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  1. it’s what we call home a “Japanese tour” they run thru Vigelandspark (the Skulptur park in Oslo) taking photos and videos, running onwards to Bygdø for the Kon Tiki museum and then the Munch museum in a fully booked day🤪😅😅😅 We did another hike in 2016 in St Lucia. We went walking to a really nice waterfall and could go swimming in it. it was a drive from port, but only 30.minutes to the starting point of the tour. Really a great day. Unfortunately we haven’t found the tour on X. The tour was booked via another cruise line.
  2. So… this is The tale of 250+ curves and jumps🤪 To my NZ friends, think Motueka to Golden Bay on speed😂🤪😂 YES 🙌🏻 you got it😅 Well, this is the day for a long time in a minibus 🚐 It’s around 2-2,5h each way on the carousel 🎠 bananas growing we had toilet stop, they had a selection of local rum mixes. Well, first thing first…. It’s 45-60.minutes of hiking🥾 The rest is travel time😬 So to call it a hiking trip is stretching it, Island sightseeing with a walk would be a better description. The trail was easy for us. It’s uneven and uphill until you reach the viewpoint. I was definitely expecting more than this of a hiking trip. The view of the Pitons are pretty. But to travel all day for this hike is not my cup of tea🤭😝 After the hike we had a little local snack, everyone was served banana cake and fish cake. The sauce was banana ketchup. And a piece of watermelon 🍉 Then we drove downtown to Soufriere to have 20.minutes on a beach. Not a beach or location to write home about. Mr found his thing 🍺 holy smoke 5$ The it was the 250curves and jumps returning to the port😜
  3. Thank you! We have visited here in 2014 and 2016😎 We can see in port that it has developed more. More taller buildings and construction going on🤓
  4. I know🙄 it’s one thing we really don’t like and there are no Sky Lounge/forward public spaces front view🫤 There are other elements we love. The jogging track is perfect 🤩 And the 4-MDR works great. Seems like you have a great time onboard🥰 CD Giuseppe is great 👍🏻
  5. Good morning! St Lucia calling⚓️ We are downstairs in MDR waiting for our breakfast. I said to Mr, no way Hose, I’m eating OV this morning…. I will have a proper breakfast before I go hiking 🥾 It was empty when we arrived 07.30 when they opened. Menu We have ordered our breakfast and waiting for it to arrive. We are doing this tour: I should be worried🫣🤔😳 When I took out the last tour tickets in the envelope…. It was tiny tiny letter folded: Saying it’s a 2-2.5h drive before we start walking AND it’s a winding road🤪🤪 The map looks promising for that😝
  6. Mr snagged a 🍸 from the Martini flight 20.00. Dinner Our French Canadians was long gone after day 1.😂🙌🏻 Good for us, since their English was not good and my French is not the best and Mr has nada skills in French 🇫🇷😂😂😂 But we received a new Canadian table from Toronto the next evening! They are super friendly and funny🙌🏻🥰 So very happy with the change of table mates👍🏻 Today’s menu: So this is one of the menu sets I was looking for last week🧐🤭 We had spring rolls, the salad, pork schnitzel and the duck. It was good to excellent. The spring roll was great and tasty. The salad was fresh and delicious for the eyes. But coloured black olives 🫒🙄 they belong on pizza, not for my salad🤭 they taste nothing like the real olives…. And choice of dressing was very pale in flavour. A good balsamic or a little bit of pesto would have made it tasty😇 The duck was delicious and perfect 🤩 Mr was super happy for the schnitzel😋 Dessert One off limits to me 🍍🍍🍍 And the rest is just not my thing🙃 But ice cream 🍦 that’s always a winner! Chocolate and banana-rum. (That banana-rum scoop was 😋😋😋 tonight) Then it was off to bedtime 🥱 It was a message from shore excursion on the phone. They called us 20.46 to tell us that our meeting time was moved forward from 08.30 to 08.15!!! Be there on time please😝
  7. Well, this woke up the theatre😂🎶🎶 Great show and orchestra did a excellent job. Whitney tribute show💙🙌🏻🎶
  8. After returning home, we needed to shower off and just take it easy for a while. At 18.35 they asked if following passengers are onboard… So someone is uncounted or missing on the ship. All onboard was 18.30. Tonight’s show is Chaeza - a tribute to Whitney Houston
  9. Mr had a “home-alone party” on the helipad before arrival😎 He needs to work on his selfie skills😜 Our snorkelling 🤿 tour had meeting time 12.30 on the pier. Remember to allow enough time to walk the pier and thru the shopping area. We left the ship/stateroom 12.05 and was on the meeting point 12.15. We needed to take a bus to the other side of the harbour to board our boat for the day. It was a floating dock😂🤿 So keep your stuff in a dry bag😝😅⚓️ The tour company Tiami has several different boats. So they had 2 groups onboard 2 “floating” docks and a third group on a catamaran boat. So plenty of people were snorkelling today😝🏖️🤿 It was a bumpy ride to our 2 locations, the shipwreck and turtle 🐢 bay. Snorkelling was heavy waves today and strong wind. So we survived but for others, it was a struggle💙. They provided mask, snorkel 🤿 and an inflatable vest. It was mandatory to wear the vest. No fins😟 (and in this current and wave, that’s really not the best idea) The view was not the best, it was okay. But really not on our top ten list. It was free bar after the snorkelling. After the snorkelling 🤿 we went for a beach hog. We had 45.minutes. Nice beach and relaxing place. Then it was time for our return trip back to the ship. We arrived back on the ship 16.30. I will upload the GoPro later for a reel.
  10. premium WiFi has worked like a clock. I have talked on FaceTime video calls, no problems. I have used vpn for work, no problems. Teams meting, no problems. Mr needed to download heavy duty from work, no problems. we have a router in our stateroom. so it’s no problem on the balcony for coverage.
  11. Rise & shine from the ocean! We are not docking until 11.00 today in Barbados 🇧🇧 Mr needs to speak live with colleagues, so he needs to be up and running for office time 07.00. AKA, have his computer in bed and a t-shirt on😜🤭😂 ( you must add +6h for Norway/european 🕰️ ) I have a planned teams meeting at 08.30. Need to go over some details in a project for work. I went for a power walk from 0720 to 08.10. Mr was finished on meeting when I arrived. So he wanted breakfast. My meeting was a bit delayed, so we wanted to go downstairs to MDR🤪🤪 The line was long and it was very busy. So we ended up in Tuscan for captains club breakfast. I had a quick breakfast before I left for my meeting. Mr went to the sail-in. I was occupied by my meeting🤪 Mr said it was not crowded at all. After my meeting and Mr’s adventure on the helipad we wanted a little snack before the snorkelling 🤿 tour. So we went downstairs to Al Bacio😇 a full house😝 Everyone was waiting for clearance of the ship.
  12. We are invited to a helipad Sail-in on Barbados 🇧🇧
  13. The new house band was playing in Grand Foyer before dinner. They are starting to be house warm😂😜💙 Tonight’s menu We had garden salad, shrimp cocktail, escargot and seafood orzo. Food tasted good. Dessert Lava for me and crème brûlée for Mr😁 The Lava cake… I must say it! Last week ist was great 👍🏻 this week it was SO good 😊 we have to go back to 2018ish for last time it was spot on like this. (It was adevils good dessert until then) But after 2020 the lava cake has gone downhill to really cool and not the famous dessert! Love this🩷 After dinner we stopped by Al Bacio to pick up some water. They were warming up to Finish the Song I Grand Foyer. This game show is totally pending on the contestants. We stayed upstairs by the railing to watch them. It was a great group, so it turned into a 💥😂🎶🤣 Then it was game over & good night 💤
  14. I went downstairs and got ready for dinner. Mr was finished 18.00. So we went downstairs to Al Bacio for a coffee before the show. Tonight’s show is Katerina Rossa, violin 🎻 player. We have seen her before onboard. She played a potpourri of Vivaldi, Queen, James Bond and Adele. The orchestra was really shining tonight🙌🏻🎻🙌🏻
  15. I answered several work emails and texted my colleague about an upcoming project. So work & pleasure can be combined from time to time😎🙌🏻💙⚓️ At 16.35 captain George came on the pa to say we are ready for departure💙⚓️ Then it was late in 🇳🇴 so a glass of wine was appropriate😂😎 Cheers to a great day in Antigua😎 Mr wasn’t supposed to work during the holiday. But they did a fusion of 2 companies 1.1.24. The company they bought, some of the employees were not to happy about it… so it makes it very busy and lots of extra work for Mr…. I think it will be better during the summer. But until the process is completed to get everything done in the fusion, it’s a bit more complicated and crazy 🤪 then normal procedure will return😇🤓 Well well…. On the positive side… Mr is making a bill of many toothed fork🍴 So then our Christmas holiday is ✔️😜
  16. After showering off and changing clothes Mr was ready for the lunch😝😅 Today it was Caribbean food in OV. Mr took a little bit of different things. I was not into the big lunch thing😆 So I had some melon and tasted the “omelette” thing. It was made to order and Mr had chosen fish as topping. It was very tasty. Like a crossover of omelette, puff pastries and fajitas😋 and the filling of fish and shrimp was really tasty. The dessert table was filled with Caribbean cuisine. Mr had an assortment of several things. I tasted the cinnamon nut banana cake. It was delicious 😋 Mr went downstairs to do some work and I moved up to Sunset.
  17. Our tour is a small group. So we have 7 guests and 2 guides. We left 08.30. It’s around 30.minutes drive to the starting point. You walk off from the zip line location. The track is in the beginning a made walking path of stones and wooden tracks. As you walk on, it turns into a walking trail. It’s uphill and then downhill. You have a great view from halfway through the tour. You are walking onto Carlisle Bay. A long sandy beach 🏖️ it’s around 30.minutes time for a quick swim. Depending on the speed of the walking tour🙃 After the beach break it’s time to return to the ship. We had a great time out and about on tour. It was easy walk if your decent fit and used to walk. You need shoes to walk on uneven surfaces. Only drawback was the short time for a swim. It would be great if you had more time, so a little later return time to the ship would give it a full day👍🏻😎🏖️🥾 a 1h on the beach would make it great. We were back onboard 12.45 ish. We didn’t roam around in town or port after our tour dropped us off. Mr wanted to shower off some sand and then do some more work. And have a snack in Al Bacio on the way upstairs🤭
  18. Good Morning Antigua! We had a quick breakfast in OV. A full house🤪🤪 Coffee machine was again broken🥺 I hope they get a new one during dry dock🫡 We are now waiting in the theatre for our tour departure.
  19. The spa prices are ridiculous high! the deals they have offered are just to hige….😳 im not the biggest user of the spa, but I like to either have a massage or do nails at some point. As of now it’s hilarious pricey😑 Specially since the NOK is catastrophic low for USD🫠🫨😬🫥🫠
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