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  1. Turnaround Day Good Morning from Fort Lauderdale Port Look what i spy today🤩 Liberty, Beyond 👍🏻👍🏻 But look 👀 at that little guy arriving into port⚓️ Had to have some extra time on the balcony just for the view🤩 Yesterday evening all paperwork for this cruise was on the bed.
  2. Dinner I was quite full after the lunch🙈 had a stack of those grilled shrimp scampi garlic😜🙈😂😋 Today’s menu: We had cobb salad, shrimp cocktail , escargot, arugula salad and prime rib of beef. Of those things I had arugula salad and shrimp cocktail. Mr was happy for the beef. It was looking absolutely delicious and tasty. ( So chefs… I know you can make them correct😝) Dessert A crème brûlée and ice cream found the way to our table. Then it was time for bed 🛏️.
  3. Tonight’s show is production show Life Its great show with aerialists. Sound was a bit gruffy… could use a little bit more love🤓💙 In grand Foyer tonight’s pop-up show was Karen Grainger AKA Cher😜🎶 Spirit on 🔥
  4. After some shaded sun it was time to go downstairs to Mr. He was rounding up work for the day. Today’s canapés: Sun on the balcony is never wrong😎
  5. They are adorable in a decent distance🤍🐾😎😜 But they are majestic🤍🤍🤍🤩 They don’t love it when they are that close to the house😅
  6. So happy Easter 🐣 from Spitzbergen! Mr received this from his former colleague (when he worked on Svalbard) peek’a’boo 😅🤩😜 They had visitors on the polar station in Hornsund a few days ago🐾🐾🐾 A mama polar bear 🐻‍❄️ and her cubs was really cute & close🐻‍❄️🐻‍❄️🐻‍❄️🙈 All went well🤍 They are so fascinating and cute (in a distance) So if you are thinking about that dream cruise to Spitzbergen or a Hurtigruten cruise around Spitzbergen…. You know what to do! Book it⚓️ 🇳🇴🐾🤍🥂 (no, I’m not sponsored by the cruise lines😜)
  7. After my paparazzi walk in OV I found a sun lounger in the shade. Mr was sitting on the balcony working downstairs. Reading some magazines and watching the ocean. The crew walked cold towels, sorbets and the usual bar service. It was another round of officers vs guests volleyball in the pool. At 13.45 Mr texted me…. Can we have some lunch together? So we went to OV to find something for lunch. The crowd had definitely eaten cakes😂😂😂 Easter bunnies 🐰 was all taken and the cake table was almost vacuumed😝 They had turkey on the carving table and lots of other options. The chocolate fountain was out and running. A crew was making fruit skewers as requested from the buffet and dipping them into the chocolate. Mr was very happy for the turkey 🦃 it was super moist and tasty. They had some grilled scampi in garlic😋 All good 👍🏻 After lunchtime Mr went back to work, so he could finish up what he was doing today. I went on a hunt of a shaded sun lounger…
  8. @cavaaller thank you for the dry dock update💙 That’s great news! I really appreciate the olden goldies🥰 Milli, Summit, Connie and Infinity💙💙 As you say, they have a very good vibe. Looking forward to seeing her again during the summer💙
  9. I’m so ready to follow your adventure🥰😎💙🥳 Would gladly joined you🤩 Safe travel and Bon voyage 🛳️
  10. 💛🐣🐰🩷Happy Easter 🩷🐰🐣 💛 According to Norwegian style, we have celebrated Easter since Wednesday afternoon🐣🐣🐣 it’s public holidays from Wednesday evening until Monday evening. Easter egg hunting was yesterday and “everyone” had slow roasted leg 🦵🏻 of lambs for dinner😂🐣🐣🐣 The lunch buffet was decorated for 🐣 Easter lunch. I ran straight from the concierge gathering to OV to get a picture of the decorations before everything was demolished by hungry people😝😂💛🩷🐣 Applause 👏🏻 to all the crew that do use their time to make it look beautiful🩷💛🐣
  11. I was awake 06.30 but was not ready for my walk. So I was ready the newspaper from the bed and took it slowly🙃 At 08.30 it was time to hit the walkway😎 It was not too crowded outside and it had drizzled a bit during early morning. Good temperatures for a walk and my body is really starting to feel better in the warmer weather🥳🥳🥳😎☀️ After my hour of walking I headed down to wake up Mr & do a Clark Kent for breakfast. It was buffet day😜 you know that 🦴 to Mr🙂 It was crowded and a full house😝 people were not early risers today🙃 I took my usual, yoghurt and fruit. Mr had his omelette🥰 We found a table on the terrace and it was all good😎 After the breakfast we went downstairs to prepare for the day. It’s concierge party in Sky lounge 11.30. Its drinks, raffle and a friendly hello from Captain Georg💙🥂 CD Angela and the Concierges. I asked CD Angela about next cruise… what to expect of guest entertainment🥹 Well it’s not super exciting….. We will probably have everything again😂😂😂 So that’s was not what I hoped for😝
  12. It’s 50/50 on our b2b if they have a raffle. So not every time🥰 it depends on the ship🙂
  13. The ones served in Tuscan/ Captain club breakfast are cold. So that’s very nice. I agree on you that they should be served cold, they are best when served cold😁 Thank you🥰 We are looking forward to some more adventures outdoors😎
  14. Its called Betavivo, it contains 3g of beta glutamate in one serving portion. one serving is around 0,9dl/23g I think the beef wellington would have benefited by never leaving the kitchen😆 aka stopped by supervisor before it was covered by the 🎩 to keep it warm.
  15. I know the dry dock was a usual maintenance dock. Did they update/change carpets on public decks? Or other maintenance visible for you? just wondering😇 I sailed 17-nights on her last year and she is well kept, considering the age. And I will be back onboard on Infinity later this year☺️
  16. Thank you! We will have a new chance of beef wellington🤭😆 next week🙃 Someone needs to take one for the team😆 and last night it was me😜
  17. 🥰 looks like infinity treats you well🥰 she’s a golden oldie💙
  18. Tonight’s dinner was lobster 🦞 night You could tell🤣🤣🤣 this is the fullest mdr I have seen on this cruise😜 🚢 Our waiter also said it😅 Tables that hasn’t eaten in mdr the entire cruise was showing up😅 Well… back to the menu We had salmon for starters and Mr wanted lobster 🦞 and I was very hungry 😜 (for some reason always on lobster 🦞 night) So I ordered lobster and beef wellington. The lobster was nicely served and cooked. Mr had a good time 😋🦞🦞 The chefs had decided that I needed to stop eating🤭😜 The beef wellington on the other hand was not a great deal. I don’t know what the heck happened in the kitchen…. But something went wrong😝 A beef wellington is a Roastbeef in puff pastry. So even the idea of having it in the frying pan is just wrong🫠 The sauce should have tasted good, but it was a soy sauce…. So this is definitely worth the Nr 1 miss of the cruise in food🏆🏆🏆 The green beans and carrots were tasty and not overcooked🙃 that’s something😁 I didn’t want a new one, it was very busy and I wasn’t hungry. So a little dessert and I was ready for bedtime🥹 The supervisor stopped by, since our waitress seemed stressed about the food situation on my plate and he saw I only ate vegetables. He had a look at it and just rolled his eyes and grabbed out his phone to take a picture of it. Something tells me it will be on the team meeting tomorrow morning for chefs🥸 Dessert menu We had ice cream and crème brûlée Then it was game over and bedtime 🥱
  19. Effy has charmes you can collect every day to different times. They give you a locker necklace to put them in. we don’t collect them. But I know several people do.
  20. Tonight’s show is Karen Grainger accompanied by the orchestra. She’s an impressionist. So we had a visit of Cher, Adele, Barbra, Tina….. It was good, not bad. It’s officers evening in grand foyer. It’s a full house😝 really packed😅 Quick one and done🤣 same process as captain’s club party😜 The dancers had a pop up performance 🎭 Latin Fiesta
  21. Today’s canapés had arrived: I was ready for a little nap 💤 after a hard day🤣🤣🤣 So I had a little siesta on the bed. Now it’s time to get ready for evening chic🥳
  22. Health form was dropped off at the reception desk and a warm-up session was up the stairs to deck 14. I was late for my walking session, so it was a bit crowded. But I went well😎 a decent long’ish 1h walking session accomplished💪🏻 Our toilet/deck 10 in our location had a temporary break when I left for my walk 😜🤪 I stopped working at some point after 10-ish. Luckily it was solved when I returned after a good hour. (No one could flush) After returning from the walking, it was 1 o’clock🙃 So mr asked for lunch. We decided for the buffet. It was not crowded and we always sit outside on the terrace😎 No Easter 🐣 decor or anything special for the day. I had some taco and Mr tested multiple things. YES, crew! You see I eat🤣🤣🤣 Our waiter today in Tuscan/captains club asked if I was on a diet to lose weight… since I don’t eat anything else then my cat pellets+smoothie bowl , Oj and coffee😂😂 I’m not dieting for weight loss😝 I just can’t start my day with a heavy breakfast. It’s just too hard for my body and stomach. I will be all “dead” the rest of the day🥴🪫 And my “cat pellets” are extremely rich in beta glutacan and Fiber. So it’s very longstanding energy. So even if it’s not a big portion, I don’t starve in any way🤣🤣🤣 My body works best on a decent portion of food during the day😉 (mr on the other hand can eat as he wants😝) After the lunch date, Mr went back to work. I on the other hand found a chair in Sunset in the shade😎 so I could enjoy a coffee and view😎😎😎
  23. It’s the strawberry smoothie from the captains club menu.
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