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  1. Today’s flight is operated on a A320. Configuration 3+3. SAS Plus & Go. We are seated in SAS Plus. Flight fully booked in Go. And empty middle seats to all in Plus👍🏻 Flight left on time 13.10. Flight time 3h 20m. Crew was quick to start the inflight service after take off. They said it would be 2 service rounds during the flight. The first for meal, drinks etc and another round later for beverage and snacks. Plus guests has a free bar. Wine, champagne, long drinks, sodas, juice etc. SAS Plus Service today is a light lunch and hand made chocolate. The menu is “clean Scandinavian” food. So salmon and vegetables. Food tasted great and the chocolate from Lund is delicious😋 This flight has WiFi. So HELLO 👋🏻 to all from SK4637✈️
  2. A very good morning! No red eye flight today🥰 My furry mafia was fluffing in bed. They detected the suitcase 🧳 last night🧐🧐 So I little time extra in bed petting the cats was important🥰🥰🥰 Last items was thrown into the carry on and breakfast was together by Mr🥰 We talked through the list of to do and coordination of the electrician next week. At 10.30 it was time to go to the airport🙂 Mr was driving me🥰 The Queen was meeting me at the airport. She had lead a course from Friday until Sunday morning at one of the conference hotels at OSL. So she was arriving straight from work🤓 Bag dropped off in 2 minutes and security cleared in 5🙃. Now the ladies are chilling in the SAS Lounge until it’s time to go ✈️🗺️⚓️
  3. So my day has gone pretty well…. It’s 19.50 and I managed to print AND prepare the luggage 🧳 tags 🏷️🥳 Yep, busy day💪🏻🐜💪🏻🐜💪🏻🐜 Had to do a tour’D construction stores to pick up things the house needed for the renovation project. (Mr was home working on the attic😜) And I have to make sure his occupied while I’m away😆❤️😂🐜 So he has a list: -put up the blinds on the ocean side in the living room -change 2 lamps on the 1 floor -talk to the ventilation company and have them on a guided tour of the house. So we can plan for the inside renovation. -take a tour to the garbage disposal area to make a donation of the trash from the construction site. -prepare the ceiling by the entrance door for painting (this means wash and scrap off old paint) -get a new outdoor lamp by the entrance So perhaps it’s time to actually start packing🤭🤪😅🤔⚓️🥳😆 (The Queen was finished packing last week😝 Who said this lady didn’t suffer from travel fever 🤒🤭😜) Anyway, if you want to follow my journey to here and there🧳🗺️🏖️🚗 I have a instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/al_be_ra_bo?igsh=bWR3NWkzZW52eXNt&utm_source=qr It’s in private settings, so just send me a message🩷👍🏻
  4. Maybe it’s time to start packing for my trip???? I need to print and prepare the luggage tags and the other things that are missing in my travel portfolio. And throw some clothes in my suitcase ( technically Mr’s suitcase😝 I have not received my order yet after SK/UA crushed my pink suitcase 🧳🤪 it was not in store) On the positive side! Suddenly my X app had the correct number of my captains club points😅🥳 Thank you Frazier (or who ever shoreside) who made this happen and get it corrected! 🩷✨🩷 It’s been a long process and a little bit frustrating. No it’s all correct and I’m very satisfied 😊 Our flight leaves at 13.00 from OSL. So no red eye or early morning stress. Mr will drive me to the airport and fingers crossed for a uneventful flight ✈️😇✈️ The Queen hates flying….
  5. So back to infinity! We booked this cruise last year as an onboard booking during our last adventure🥰 Some OBC was given to us, 150$. We booked it as ALL inclusive, CALL, basic WiFi and tips. The Queen was all good to go⚓️ in near future😅 We have a balcony on deck 7. I have received several emails regarding MoveUp bidding. My wallet has been closed. (You see I’m spending them on my renovation project… So to high startup prices to even consider it😜) We will probably be all good in our balcony cabin🥰 I booked air tickets on SAS. Got a great deal. Paid only 2500NOK for the two of us round trip in SAS Plus. So a steal of a deal🤩 (you know I like it) We will spend one night in Athens on Athens Center Square Hotel. Nothing fancy, but it looks okay and the reviews were good. Price for a double room, acropolis view and breakfast was 1000NOK. Since I’m bringing the Queen, it’s a little bit more car/taxi driving then the usual way of getting around😜🚕 To the peace and calm of the day I have booked a private shuttle from the airport to the hotel. And from the hotel to the port. I have booked by Welcome Pickups. Athens airport to our hotel was €53. Hotel to port was 33€. We will see how this is working🤔🤗🤭 We have booked one excursion in Santorini. Pyrgos village. (Something tells me that I will be the professional in-line queue princess again🫡🤪😅) The OBC paid for this excursion. It was on the black weekend sale. So a good deal for us. The only new port of call for me was Volos. The Queen was 🤩🤩🤩 for overnight in Istanbul. She loves it there🥰 That’s why she wanted to go on this sailing. The Queen has not visited Rhodos and Kusadasi before. Yesterday evening I received an email from X. They have changed the itinerary. Volos is out and Thessaloniki is in🙃 I have just waited for this…. Since the last cruises have dropped Volos. New time schedule:
  6. A very good morning ladies and gentlemen! It’s time to roll out the red carpet and get ready for the Queen’s arrival on Infinity⚓️💃🏻✨ The Queen has counted down since Christmas and are on the edge of ready to go on a new adventure on X⚓️🤩 Me on the other hand is rolling out the “glava” carpet😝 ( you know I was going straight home from Equinox to fix and renovate my house🤪) Let’s just say I need this holiday! I have worked for full speed, the usual work and a full time position as a professional renovation worker. I have demolished, painted walls, carried heavy out and in materials and all the usual household duties💪🏻🐜💪🏻😮‍💨💃🏻 So this lady has not had any spare time to spend in her sofa😂😂🤪 Even our contractor has said, you work so hard to keep up the speed of work and you are really kicking it💪🏻🐜💪🏻( to keep the budget and get everything done, we need to do major things by ourselves. Demolish, painting and cleaning up things to the garbage disposal is doable😅) The Queen on the other hand has been able too get a manicure and a haircut before departure😁 We are getting there…. The house is all “closed” new isolation is inside the walls, the attic has new and lots more isolation, all windows are installed and the inside interior is freshly painted and the new wooden frames are installed and everything is cleaned up. The electrician will visit when I’m away, so the new cables to the sunscreens will be installed and the old electrical panel will have a little update. Now we are waiting for our new countertops to arrive and the new kitchen floor inside the house. Outside we are waiting for the delivery of our new wooden walls and the New roofing. Due to delayed delivery, it will not arrive until I’m back. So I will have a little bit more to do when I’m returning😅 (I was hoping for the best😆 so Mr could have some fun😂😂😂) What I can say, it’s going well and in the end when everything is done, it will be a great home 🏡🥰 The heating needs will be more energy efficient and the heat will stay inside the house🥰 (no more icing on the windows and better living comfort😇😍)
  7. Happy anniversary❤️🥂🥳 How sweet of them to decorate and send you a gift 💝 Looking forward to the rest❤️
  8. Be kind😘😇😁 Will we get a live from Milli or a report from you afterwards?
  9. Final thoughts on our Equinox b2b Did we have a good time: Yes Did we want to go home: No Did we suffer from lack of food or beverage: No Will we sail X again: Yes Did entertainment in theatre deliver: Yes Did live music deliver: Yes Did our shore excursion deliver: Yes & No Equinox has delivered excellent service every time we have sailed on her. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just always amazing onboard⚓️🥂🥰 This time was nothing different (and we hadn’t sailed on her for a good while, so we were a little bit nervous about it) Did we feel any regret or post suite life depression since “downgrading” from a SS on Edge to balcony? NO Not in any ways. We didn’t feel a thing in any toes or fingertips! Our suite experience on Edge was very underwhelming as I said in my final for Edge. (But back to EQ!) Mr & I had a long conversation about EQ and this b2b. It’s the first time in many years, even a bit before Covid started. That we felt the Celebrity “touch” we fell in love with in 2014 in MDR. (And I’m not talking about the food😜) The service was amazing and “private” just as it was before. Really really good! It was a bit WOW when we managed to place the finger on it. (The menu revamped is a completely different discussion🧐) But it was a “golden” moment and those golden moments have always arrived on EQ for dining. So a BIG thank you to Marites, Olaika, Diamond, Joana and Elyssa❤️ who made this amazing! The crew in Al Bacio, Bianca senior barista has full control over the “gang”. They are a great team and they know what I want🤭 Entertainment onboard was great, options for everyone and a good blend in the theatre 🎭 (we are biggest user of evening show, overlooking pool activities and viewing some other things from a distance😜) We had a great time, no doubt! Would we book EQ again? YES Did we enjoy the real balcony? YES Did we make a future cruise booking? NO So all-in-all a great holiday🥂🥳⚓️🙌🏻😎 Plans in the future: (I know you are waiting for this😜) I can see myself on Infinity in near future…. Not once or twice….. but 3 times before Christmas 🎄😂😂😂🤭 (yes Captain Ioannis… you will see those hige heels 👠 walking in the staircase😜) We & Millie will meet again for Christmas 🎄 (really looking forward for this🤩🎄❤️) Then we will do a defrost tour on Infinity (yes it can be hit or miss weather wise) But it’s not a full winter in 🇬🇷 in march😜😎 Will be fun anyway and just having a good time❤️ Easter 🐣 our ultimate get-away time is occupied😝 my father in-law is turning 70🥳🥳 So we need to go up north for the celebration (yes that means a full work week for me as a chef, housekeeping and designated driver🎉 (you see why I booked a holiday in march? ) Then it starts to get interesting…….. We are trying a new thing (aka cheating on X) We have booked a NCL r/t cruise from Iceland 🇮🇸 to Greenland 🇬🇱 (yes you are reading correctly😅) on Norwegian Star 🌟 So I will celebrate my birthday onboard a cruise! This is picked due to sailing route. Had X offered the same sailing, we would probably booked X But we will go open minded and just have a good time🥰🥂⚓️ (what if we enjoy it? Then we suddenly have several more options to pick from🤩🤭🙌🏻 and I must confess, NCL has some itineraries that are very appealing to me) Then it’s another “shocking” news 📰 You know how our AZ story has ended in the ditch…. We have really tried to sail them and everything has just turned into chaos and no cruise. All to blame on Covid AND Az themselves for redeployment of ships etc😩 But here we are, I’m bringing an entourage of 60people on AZ😜🤩🥳 The Queen & friends from around is sailing with Pursuit on a 7-days Greek 🇬🇷 adventure from Athens. The Queen is turning round years🥳 Mr & The King is staying home😜 I’m the tour leader for this event😎 So buckle up guys😅🇬🇷⚓️🥂 (option was X infinity…. But the “golden girls” wanted smaller ship and full pampering from start to finish🥰) I will do a ships visit on AZ during the summer. This will be a very fun one ☝🏿 Cheers for now! Sea you in May🇬🇷🥂⚓️
  10. @mahdnc @DaKahuna Really a thing that is on our list! We have paid attention for years for the Panama 🇵🇦 transit. It’s only twice a year and timing has not fitted with the schedule😝 So it’s either make it work or consider a different brand⚓️🤭 But we will be there for a transit! It’s very tempting for Mr❤️😎 You see him on the balcony or top deck with binoculars in hand❤️😎😎😎🙌🏻⚓️
  11. Bon Voyage! ⚓️🥂🥳 That’s a full Panama 🇵🇦 transit? We have only sailed the partly, Gatun Locks edition. So it’s on our wish list of cruises😇
  12. I have asked for spring😅🙌🏻😇 Lucky 🍀 us, it arrived on Thursday morning so it was melting deluxe;)
  13. It was straight back to reality this morning! I said we had work to do before the renovation starts fully on our house🙈 Yes, it’s full speed ahead for Monday morning when our workers arrive… To save money on the renovation and do as much as possible for the money available…. We need to do something by ourselves. (Yes the cash flow has a maximum amount🙈) And I prefer to be able to go on a holiday (you know…. A ⚓️ or ⚓️⚓️😅😎🤭) So then it’s just to roll up the sleeves and get going on the demolition of the house. So today we have taken out 50% of the old windows and put in “polski” windows until Monday when the new ones will be installed. 50% of all wooden panels are taken down and the garden shed are taken down. So it’s going on track demolition wise🤗💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Sunday the rest of the windows will be taken out and replaced by temporary plastic ones. And the rest of the wooden panels will go down🙌🏻 Jepp, I needed that warm climate to get in shape for demolition🫶🏻🙌🏻
  14. The purring Mafia, aka Miss Marple & Hannah Hortensia was waiting for their mum🤩😍 Only a tiny tiny problem…. The queen drove us to the airport in our car. We gave her a set of keys to the house and the other set of keys was put in the key box outside of the door. So the Italian 🇮🇹 mafia could arrive as they wanted… When Italy left the house after the Easter, the Queen entertained, cuddled and had a slumber party 🎉 together by Miss & Hannah. The plan was to be picked up by the Queen. But we all know… change of plans happen….. So on the train home I was a bit hmmm 🤔 do you have a key 🔑 in your backpack Mr? Do I have a 🔑 ? No Did the Queen drop off a key in the box when the plan changed🤔🤔🤔 NO It was locked and empty box😝 So I called the King 👑 Sorry to bother you, but can you please come here and lock us in? The cats heard me and was crazy purring and talking to me thru the door and windows❤️❤️❤️🤪🤪🤪 The King arrived after 45.minutes. It was 2 purring fluff desperately trying to give me a hug 🥰 and walk 8 around me🥰. The fluff mafia was guarding me the entire night😂 Freeze, don’t move🤣🤣🤣❤️
  15. We ended up in Lufthansa Lounge at LHR. They are early open and have everything we needed for a little rest and freshen up. Large selection of drinks, snacks and food. We had a uneventful stay before it was time to go for our flight home to Oslo Norway 🇳🇴 Flight is SK804 SAS (home to Scandinavian service💙🇳🇴) Flight is operated on a A320. 2 classes SAS Plus or SAS Go. We Are seated on SAS Go 18EF. Flight was 85% full. No empty seat for us😜 ( I was hoping for the best😜) Flight time 1h 55.minutes Bags are loaded, we saw them arrive and be loaded onto our aircraft. And my AirTag said they were in same area as us🙌🏻 SALE 🚨Young adult 18-20ish For Sale🥴😳 Just before take off, I was like what is this smell? It’s like old socks 🧦🥴 Yep, a nasty smell of old socks…. Behind me was this “lovely” lady…. If my eyes could have burned her…. 👻 She would be on fire 🔥. She obviously didn’t see the problem🫠😵‍💫 So the socks and foot continued to be on my armrest all the way to OSL🫡 Coffee and tea for free in SAS Go. Mr was sleeping all the way. I was off/on. The seat “child” behind me was pushing and moving around. So it was just as having a little aggressive toddler behind me🫣🤭😳 We landed ahead of time in OSL…. It has to be a catch🤭😝 Yes, parking on domestic part of the airport and bus to non-Schengen for passport control 🛂 That takes time.. Our bags were on the belt when we reached the arrival area. Both made it to Oslo. (Not in 2 pieces) So we needed to add a little detour to SAS arrival service for a pir report and a voucher for a new suitcase 🧳🤪 Remember last Easter 🐣? Then one was damaged…. Well, I got a new suitcase from the American Tourister from SAS. This suitcase was on Edge in the autumn.. That’s when we discovered that the zipper was not working properly and could only be dragged in on direction, otherwise it would be opened automatically😳😖 Well, my bag was wrapped in plastic and made it home safely. It went straight into service/ guarantee by Samsonite service centre in Norway. The zipper was changed to a new one and it was all good again…. Then I had a visit to Svalbard last week of February. This time the pins for lockers were just broken/slammed into pieces😖😖😖 Again, off to Samsonite Service Center for new pins to the lock and to take out the broken pins stuck into the lock🫥 Third time charm right? Game over😜🤣🤣🤣 It’s a big hole crack crawling diagonal over my suitcase 🧳…. Sorry, can’t fix it🤪🤪 So again a new suitcase. 3 heavy duty trips, all ended in need for service🥸 This was the Murphy edition😂 I took it for the team🥰🙌🏻
  16. I’m so sorry! ❤️ We have visited all of the ports that you loose as of now💔 They are great in their own way. And both Vanuatu and Mystery Island is great for water adventures🤿 as of reprint of cards, they are mega strict about this… So when we do our “job” correctly, Hand them in on turnaround, we assume they will have their job done
  17. Love the picture! enjoy mystery island 🏝️ We really enjoyed it and Vanuatu 🇻🇺 The snorkelling was great🙌🏻 Have lovely day💙 Lots of love from the LH lounge in LHR🛫
  18. In LHR you can visually see that they are changing in the transit area of terminal 2. On transit to MIA we had the old style, everything is out. This morning we were able to use the new. All inside and very easily for everyone. At OSL it’s still in blue when they will have the same opportunity…
  19. The United lounge was good. Crowded but it delivers good vibes and food. Several options for meal and drinks. So a decent lounge area. Our flight boarded on time. We are flying a B777-200 from IAD to LHR. It’s Biz, Premium Plus and economy. Biz 1-2-1 Premium plus 2-4-2 Economy 3-4-3 We are seated at Premium Plus 21AB. Window+isle. It’s Saks Fifth Avenue blanket and pillow. Amenity kit from TheraFace. Socks, eye blinds, hand lotion, lip balm, towelette, earplugs and toothbrush. Boarding went as usual… lots of cabin bags and a search for empty boxes…. (Not for us😂🤣💙 boarding group 1 is a blessing😇) The seat pitch and wide is generous on Premium Plus. (If you can pay a little extra on long haul and don’t have a budget for Biz/Polaris this helps out a lot on the long haul flights) So it’s worth a few extra bucks💸 Flight is 98% full. Only a few eco seats are available. It took forever to get the seatbelt sign off after takeoff. It was on the first hour of the flight. (I was hoping for a quick start of service and put the cabin to sleep) Service started by nuts and drinks. Staff was friendly and polite. No menus or other information before dinner service. Our fellow travelers on row 20 made a “clean” table of the options available 😂😝 it was vegetarian pasta or Thai curry. For us behind row 20, chicken only🤪 Tray consists of the entire meal. Salad for starter, main course and today’s dessert. Drinks were served with the meal. This meal was a culinary treat🤣🤣 You love that dessert Mr? A fantastic cookie 🍪 Then it was off to sleep (Hey YOU! Yes, you! The old irritated man on row 20! It’s courtesy to turn off your reading lights in the sealing when the cabin is dimmed to nighttime. Since you are lighting up for every one😜🤪) Had this happen on SQ or TG, they would say it’s night time and don’t disturb the other people who try to 💤. The same guy was furious about the reading lights before departure also😝😂 it wasn’t strong and straight into his “newspaper” position😜 Yepp, you get some action there😂😂😂 About 1h 15m befor arrival LHR it was breakfast service. Choice of vegetable frittata or egg/bacon muffin. We landed on time and were thru transit security and immigration for transit easy as 1-2-3.
  20. Arm doors, cross check and report! see you in London tomorrow morning🥰
  21. You are correct🤪 it’s IAD that’s the “correct” way home 🏡 Looking forward to Milli💙⚓️💙 That will be a great adventure!
  22. 🙌🏻 yes, it’s on X. (I don’t dare to take her on NCL or MSC😂😂) She loved it last year💙⚓️💙 Then I mentally need to prepare myself and her for a different environment😂 (on the other side, if I just took her to Costa, MSC or NCL, I would save lots of dollars 💵🤣🤣) mr & I have sailed on MSC several times, my warning is, select ship carefully and sail on the smaller ships🙃 And it it’s European service and “flow” of how things work. We had a good time. But comparing X and MSC is like apples and bananas🙃 And I have not tested NCL yet, so I will try it out first before I can decide if this is something for the Queen🥰😝
  23. What time is it? It’s beer O’clock time🤣🤣🤣 Oh YES🍺 That’s the happy place🍺😂😂😂
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