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  1. After the show I had agreed to meet Mr in Passport on deck 3. It was so crowded today. Usually it’s less crowded than decks 4+5. It seemed like everyone was out and about tonight🥰 CD Angela said after the show that it’s only 67kids/under 18 on this sailing. (She was talking about what’s going on tonight of entertainment) So the average age is higher than last cruise😂😇 Of those 67 kids at least 15 of them are toddlers from 9+months old to 2years. I saw lots of them when I walked (and umbrella strollers) Mr arrived and we ordered a pre dinner aperitif 🍸 The new house band was playing in grade foyer🎶🎶 I think they need a few more days to get into it properly🎶 it sounds okay, but the flow of music and songs was a bit rough. Dinner tonight: We had the salad, salmon and duck It tasted good and was freshly made. Dessert Mr had strawberry panna cotta and a scoop of ice cream. I had my favourite ice cream, after eight😋 The panna cotta has a real strawberry 🍓 sauce. It was purée from blender of strawberry 🍓 😋😋😋 Why couldn’t my cheesecake on the first night have this sauce???? It’s only on the menu for one night, so why not make it a really nice one🧐
  2. Mr was not finished working when I returned. So we agreed to split up! (Not the divorce agreement😜) I got dressed and decided for a new round of the Broadway show. And then Mr would join me for dinner tonight🥰 The vocal cast was 👍🏻 they had landed a little more and they delivered a great performance.
  3. I returned to the cabin a little after 5. I took a one eyed siesta on a sun lounger by the pool😎 after the lunch break. Mr is still working. Today’s canapés had arrived: the culinary fantasy is on the edge of beyond fantastic🤣😆🤭 tonight is evening chic. Tonight’s show is Broadway cabaret from the vocal cast. We haven’t decided yet if we’re in or out on this one🤔
  4. Can I come? I will do fine in the Pullman bed😇
  5. We haven’t talked plans for shore excursions on this sailing. We hit a little “jackpot” on OBC on this cruise. It was the onboard booking OBC and it was some OBC for booking this sailing. So we had 400$ OBC, that’s very nice 😊 So the OBC gave us upgraded WiFi from basic to premium. And 3 shore excursions. The Black Friday sale was really good for this sailing. So it gave us all off this! Last Easter on Sil we did snorkel, snorkel 🤿 and snorkel 🤿 They were all very nice 👌🏻 but we wanted to try something new🙃 and a ac bus sightseeing is not our first choice😝 We have booked: St John’s Antigua: small group hike & beach tour Barbados: destination highlights Swim with turtles, shipwrecks and snorkel Castries, St Lucia: destination highlight Piton Heights nature trail So we will see how this goes🙃😜😎🤩
  6. Mr came up for lunch little over 14. So we went to OV. It was British 🇬🇧 food themed lunch. It was fish & chips and some other typical British dishes. The British version on Equinox is weaker than compared to what Edge offered on British 🇬🇧 themed lunch. Mr had fish & (chips) Asian chicken. I went for a self built sandwich of tuna. It was plenty of space on the terrace, so no stress to get a table.
  7. Mr joined me for Captains Club welcome toast 🥂 He needed a break😅 It was canapés, drinks, live music and the acrobatics preformed. The numbers of officers attending was high😅👌🏻 It was a full house. But this was better than last week! Captain George seemed more “present” to the event and it seemed like it was more enjoyable for the team around him👌🏻🥂💙 The top cruiser is a gentleman, 6xxx something points and 63 cruises🚢. Mr returned downstairs to do some more work and I have found myself a sun lounger and are replying to emails and texts work related🩷😎
  8. Sea days! No rush for anything😁😎 I was awake 06.30 but decided that staying in bed was the best thing to do🥰 I slept awful last night. I was tired to the bone 🦴 and went to sleep the second I touched the pillow🛌 But I woke up 01.30 of an awful nightmare😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I calmed down and went back to sleep but woke up again of the same later😱😱😱😱😱 So it was a short night for me🫣🤭 Mr was wide awake at 08.30 so he was ready for breakfast! So I said we could go for breakfast first and then I could go for a walk and he off to the balcony office😎 We ended up in the captains club breakfast in Tuscan. I had the usual and Mr had the same as usual. Salmon bagels and fruits. The captain’s club hostess was present. She walked by all tables to say hello👋🏻 (but she skipped our table😅🤭) Afterwards I went to change into my walking shoes and Mr logged onto work. since the Easter holiday is ended, it’s always something that needs some attention on work for Mr. ( I can solve many problems via my phone on a sun lounger🤣😎🤭👌🏻) I walked for a good hour. It was a bit windy in some parts of the track but the temperature is nice 👌🏻 Now it’s time for a Clark Kent and captains club welcome toast 🥂 at 12.00.
  9. You hit the jackpot 🎰 for weather! Greate pictures🤩 We truly felt at home in the sounds😁 NZ is magical🤩 CD Giuseppe is a one of a kind🥰 Looking forward for next week🥳
  10. Since Mr was working the entire day, I returned to the stateroom a little after 5. Today’s canapés had arrived: I got ready for the evening and we walked downstairs to passport on deck 3. Mr wanted a little live music and a cocktail 🍹 When it was close to showtime we walked to the theatre🎭 Our seats were taken🫣🤭🫢 (don’t underestimate habits) A small emergency ‼️ We found seats and hoped for the best! Tonight’s show is Karen Grainger (again) Fingers crossed she does another set of the show😇 She was fun last week🥰😅 Before Karen kicked off the show it was “showtime” for the captain & executive committee. Mrs Grainger did not fail this evening. She did a fantastic show and it was not similar to the last, new songs and different characters. Great performance and lots of fun. After the show we decided it was time to test something new😅😝😜 Like brand new, virgin new! It was $5 casino credits to everyone tonight from 20.00 on the cruise card. We have never ever tried out this😂😅You see? Big drinkers and gamblers😝 World has turned crazy🤣🤣🤣 By a little help from the casino crew, we got the gripe on how to get it to work😅 We decided on a panda 🐼 game machine. Mr played first, no prizes and no money😝 I on the other hand had a bit more luck 🍀 I won 0.20$🥳🥳🥳 You see that BIG payoff🤩💰💰💰 After our crazy escapades we went to dinner. Today’s menu: We had cobb salad and shrimp cocktail for starters. The branzino and rigatoni. Dessert menu Mr went for Tiramisu and I had ice cream😋 Mr wanted to try the frozen yogurt pina colada. He said it was strange… not a good idea according to him😅 Then we went to bed 🛌
  11. we enjoyed the show and pop-up last week😎 tonight we have a new show to watch❤️
  12. Mr had some work to finish. It needed to be solved asap. So I parked him on the balcony together by the computer and headset🤓 I wanted to have a little fun in the ☀️ So I went to deck 14 to search for a sun lounger in the partly shaded area. Even if I don’t attend all events on pool deck. It’s nice to follow from above😎 it’s my way of socialising😂 specially since Mr was occupied😜 The Cruise Survey from first week arrived last night. So I filled it out😇 our points are given😝 I know it’s important to the crew. It was pool volleyball today. Officers vs guests. Officers did 🥇 Around 14.25 Mr texted me…. I’m hungry, lunch? Buffet was closing 14.30 so I said salad, pizza is always served… I meet Mr 14.30 in the buffet and it was still as a full setup. It was American 🇺🇸 themed today. Mr was 😋😋😋 He had brisket and pineapple salad. I checked today’s Indian 🇮🇳 (I always check them… my weakness is Indian curries) they had a chicken option and beet rice… 🙌🏻 YES It was delicious! I could have eaten a big plate😋🥰 the chicken was so tender and filled up with flavour🥰😋 the raita was good and everything was just🫶🏻 So a happy camper on the terrace❤️
  13. @chemmo it’s definitely several new all “green” ones arriving onboard yesterday. It was impossible to hide😅 I went to the ladies room and an entourage of “cleaning” ladies arrived together by a supervisor to have a view and show them around…. Today in the buffet during breakfast the supervisors was running around and showing them how to do things on the floor. We have “survived” crew exchanges before😝 but I know it might be a wheel or two in need of some oil during this cruise😅🤪🥸 I hope it’s not too visible and too much fuzz for our new guests. on the positive side, our new waiter and sommelier was onboard last sailing.
  14. I went for my walk around 08.30. No big chair hogs areas. Lots of loungers available around the pool and lots of chairs on deck 14 in the partly shaded area. Very good! I walked for a good hour. It’s lots of new crew onboard. It was a busy turnaround for the crew yesterday. They had a group of new cleaners doing a grand tour today and training has started for them. Breakfast was the great 🦴 to Mr😝 I picked up my things and went to terrace to get a table😎 Mr said it was a training session when he ordered his omelette🙃 You can tell it’s lots of new crew. It’s changes all over in bars, restaurants etc. The coffee machine in OV had a temporary breakdown when I went to get my coffee🤪🤪 So som extra stairs for me😂😂😂💪🏻 On the other side, our sunshine in the terrace bar is the same and OJ was available🍹🍊🍊🍊😁
  15. Dinner Yes, what can go wrong🙃 Well, a good afternoon ladies & gentlemen What did not supervisor Johnathan tell us? They have rotated some of the crew🫡🫤🙄 Well at big thanks for that😜 We arrived to dinner to discover this: I will not judge and doom our new sommelier and main waiter. But it was a surprise🤪🥸😳 We asked for same location and crew🫠 Diamond and Elysse stopped by to say hello💙 So back to dinner! Today’s menu: Mr had the coconut soup and red beets for starter and pasta bolognaise I went for red beets and onion soup. Food was good, nothing bad or extravagant. Dessert menu I has the cheesecake with strawberry sauce and mr went for ice cream 🍨 The cheesecake itself was delicious and perfectly balanced. But the sauce… WE NEED TO Talk About that… Red kool-aid as it best🫣😝😜 Who serves this as strawberry sauce? It tasted like water containing food colouring🤭 It should have been served by real strawberries in a blender. After dinner we walked to 🛌 Our new neighbour’s are French Canadian 🇨🇦 They don’t want 2. Seating, so they are trying to get select dining or 1.seating… So we will see if they show up onward.
  16. Tonight’s show is Ed Regine Bring on the dark humour😂😂 Well, the audience is older😅 much more gray hair😆 Ed Regine tried to wake up the crowd, but a little coma😝 He was fun, we laughed and had a good time.
  17. Finally! Sail-way⚓️😎 We are running late according to our schedule😜 Captain George was finalising the safety test and everything at 15.00. So he was 45.minutes early according to the daily compass🤭 So at 17.00 we started to move😎⚓️🥂 IMG_2944.mov our special guest🙃 Liberty was first to leave port, then Captain Kate & Beyond then us, Equinox⚓️
  18. I was dying for some coffee ☕️ So I sent Mr up the stairs and took a detour via Al Bacio to get myself a coffee to go. I was lining up as usual and waiting to be served. When the lovely crew in Al Bacio asks what I wanted a Mr who was standing by the cookie jar, loudly waving his arms and making it very clearly…. It’s my turn, I was here before she!!! I saw them when I arrived in line and was a bit 🤔🤔🤔🫣🧐 They will make a statement😂😂😅 For my English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧UK followers, think little Britain 🇬🇧🤭 (those not familiar, it’s a comedy series from BBC, it’s hilarious 🤣 we all know those characters in the series) I was correct in my reading the situation🤪 So I politely said to the crew, please help this gentleman first! I can wait for you to help him out🙃 He wanted 5 of each cookie in the cookie jars. He needed something to snack on in the bar later today😝 (he said it by himself) 😂😂😂 Cheers for new cruisers👍🏻👍🏻
  19. We left the ship around 08.30 🙂 All ready for a walk. bye 🗝️ old keys Quick and easy off the ship and thru customs 🛃 We walked from pier 19 up to Ft Lauderdale “downtown” The ritz Carlton hotel. On the way up, we walked on the sidewalk. When we decided it was time to turn, we walked down to the beach and walked all the way on the beach to the entrance of the port. It was a fuel tanker and a supply ship coming into port when we reached the “waving point” for cruise sail away. We then passed the port entrance and onward to the ship. We were back onboard around 12.50. Straight to muster station for the ping🚨 Mr was cleaver… I went to wash my hands. He rushed off for a little cold drink in Al Bacio. Needed a club soda to get a little refuelling on water😅😎 Did the Mr get anything for me? No😝 You see? He’s not a gentleman when he’s hungry or thirsty🤣🤣🤣 You could tell the average age is increasing on this sailing🤣no big family gatherings or children’s parties arriving onboard. More of the usual demographic of guests we know😇 some children still, but definitely not the same as last cruise. Our new sea pass card was waiting in the terminal for us😊 It was lunch time, so it was time to test the concierge lunch😇 (yep, just accepted me as I am in my shorts and T-shirt after a walk 😅) Today’s lunch menu: Starter, salad Main: salmon and Moroccan short rib Both the fish & short rib was excellent 👌🏻 Really good taste and good plating too give a smashing first impression🤩 That Moroccan short rib should be a main for dinner😋😋😋 After our lunch it was time to go upstairs to clean up after the walk.
  20. Breakfast in MDR was very busy. We arrived 07.53 and it was a full house. We ordered the “usual” 😂 Yoghurt and berries to my pellets. Fruit Omelette for Mr. OJ & coffee ☕️
  21. Paperwork part 2 B2B CruiseCompass, Captains Club & Concierge paperwork 10-night Caribbean CruiseCompass Day 1 1.april Concierge Letters Captains Club
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