruit. This has been in all activities we have participated in from Alaska to Hawaii. I will not recommend this tour, value-for-money feeling is 🥵😬🫠 Waiver and safety. Some words from a Scandinavian🇳🇴 Home in the Nordic we don’t sign waivers for this or that if your attending a activity. For us it’s all rational that if you participate in an activity, theirs always a risk that you can be injured or something unexpected can happen. It’s your responsibility to decide if you are fit for it or if it’s best to stay away of the activities. If in doubt, ask someone. We don’t do lawsuits or anything like in the us. We understand that if you follow instructions as given and do what you being told. You will in 99.9% be fine. And if you attend a paid activity or sports. They must have a insurance to cover if they have failed their job. ——- We are safely back in our hotel😅 Went straight to the lounge🙃 Mr wanted a beer and I said let’s go. I hear wine calling for me😂😂
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