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  1. So at some point you need to start packing? Yes😩 Well at 16.30 Mr went downstairs to shower and at 16.50 it was time for me to go on the walk of shame😜 Packing time🤪 All things are stuffed into the suitcase and carry-on backpacks are ready. The last canapés had arrived: Tonight’s show is production show Life. We watched it last week, but we are ready for a last night show🥰 Rock it, till we dock’it🥳💙⚓️
  2. im very happy for asparagus and beets in all types😅 I make a lot of them home. Oven baked, pickled and boiled😊
  3. Around 14.00 we decided for a little lunch. It’s the last day extravaganza, last minute to impress and WOW everyone😜 Well, they did not disappoint me and Mr😁 They had made gravelax😋 it was so delicious 🤤 really good!!!! Turkey, steaks and seafood…. And the big cake table and chocolate fountain…. YEP, all stuffed turkey here😂😂😂😅 I had gravelax and the grilled shrimp 🦐 spicy garlic 😋😋😋 it’s fantastic! Mr had turkey 🦃 it was so juicy and delicious 🤤 So nothing wrong in OV today! Everyone was happy😁
  4. Mr was awake early. The ship rocked noticeably between 04.30 to 07.00. All good for us, but at some of our neighbours it sounded turbulent. So we went downstairs to MDR breakfast at 07.45 and it was indeed a full house!!! Jepp, so loaded that no single tables were given out. So we were loaded into a sharing table of 10. 2 guests left before they were taken our order. They were visibly upset that we had a sharing table. Well, back to the breakfast! We ordered the usual. Mr wanted omelette, fruit and I had my thing. We all got our food together and we were all good 👍🏻 After breakfast we went upstairs, Mr had a little work to do. So I went for my walk outside. I walked for 1.5h before I went downstairs to change. At 11.30 it was the concierge party 🎉. They served drinks, champagne, mimosas, kir, the blue champagne and something else. You have to be in it, to win it? YES.. so I attended, no prizes for me😅😂 They gave away a signed ship model, a bottle of wine and some X logo products. But it was surprisingly well attended compared to last time. It was finished by 11.40. Mr texted me, he was finished ✔️ So he was going upstairs to meet me for a little bit of sun and relaxation.
  5. The herring onboard for breakfast is usually good. Mr likes it and often eats it. but on this cruise it was not visible, it’s probably somewhere in the buffet, but something tells me it’s not the winner of the most popular food😅 Im a big fan of different types of pickled herring, we eat it year round on bred. It’s not an unexpected proverb your friend gave you😁 We have several different proverbs and some are better than others. But for foreigners moving to Norway 🇳🇴 it can be a bit confusing to understand the meaning behind them😂😂 And if you try to translate from Norwegian to English is very hard to translate.
  6. it’s the same salmon they serve in Aqua Spa for lunch. it’s boiled/steamed salmon. Then you take it in the blender carefully or riffle by a fork. You can add sour cream, mayonnaise etc to get it creamy. I like it, I do make this at home for topping for dry bread if I have leftovers from salmon dinner
  7. @countess5 love your pictures😍 we had a little drizzle 🌧️ so we saw the rain ☔️ arrive as we left St Kitts😅
  8. When I make poached eggs at home we like them on a little toast. Either mashed avocado and or smoked salmon and the egg. For us, the sauce is not a thing🤭 Unfortunately they only offer eggs Benedict as a “finished” thing on the breakfast MDR menu. So i Order to build my own food😇 From the menu you need: 1 English muffin 2 poached eggs 1 plate smoked salmon (sometimes if the waiter understands my plan, it will come all assembled together on a plate for me, around 40% of the time) Then I build it together😁 muffin, salmon, eggs Bon appetite!
  9. The sad part of cruising as they say…. Until we meet again⚓️💙
  10. Tonight’s dinner is lobster 🦞 night So again, very crowded and all tables presented in MDR. (I don’t know if they eat buffet or specialty the rest of the time🤔) This cruise and last week is the first time we have had this experience (behaving) of MDR passengers. Just an observation🤭 Back to dinner! Today’s menu We had the salmon for starter. As always on lobster 🦞 night, my appetite is very high and I need a lot of food😅🤣🤣 Mr wanted lobster 🦞 and I asked if the beef wellington was back on track today… Marite promised it was looking good and tasted like it should…. So I went for my surf & turf🦞😂 Supervisor was stopping by during starters, he promised the beef wellington was good and looking as it should👍🏻😅 (Something tells me he was walking into the kitchen and checked the plate before it left the kitchen🤭) Main course arrived and it was looking just as it should🦞🥰👍🏻 The beef wellington looked perfect 👌🏻 Mmmm, it was good😌 sauce, meat and puff pastry was on target 🎯 The lobster was good and everyone was happy 😊 Dessert Ice cream and baked Alaska They really did go all in on the ice cream😂😂 I asked for one chocolate and one raspberry sorbet…. I received to bowls of each😅 After dinner we went to bed 🛌
  11. Matt McGurk… well, what to say? It was a magical moment🤣🤩 From joke to seriousness! He was excellent last year on Sil (but just not in stereo😝) Matt is amazing, he really is a king of cards 🃏 After the show it was officers event in grand foyer and a pop-up show from the dancers. It was all by the book 📖😇 Then it was off to dinner 🍽️
  12. Tonight’s show is magic 🪄 Matt McGurk. (As someone might remember… he was her last week and we had our doses of him on Sil😂) But as the good girl I am… we will give him a go again😇 Cheers to evening chic! 😘😘 yes 😅 (I will give you a cheeky kiss 💋 pic😘) 🥰Happy Wife, Happy LIFE🥰
  13. this was arrived for Concierge class. it was a reminder of the time and place of the party 🎉
  14. Mr arrived upstairs for lunch a little after 14.00. So I joined him on the terrace. It was Italian 🇮🇹 themed lunch. Something for everyone😅 After the luncheon I returned to sun deck and Mr went downstairs to take a little session of work. The ship is not heavy rocking. But you can feel the motion of the ocean. It started early morning and calmed down a bit after 13.00. And you can see it on some guests and crew that they are not very happy about it🫥 (unfortunately the Queen would have said it’s to much for her taste and sea level) At 16.40 I decided it was time to go downstairs. I have a tricky problem for my captain’s club points. I have tried to solve it via shoreside but it will not be solved…. So I thought that if I go downstairs to CC/Concierge close to early dinner, it will probably be quiet. YES 👍🏻 BINGO As some might remember my Captain’s Club number was not registered onboard on Edge for the 14-night from Rome to Dubai. When we arrived my card had a star and no status. Mr on the other hand was registered and the sailing documentation had my CC number inside😑🙄🫠 So we rushed directly to CC to get if fixed and solved. They added it and could not understand how this happened. Well, after returning home my points for Suez did not arrive. Mr points arrived. The points for Dubai-Singapore arrived… But the sailing was in my list of my page as sailed🤥🫤 So I send an email containing the booking number, picture of the cruise cards and picture proof of me walking the gangway in Rome to shoreside Captains club and received an email saying it would be fixed… Another 6 weeks and no points shown up. New email and I received a message to swipe away my CC in my profile and re add my cc number…. Well, I have tried on Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge etc on my laptop, iPhone, iPad, Mr laptop etc. But it is impossible to remove it and save. It loads until it 90% loading and then it just crashes. So I have tried for weeks to use theirs “fix” I even tried her onboard in hopes that it would be solved😬 NADA, Njet, Nein, Nei, No! So now I’m playing the ball 🎱 back to Captain’s Club onboard and hopefully they will get it fixed. It’s not the most important in the world…. I will not be Zenith😂 We are far away😁 But this sailing was not just 3-points😝 Today’s canapés had arrived Tonight is evening chic🥳🤩 (it’s only 2 during both cruises?)
  15. I was awake around 6.30 but was not ready to get up and out😂🤭 I just wanted to stay a little longer in bed. So I read the newspaper, answered some emails and just took it easy. Around 08.30 Mr moved out of bed. We agreed on Captains Club breakfast in Tuscan. I had to charge my phone🤪 (I know… how could I forget to put it to charge during the night🤭) So no pics of our sharing ultimate plate or Mr juice line up today😂😂😂 After breakfast Mr went to the Homeoffice aka the balcony on the ocean 🤭😌🤩👍🏻😎 And I decided for a walk. My body was not in mood for a fast 60 minute power walk. So it was a 2h workout walk in a decent speed. (Still faster then average speed of my fellow walkers😝) After my little walking session I stopped by Mast Bar to get some club soda, ice and fruit of orange+ lime. While I was sitting there, the captain came on… a new 🚨🚨❤️‍🩹 5 round of the cruise. Fingers crossed for the person❤️ After the walk and my little “bar” session I went downstairs to change and collect my phone. Then it was time for a little rest on a sun lounger😎👍🏻 Mr wanted to do a little bit more work before he will join me😘😘
  16. thank you❤️ it’s not just us that had a similar experience😌 We are “back” in steerage class😂😂🤭 And we have a great time on EQ❤️
  17. Tonight’s menu The starters are good 👍🏻 but the mains are a bit blah 😒 for my taste. We decided for the beef carpaccio, apple pear salad, escargot and drum fish. It was good. Dessert Mr wanted the apple 🍏 and some strawberry ice cream. I went for cherry jubilee. The dessert was good. My coffee arrived as dishwasher today🫣 I had a sip of the espresso macchiato and said to Mr…. Dishwasher water at its best🤭 Mr was just waiting for it😝 he saw the cup and knew what this was…… Our assistant waiter was coming rushing over, she had delivered the coffee. But she knew that this cup was not looking good 🧐 On EQ all special coffee for the MDR is made in Passport Bar. The main waiter or assistant waiter must walk out to Passport Bar and order the coffee from the staff there. So they serve what they receive from them…. Our assistant waiter had tried to explain that the cup she received to bring back to us was not looking okay🧐🧐🧐 So she was just waiting to get it back to supervisor and get me a new cup… So my cup of coffee was delivered, and she came running to pick up the cup when she saw I had declared it dishwasher😝 Before we managed to say cake, it was on a silver serving tray and on the road to supervisor for viewing and collecting of a new cup. The new cup arrived asap. It was perfect, espresso and a spoon of milk foam on top. And it tasted fresh and delicious! After the dinner, it was bedtime 🥱
  18. Yah Man! What happened after return to the ship? Mr wanted to have a little lunch. So off to OV around 14.00 we walked. He found something tempting to eat and I had a little gyros 🇬🇷 (you see? I’m warming up to my Greek adventure💙) After lunch Mr run back to work. I on the other hand had a pier runner view from the terrace😅😂 I wanted a little snack, so a soft serve 🍦 was calling my name😍 After the ice cream I went up to a packed SunSet for sail away. I had a glass of wine and just chilled in the shade. It was a little rain shower. So no stress to go downstairs… Captain came on to announce a new medical emergency 🚨 it was very close to us. So I cancelled my plan to go downstairs… Closer to 18.00 I went downstairs to shower and prepare for the Captain’s Club senior officers party at 19.45🎉 Mr said it had been full activity of people running in the hallway. So he was just sitting still and waiting for it to cool down. Fingers crossed for the guest❤️❤️‍🩹 and a speedy recovery. Today’s canapés had arrived: We went up to Sunset before the party. It was quiet and peaceful. When it was close to 19.45 we moved onward to Sky Lounge. It was party as usual. Drinks, canapés and live music. After the party it was dinner time!
  19. It was no mosquitos 🦟 🙂 The guide said why and explained the reason. So it’s very safe to visit St Kitts compared to St Lucia😊 I don’t expect my fellow tour members to be athletic fit. But if you can’t lift your feet 👣 properly and can’t walk in the stair onboard…. Maybe a rainforest walk is not the best option for you🤔👍🏻 Specially when the tour says strenuous🫣 But it was a great experience if you look behind the not fit walkers🌳🌳🌳
  20. I’m back on the 🚢 Al Bacio was calling me☕️ So my tour 🌳🌿🥾🇰🇳 (I’m aloud to hope for the wild tour) But we all know this is X and the average age is not 20…. So it might be more of a leisure walk😎 Yep, that’s what we are doing today! First thing first…. The group was 13 people. When we walked from the ship to the tour guide my eyes 👀 detected a participant in Birkenstock😳🤔🫣 Hmmm…. This is interesting. We had a “safari” jeep driving us to the location where we went walking. It’s a 20.minute drive to the Wingfield estate. The scenery is beautiful and the views from the car was 👍🏻 The walk was a slow rainforest walk, it took around 2h. I would gladly walked longer and faster. It went in an extremely slow speed. Since it’s uneven and people were not able to walk faster and prepared for this type of walking. So we had 4 people on different times falling on the ground. Scrubbing knees, half twisted knees and ankles🫣😰 You could tell they were not used to walk on uneven surfaces, dry leaves and trails. It seemed as it went okay 👌🏻 but I was on toes for a big ground smash 💥 It says strenuous in the tour description…. Sometimes I think not everyone is reading this🫥 Back to our walk & talk 🗣️ our guide was talking about everything in the forest 🌳 the trees, the forest and animals. He was great🤓 I would love to do the other tour, the tour with more climbing and more hiking 🥾 After the walk, we returned to our starting point. It was 2 choices of lemonade and a piece of banana bread. Then we returned to port.
  21. It happens from time to time. it was planned holiday and everything was supposed to go well🥰 But technology in critical infrastructure can go wrong 😑😅🤓 So as a super tech, it might happen that you need to help out from distance😇 The good thing is that we are used to this😂😇 I have helped out Mr in a full ball gown and he in a tuxedo, when something mega urgent happened. ( he was on technical assistance 📞) and we were going to our friends wedding and they called and said it can’t wait….. Well, you see the picture: Mr & Mrs “Smith” fixing a critical doorway at a location😂😂 YES, that’s us😂😂 We did make the wedding🥰🤪🥳 Yes, that’s us🤣🤣🤣 So a day on the balcony for Mr will not ruin my day or he’s day🙃
  22. I can report that we should have switched tours😂😂😂 Mine today was the leisure tour😝 it was a nice walk and the forest is beautiful and green🌳🌿🌳 The guide said that they had the other tour. But X had said that they would not offer the other anymore via the ship…. (Something tells me they received to many complaints or broken bones 🦴 in return to port😝) it was a bit uneven walking (it is a forest 🌳)
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